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Patch Notes: Next

Post by Ludovic » Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:25 pm


Last Updated: Apr 16th, 2018
  • The various 'Mark' unit upgrades are back. They were disabled quite a few cycles ago during an overhaul to the magic system. Marks are not yet available for all masteries and the effects/costs have been lifted directly from the previous iteration of these upgrades, so they do need some balancing. Lesser Marks become available at mastery level 2, Marks at level 5 and Greater Marks at level 9. Tooltips for masteries will indicate which have been added so far.
  • Wizard Tower Expansion: Summoning Circle now requires Summoning 1 and Warding 1.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Tunnel Network now requires Earth 2.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Mystical Furnace now requires Fire 2 and Artifice 1.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Aviarium now requires Air 1 and Beasts 1.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Enchanted Fountain now requires Enchantment 1 and Water 1.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Voltaic Coils now requires Arcane 2, Artifice 2 and Air 1.
  • Wizard Tower Upgrade: Enchanted Garden now requires Life 2.
  • The army movement line on the map now has different colors for history (red) and planned (yellow).
  • Battle Resolution: Charge impact can now cause loss of Effectiveness (organization/formation strength).
  • Battle Resolution: Reduced the hit malus applied by low Effectiveness.
  • Battle Resolution: Having higher Effectiviness than a melee opponent now gives a bonus to hit.
  • Battle Resolution: Chance to break is now affected by duration of the battle and unit Effectivness, and a "wavering" result has been added which does not cause a retreat, but instead reduces Effectiveness.
  • Battle Resolution: Increased the number of active combatants in melee when there is only one opposing unit, and neither unit is charging. Previously the number of active combatants was lower if 2 x 100-member units were in melee (ie 1v1), than if two
  • New Summoning Mishap: Instead of always reducing unit size, there is now a 20% chance (if the unit does not already have a limited duration), that the unit will be unsummoned after 8 to 28 turns.
  • New Clan Trait: Unpredictable. Relation impact of many diplomatic actions is modified by a random factor from -50% to +50%, with a 2% of completely reversing the impact.
  • New Clan Trait: Unforgiving. The negative relation impact of diplomacy, war, etc. will fade 50% slower.
  • New Clan Trait: Forgiving. The negative relation impact of diplomacy, war, etc. will fade 25% faster.
  • New Clan Trait: Short Memories. The negative and positive relation impact of diplomacy, war, etc. will fade 25% faster.
  • New Clan Trait: Trusting. The positive relation impact of many diplomatic actions will fade 25% slower.
  • Fixed a crash bug in the battle window
  • Fixed damage stats incorrectly showing 0 when swapping units in and out of reserver
  • Initial deployment of reserves now respects any assignments made in the army window
  • Increased variety of region and province names
  • New Unit Type: Giant Crabs. Unlocked through research requiring Beasts 3 + Water 3 OR Beasts 3 + Tower Upgrade: Underground Waterways.
  • Fixed Giant Scorpions missing their poison stinger attack. Increased their HP from 4 to 6, reduced default unit size from 100 to 50.
  • Fixed a display issue with Fortresses in the context panel.
  • Fixed a bug where the context panel would sometimes show cities not being razed as "Being Razed: 0%".
  • There is now a tooltip on the character window Favored Follower toggle showing current favored followers, the maximum available, and the mechanics resulting in this value.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to some demonic units.
  • Fixed tooltips and descriptions for unit effects having one or more melee damage bonus components not showing damage type.

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