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Latest Release Notes (0.9.107)

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm
by Ludovic
Tribal Chiefs
  • Prestige: This attribute begins at 0 and changes through various actions and events. Positive prestige gives lowers recruitment costs and diplomacy costs/thresholds, but increases the cost of giving gifts. Negative prestige has the opposite effect.
  • Call Great Hunt (action): Summon the greatest hunters to participate in a great hunt. Depending on prey chosen, a succesful hunt can yield gold, influence, followers, etc. while a failed one can result in injured or even dead followers and/or guests.
  • Added various random events and quests to the Religious Festival action, the nature and outcome of which varies depending on the deity/religion chosen. These include: Good Omens (Unrest reduction), Portents of Doom (Unrest increase, Unit stat buffs), Ritual Combat, quests forbidding or demanding various actions, Demonic Possession, Gift of Undeath, Blessings, and more.
  • Tribal Destiny: Abyssal Rites (Ambition). Reduces cost and cooldown of Religious Festival by 40%. Adds Summon Demons option to the Great Hunt action. Excludes and excluded by Tribal Destiny: Pact With Nature and Tribal Destiny: One With The Land.
  • Clan Marriage: Now has a small Gold cost representing dowries and/or bribes.
  • Chieftain's Abode/Warlord's Abode/Warlord's Grand Abode/Tribal Palace/Grand Tribal Palace: These camp upgrades no longer increase influence per turn. Instead they give a one-time prestige bonus (which is lost on destruction/downgrade).
  • Brewery: This camp upgrade now gives +1 influence per turn.
  • Trophy Mounds: Cost changed from 2000 gold to 100 spoils. Also gives 5 prestige on construction.
  • Beast Pens: Cost changed from 2500 gold to 1000 gold. Now gives +50% Prestige gain from nearby Great Hunts.
  • Spoils distribution has been disabled until it has an actual effect.
  • Clans can give quests to defeat marauders. This will improve relations and give some prestige if completed.
  • Borders are now enabled when Province mode is entered.
  • Rival AI will prioritize recruitment much higher if all their armies have been defeated.
  • Rival Wizard AI will now reserve a more reasonable amount of mana when there are unclaimed mana nodes.
  • Armies can no longer engage in battle on ocean and lake hexes.
  • Low-Life Recruits now reduces Unit cost by 15% (up to 500 gold) rather than 500 gold. This also prevents the cost from becoming negative.
  • Cities can now be razed as an alternative to conquest or plunder. This requires a sufficiently large army relative to the city size, and will take 2-8 turns depending on the relative size of the army and city.
  • Reduced the chance of marauders, pirates and similar events.
  • Patrol province is no longer enabled by a site under siege.
  • Slightly reduced save game size.
  • Optimized many internal calculations. This will be especially noticeable on 32-bit systems.
Wizards and Magic
  • New Spellcraft: Arcane Trinkets. Requires Arcane 1, Artifice 1, Enchantment 2. Unlocks Arcane Trinkets for new units, which costs 25 mana, 250 gold, 1 jewelry, and gives +1 Armor, +1 Courage, +2 Magical Resistance.
  • New Unit Summon: Lesser Ghebborim. Requires research and Summoning 3, Chaos 2, War 1, Planar Lore 2. They are extra-planar shock infantry.
  • New Unit Summon: Greater Ghebborim. Requires research and Summoning 4, Chaos 5, War 3, Planar Lore 4. They are extra-planar heavy shock infantry, fearless and well-suited to breaking defensive formations.
  • Greater Arcane Ward had Magic Resist bonus reduced from +5 to +3.
  • New armies now have more interesting default names.
User Interface and Graphics
  • Marauders, monsters, pirates and other unaligned armies now have a distinct army sprite.
  • Recruitment now auto-purchases missing resources on the market if the player can afford it. The missing resources and cost are shown in the tooltip for the recruit button, if applicable.
  • Desertion/Attrition due to missing upkeep now includes a tooltip showing the upkeep of the relevant units.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Greater Archons having too few hit points.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI "site attacked" logic was not being invoked if the assault failed.
  • Fixed display of research project requirements sometimes being glitchy.
  • Fixed a bug where army sprites would not correctly be minimized when another army or sprite was in front, at worst causing weird overlap, at best a missing minimized army.
  • Battle time speed changes will no longer apply to animations in the rest of the game (ie the main map).
  • Pressing space will no longer pause/unpause map animations.
  • The army window now shows generic Magical Resistance.
  • The military/recruitment window now shows includes modifiers to Resistance and Vulnerability preview.
  • The military/recruitment window now shows generic Magical Resistance.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to Tribal Destiny: Shamanism and the Spirit Warriors unit modifier.
  • Tribal Destiny can no longer be overspent to acquire aspects with a cost higher than the available number of points.
  • Text will no longer overflow on the Character/Follower windows when showing large amounts of information. A scrollbar has been added.
  • Rival (Wizard/Warlord) AI no longer gets amnesia when saving and reloading. Only applies to new save games.
  • Fixed Tribal Destiny: Swift Messengers not being correctly applied.

Re: Latest Release Notes (0.9.95)

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 1:20 pm
by hooster1
Ah, that's what the battle magic line of spells do.

Perhaps a note in the spell description would make this a little more intuitive, or when you hover over the amount of mana in the battle window, show how the total is achieved.

Base mana 20
Minor Battle spell +10
Lesser Battle spell +15
Medium Battle spell +20
Other spells +40 (there will be other spells, right?)
Wild magic -50%
available magic 53

Re: Latest Release Notes (0.9.95)

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:56 pm
by Ludovic
The battle magic spellcraft aren't spells as such, it's more of an arcane tech tree. The bonus from traits is shown on the Ruler tab under Quests & Victory Conditions. That's probably not an optimal location, and the entire calculation really needs to be shown somewhere. Another source for battle magic that will be added is Mastery, where high levels should give either a straightforward battle mana bonus or one reserved for spells of the specific mastery, although that might overcomplicate things. Perhaps the same effect could be accomplished through something like "one free spell of level X or less per battle".

As for the relevant UI, I am consider merging the Magic and Quest/Victory Conditions into a "Faction/Wizard/Empire" window (with relevant tabs) to have a better home for information that sits somewhere between Magic and Ruler/Empire.