Latest Release Notes (0.9.118)

Information on development progress, road maps, etc. Next patch progress.
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Latest Release Notes (0.9.118)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Faerie Character Variants have been added. Faerie Wizards start with a selection of these semi-randomly generated based on other selected traits.
  • Undead Character Variants have been added. Undead Wizards start with a selection of these semi-randomly generated based on other selected traits. Wizards with Necromancy mastery also have a (much lower) chance to get these.
  • New spell: Nether Bolts. Deals 6 Dark damage to up to 12 targets in the target unit. Targets of types Celestial, Life, and/or Living take an additional 4 Cold damage. Cannot target Undead units. Unlocked by Necromancy Mastery 4.
  • New Spell: Places of Power. Gives the caster a chance to discover hidden sites (dungeons) in the (known hexes of) target province. The chance for discovery is 7% for each individual site, +6% for each level of Divination Mastery, +20% if a controlled army is in the province. After resolving this there is an equal chance the caster will learn if there are any undiscovered sites remaining. Unlocked by Divination Mastery 3.
  • New Spell: Cosmic Wisdom.T he caster is given the choice of one of three (randomly chosen) Lores. Each will have a randomly chosen and displayed chance (from 10% to 100%) to increase the relevant Lore level of the Wizard. If the attempt fails, the Wizard will be refunded 50% of the mana cost.
  • New spell: Mass Mutation. Transform 0-2 randomly chosen pops into 1-7 (1+D3 per pop) Mutant units. Can only target controlled cities. Unlocked by Chaos Mastery 5.
  • Any non-special followers of Wizards with a race trait (Celestial, Demon, Faerie or Undead) now have a chance to be generated with the following traits (as relevant to the particular trait): Celestial Blessings, Celestial Splendor, Demonic Corruption, Demonic Taint, Fae Bound, Fae Touched, Undead, Necromancy.
  • Wizards with Abyssal mastery now have a chance to start with one or more Demonic followers - even they do not have the Race: Demon trait.
  • Wizards with Celestial mastery now have a chance to start with one or more Celestial followers - even they do not have the Race: Celestial trait.
  • Undead Wizards now have special options when conquering a city. This is still not entirely stable, but the bugs will be fixed in hotfixes as soon as possible when reported and/or found internally.
  • Wizard Tower Expansion: Library now gives +2-10 research points to Unlock Mastery and Lore Research. The bonus is calculated as 2 + the number of Ancient Tomes owned (up to 8). A passive +1 XP bonus is also granted to Scholar-type non-recovering followers of Level 5 and below, if they are at the Tower.
  • Wizard Tower Expansion: Academy now grants a passive XP bonus to Civic-type followers instead of Scholar-type followers.
  • Wizard Tower Expansion: Aviarium now reduces recruitment and upkeep costs by 10% for all units with the Avian tag.
  • Wizard Towers are no longer seeded on hexes with resource specials.
  • Added additional hints and improved tool tips to the military UI in regards to Recruitment Pools and their effects.
  • Added more ways to start Recruitment missions to make them easier to find / more user-friendly to use.
  • Fixed a bug with Recruitment missions not always functioning correctly / getting stuck.
  • Fixed some UI elements not updating correctly after some Goody Hut events.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to exploring Goody Huts.
  • Fixed an unresponsive Proselytize action sometimes being shown for Cities.
  • Fixed a bug where the positive effects of some Tower upgrades were kept even if they were destroyed or damaged.

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Re: Latest Release Notes (0.9.95)

Post by hooster1 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:20 pm

Ah, that's what the battle magic line of spells do.

Perhaps a note in the spell description would make this a little more intuitive, or when you hover over the amount of mana in the battle window, show how the total is achieved.

Base mana 20
Minor Battle spell +10
Lesser Battle spell +15
Medium Battle spell +20
Other spells +40 (there will be other spells, right?)
Wild magic -50%
available magic 53

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Re: Latest Release Notes (0.9.95)

Post by Ludovic » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:56 pm

The battle magic spellcraft aren't spells as such, it's more of an arcane tech tree. The bonus from traits is shown on the Ruler tab under Quests & Victory Conditions. That's probably not an optimal location, and the entire calculation really needs to be shown somewhere. Another source for battle magic that will be added is Mastery, where high levels should give either a straightforward battle mana bonus or one reserved for spells of the specific mastery, although that might overcomplicate things. Perhaps the same effect could be accomplished through something like "one free spell of level X or less per battle".

As for the relevant UI, I am consider merging the Magic and Quest/Victory Conditions into a "Faction/Wizard/Empire" window (with relevant tabs) to have a better home for information that sits somewhere between Magic and Ruler/Empire.

Last bumped by Ludovic on Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:56 pm.

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