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Patch Notes: Next

Post by Ludovic » Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:25 pm


Last Updated: Aug 14th, 2018
  • New Mechanics: Recruitment Pools. Wizards have a recruitment pool for each culture, from which they can recruit units. New units are taken from these pools, which replenish over time up to a target size. This target is increased by having fortresses and cities from the culture in question.
  • Wizards with Good/Evil alignment can no longer recruit from cultures which have an opposing alignment, unless special circumstances apply. This is implemented via the recruitment pool mechanism.
  • New Follower Task: Recruitment. Will increase the recruitment pool from a chosen culture. Characters with martial have +50%, and matching character and target culture will usually result in fewer recruits gained.
  • New Follower Task: Conversion. This will allow Good/Evil/Demonic/Celestial wizards to attempt the redemption/corruption of cultures otherwise unavailable for recruitment.
  • New unit type: Mitalovivo. Chaos-imbued bio-metallic humanoids. Research to unlock requires Chaos 3, Metal 2, Life 1.
  • Sites (Cities, Fortresses, etc.) have been added as a category on the Outliner. Like the other categories, it can be toggled on/off in the settings.
  • Improved the variety of lizard/serpentine-themed names.
  • Added generator for a new language themed to suit Ogres and similar.
  • Added text color in the City window to highlight that the Income and Religion text has tooltips showing the mechanics.
  • Added tooltips for City Leader and Notables.
  • Fixed unrest-based modifiers not always being applied to City production/income.
  • Fixed many site effects not ending on ownership changes when they are predicated on ownership.
  • Fixed Cloak of Shadows not being able to target friendly units.
  • Non-Living units are now immune to Poison and Disease damage.
- Planar Portal closing mechanics being expanded
- Tutorial videos are being produced

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