Wishlist / Long-Term Features

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Wishlist / Long-Term Features

Post by Ludovic » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:19 pm

Please note that this is a rather dated list.

A mix of wishlist, requested features and features planned for the longer term. If you want something to be moved from this list to the Feature Roadmap (ie prioritized for development in the more near term), write a post here or on the Steam hub.

Wizards without a seat of power. To compensate for the lack of a Wizard Tower they should have various game-changing special abilities. Flavor examples: A Gandalf-like figure traveling the realms to rally the forces of good against a great impending threat; a powerful magic-using cultist establishing cult cells and sowing the seeds of corruption across the world; a seeker of artifacts, ancient lore and hidden places who is not content with sitting in a tower waiting for incompetent minions to deliver results.

Draconic Wizard Trait/Template
Similar to Angel/Demon/Faerie/Undead, this trait would give access to additional spells and units. Perhaps the Wizard Tower would change nature to a lair. Victory conditions could perhaps be changed to amassing a truly epic hoard, defeating rival dragons or achieving a certain level of tribute.

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Re: Wishlist / Long-Term Features

Post by hooster1 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:39 pm

Perhaps longer term, or as an add on, magic items.

As the adventurers search dungeons, they have a chance of obtaining magic items as well as loot that can be used by your followers.

The Fire Sword does +1 damage with your general, +2 against wild animals/burnable (treants).
Durnik's Sturdy workman's gloves gives a builder -20% build time.
Pick ax of the Dwarven King produces +25% metal.
Hooster's boots increase exploration speed by an additional hex a turn / or movement speed 20%
Ludovic's multicolored cap of power - channels another 20 points of mana per battle.

A wizard's tower addition could be a tinkerer's lab where, for a small fee of course (cough, cough), you can increase the potency of an item. Of course, if your reagents are not the best, well, you tried. Sorry that Hooster's boots now have a hole in the sole of the boot and now only provide only a 5% increase in speed instead of 25%

The idea could be expanded that the followers have to find special reagents to allow an upgrade. Something else to hunt for, steal from other towns, cities, other towers. Conquest often works where stealth fails. ;-)

Follower Joe leading an army of three captures a magical whet stone, great for sharpening a magic sword. Too bad, all he has are Hooster's magical boots, with a hole in the toe. What would really be useful would be a swatch of dragon's hide to resole these darn boots!
Adding violet fairy ribbons to Ludovic's cap also increases the mana generated by +1 a turn.

Maybe build a magical store room. You don't need the magical whet stone now, but wouldn't it be great to finally find a magic sword and be able to upgrade it from +1 magic to +2? Still, you need a place to keep all this junk...um, magical paraphernalia.

Some magic items could be for your troops as well to add some variety to potential magic items.

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Re: Wishlist / Long-Term Features

Post by simpkin_11 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:22 pm

Troop Upgrades

For a one time cost, you can improve a unit without greatly increasing it's upkeep cost.

Human and Human-ish troops:

Captains: promote a few troops from the regiment to captain, gives a leadership, formation, charge, moral bonus.
Captains- Anti-infantry training: better attack-defense vs infantry
Captains- Anti-cavalry training: better attack-defense vs Mounted troops
Captains- Anti-magic training: better attack-defense vs summoned or magical troops
Field Mage: Low level magic user to protect the troops vs magic and spells
Field Mage-Offensive training: Additional magic attack vs fist hostile unit attacked
Field Mage-Defensive training: Better defense against hostile magic
Field Mage-Support training: Better troop recover, supply rates
Improved marching kit: Additional movement point, better supply numbers, less attrition
Medical supplies: Improved recovery rate of troops, if regiment survives more wounded or almost killed troops come back.
Winter Supplies: Not needed by some troops but those that do not do well in cold climates will need it or suffer greater attrition
Summer Supplies: Not needed by some troops but those that do not do well in warm climates will need it or suffer greater attrition

Not sure how hard it would be, weapons look modular in the game, but the ability to re-outfit your troops with better weapons and armor as the technology/resources become available would be cool

That unit of Orc Axemen that has survived from turn 10 to turn 200 that started out with small stone axes and cloth clothing can now be decked out in heavy chain-mail,Steel War Axes, Kite Shields, Wolf Skin cloaks, and Throwing axes.

* Throwing axe, Javelin, Darts, rocks: Once per battle ranged attack prior to charge or engaging.

That being said, untrained Gnomes in heavy plate armor wielding giant war maces with heavy shields should have a movement value of about 0 and only useful to be loaded into a catapult and flung over walls. (weight vs strength)

Animal type troops:
Armor upgrades: leather, chain, steel ect
* A mass of wolves charging at your flank is scary, A mass of armored wolves charging at your flanks is very scary.

Summoned type troops:
Some could be armored or improved
Improved Magical Binding: Elemental units would get more hit points/harder to kill
Warding : Improved protection vs magic
Enchanting : Improved protection vs non-magic

Summoned type: Necromancy
Improved embalming, leather reinforcements, Magical regeneration
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Re: Wishlist / Long-Term Features

Post by Ludovic » Thu Nov 30, 2017 7:36 am

"Go for the eyes, Boo!" (fighting hamster reference)

Awesome, thanks for the ideas! I have actually being doing work during last weeks to enable re-outfitting troops, and the support is there now internally, so I "just" need to add UI, costs, research, balance, etc. to make it available. The ideas are all good, but of particular note I really like the field mages, as way to get some magic resistance and misc. bonuses. Busy with the Warlord update now, but afterwards, I'll return to this post and get the suggestions into the backlog.

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Re: Wishlist / Long-Term Features

Post by simpkin_11 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:26 pm

My last play-through, I was thinking: "wish I could do more with my hero units" it would make them more valuable, the more options they had, and make the different classes count for more.

I have seen a few online games with followers/officers/heros ect, where you can send them on mini-quests.

Mini quests would have different difficulty or a sliding scale of difficulty.

Send hero (----) on a search to buy resource (----).. because he is a merchant, trader..
Send hero (----) on a quest to find a trade agreement for resource (----) because he is a diplomat, bard, is sexy.. high charisma stuff
Send hero (----) on a quest to beat the crap out of peasants and steal any of their resource (----) because he is a warrior, thief, ect

With a slider to say, how difficult of a target they are looking for. (warrior will attack larger trade caravans)
Level 1 hero has a 45/45/10 chance of stealing from a patrol of lightly armed garden gnomes.
Level 1 hero has a 30/40/30 chance of stealing from an angry survivalist hermit.
Level 1 her has a 1/39/60 chance of stealing from a cyclops's cave.

Also adding ancillary followers would be cool.
Hero X successfully slays a dragon to bring you back the two antlers of a jackalope you needed for a spell, but in the process he gained a squire follower.
(squire) + Carry capacity, +lives (if you would die, the squire dies instead)

or something like that.

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