[Bug-Win] [0.9.106] Unable to take a village or tower after siege

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[Bug-Win] [0.9.106] Unable to take a village or tower after siege

Post by simpkin_11 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:00 am

Moved a large army (Zergling rush) to a hostile wizards tower.

1. The Wizard AI does not go from small unit scout mode to tower defense mode. Instead he throws his units at me one at a time. If you have sufficient archers, warlord army takes no damage to wipe the units out one at a time.

2. After the siege timer, I assault the wizards tower, and win:
>The tower remains.
>The wizard stays in control of the tower.
>Army is exhausted and cannot attack again.
>If the wizard attacks with multiple single unit armies, it seems to exhaust the warlords army, causing him to not be able to assault the city.
>100 turns of attacking, assaulting, besieging, and slaughtering the wizards pathetic armies.. the tower is still there.

Are my minions just not understanding the .. find wizard.. kill wizard order?
Did I forget to bring something to help take the tower down? do I need to build up to catapults or rams?
Are some wizards just really good at hiding?

3. Having the same issue with towns that require a siege. Towns that I can just assault, I take ownership of.

On another note, made it to turn 200, and no crashes.
resolved every battle with the visual engine, and there is still some odd unit behavior, stuttering, spinning, wondering.. For the most part the battle still resolved without crash or failure.

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Re: [Bug-Win] [0.9.106] Unable to take a village or tower after siege

Post by Ludovic » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:27 am

1. I will take a look at the "reserve units to defend tower" vs "explore" vs "conquer" AI weights. While the AI is still pretty dumb, it does have routines to recognize threats and prioritize defense. Looks like it needs some tweaking again.

2. Something has broken here, I will take a look at fixing it. Assaulting should be enough to bring down the tower (which is auto-razed on conquest).

3. Interesting.

4. Doing a pass on the battle engine, and I've been enjoying the pirouettes as well. Some of these units seem to think they're in the winter olympics.

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