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Progress: August

Post by Ludovic » Mon Aug 01, 2016 9:53 pm

Update to Unity 5.4

Improved road graphics
Custom shader for army sprites, allowing masked tinting

World Generation:
Improved road network generation
Leaders and notable characters generated for Knightly Orders
Leaders and secret members generated for various organizations and secret societies
Title generation for organization leaders
Fortress holdings of Knightly Orders now have proper names
Rival wizards and warlords now also have a banner/sigil/coat of arms generated
New organization type: Guardians. The subtype determines the nature of their guardianship. Examples are: preservation of nature, protecting 'good', protecting 'order', protecting a specific culture. They are similar to nemesis organizations, except they are defensive, rather than aggressive. *
New organization type: Magicidal. Their goal is the death of either all mages and wizards or those of a certain school (necromancers, demonologists, elementalists, nature magic users), depending on subtype. *
Improved syntax engine for cult name generation. *
New culture traits: Enigmatic, Stoic.*
Culture traits and attributes have a greater impact during regiment generation.*
Dungeon generation improved: Larger variety of bosses, size/layout also generated now.*

Now shows leaders, notables and holdings for Knightly Orders and other organizations

Tool tips for wizard selection (traits and starting research).
Army window now shows status effects (incl. duration) on units.
Army window unit list has larger font and a unit-specific icon.
Recruitment window unit list has larger font and a unit-specific icon.
Armies now show the movement during previous turn when selected. *

Wizard AI and Warlord AI now better at responding to threats.*

Map and province editor.
Editor now has option to randomly generate provinces.
Editor now has option to randomly generate world to use as starting point.*
Rivers can now be edited.*

Dark Sacrifice spell implemented. It gives mana and (sometimes) research progress, at the cost of unrest and tyranny.
World spells can have a cooldown, where after being cast, a certain number of turns must pass until it can be recast. This cooldown can be shared among spells (ie casting one spell triggers the cooldown for all of them).

Scouting attribute added for unit types

Lesser and Greater Plague Demons added.*

Movement cost when using roads was 2 for minor roads (1 for major roads). This is now 1 for minor roads on base cost 2 terrain, 3 for minor roads on base cost 6+ terrain, and 2 for minor roads on 3-5 cost terrain.
Games can started using a custom map made with the map editor.
A hex with an Ancient Pyramid is no longer valid for construction of resource sites and outposts
Added more sigils
Color picker for sigil background
Unpaid upkeep for regiments now causes desertion and/or attrition. Summoned/bound regiments are always lost if upkeep is not paid.
When training new units, a trainer can be selected. A trainer with the Train Troops skill allows full-speed recruitment. A martial character can train troops without this skill but at half speed. Recruitment without a trainer is at quarter speed.
Cheat Mode is back. *
Cheats: Reveal Map, Reveal All Hidden Sites, Progress Dungeon to End. *
Nomad raiders and minor faction garrisons no longer suffer the "upkeep unpaid" malus (upkeep is still paid if available).*

Bug Fixes:
Rival wizards are no longer placed in the same province as a player wizard when generating the world. If possible, also not in adjacent provinces either.
Fixed issue where unit types could be longer generated missing an adjective but having a redundant space in front.
Tooltip flicker and alignment issues fixed.
Stat bonuses are now included on the army window.
"No Upkeep" regiment status effect now properly applied in all cases.
Army General regiment buff now lasts until General is unassigned (previously only effective on turn of assignment).
Some of the very rare culture/race generator paths (e.g. angelic/dragon/demonic rulers, claws, insectoid features) were inadvertently EXTREMELY rare. They now occur at the intended frequency set by the user. *
All cultures now have their weapon preferences applied during unit generation.*
Fixed world generation engine crash.*
Fixed bug related to display of auto-purchasing missing resources for upkeep.*
Fixed a bug when executing follower exploration tasks for non-Wizard factions if the only undiscovered sites left are mana nodes.*
Numerous dungeon generation bugs fixed.*

In Progress:
New Battle Engine.


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