Latest Release Notes (0.9.117)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.117)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • 40-50 new follower portraits, bringing the total number to about 140. Elves, Orcs and Dwarves in particular have much more variety now.
  • Two new events for Mysterious Sites, one of which has special options for Demon, Undead and Warlock Wizards.
  • New Mechanic: Recruitment Pools. Wizards have a recruitment pool for each culture, from which they can recruit units. New units are taken from these pools, which replenish over time up to a target size. This target is increased by having fortresses and cities from the culture in question.
  • Wizards with Good/Evil alignment can no longer recruit from cultures which have an opposing alignment, unless special circumstances apply. This is implemented via the recruitment pool mechanism.
  • New Follower Task: Recruitment. Will increase the recruitment pool from a chosen culture. Characters with martial have +50%, and matching character and target culture will usually result in fewer recruits gained.
  • New Follower Task: Conversion. This will allow Good/Evil/Demonic/Celestial wizards to attempt the redemption/corruption of cultures otherwise unavailable for recruitment.
  • New unit type: Mitalovivo. Chaos-imbued bio-metallic humanoids. Research to unlock requires Chaos 3, Metal 2, Life 1.
  • Planar Portal closing mechanics are partially implemented, and some options work as expected. Bugs are to be expected, so make to sure to only use this feature if you're curious about what direction it is going. Please wait with feedback until the next update.
  • Sites (Cities, Fortresses, etc.) have been added as a category on the Outliner. Like the other categories, it can be toggled on/off in the settings.
  • Claim Tribal Rulership now has displays the cost calculation mechanics in the tooltip.
  • Improved the variety of lizard/serpentine-themed names.
  • Enchantment Mastery 6 now allows putting 2 Marks on units.
  • Enchantment Mastery 1 is now required for Lesser Marks (unlocked by other masteries).
  • Enchantment Mastery 2 is now required for (regular) Marks (unlocked by other masteries).
  • Enchantment Mastery 4 is now required for Greater Marks (unlocked by other masteries).
  • Added generator for a new language themed to suit Ogres and similar.
  • Added text color in the City window to highlight that the Income and Religion text has tooltips showing the mechanics.
  • Added tooltips for City Leader and Notables.
  • Fixed the Wild Herd event not showing the correct event description (but only the option texts).
  • Fixed unrest-based modifiers not always being applied to City production/income.
  • Fixed many site effects not ending on ownership changes when they are predicated on ownership.
  • Fixed Cloak of Shadows not being able to target friendly units.
  • Non-Living units are now immune to Poison and Disease damage.
  • Rebalanced Rain of Fire. Large creatures are now much less likely to be "one-shot" and the overall damage is also significantly lower. However, cavalry take extra damage (still a bit less than the previous average, but twice as much as infantry).
  • Fixed lore progress not saving correctly.
  • Fixed a number of battle spells not having continous effects applied correctly.
  • Fixed a memory leak which was triggered by battles occuring.
  • The worker assignment window during construction will now shown all workers, even those without required traits or similar. This allows the player to see why workers are not available and fixes the issue where window is entirely empty.
  • Hypnotism now has Illusion as secondary mastery.
  • For battle spells all tooltip/spellbook references to seconds have been changed to turns, and the durations have been reworked to align properly with turns.
  • During battles, Enter/Return is now a shortcut key for the Next/Turn button.
  • The Military Window now has an improved tooltip when inspecting the recruitment queue making explicit which unit the refund details refer to, and that other units can be selected (if relevant).
  • Fixed a bug making the Cancel button in the Military WIndow (Queue mode) always affect the first item in the list and not the selected.

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