Latest Release Notes (0.9.94)

Information on development progress, road maps, etc. Next patch progress.
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Latest Release Notes (0.9.94)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Changed City population to use a model where population is represented by so called "Pops" of various types (laborers, warriors, scholars, farmers, merchants, etc.). Each pop is equivalent to 1/4 of a populace level in the previous model. Currently the Pops are merely shown as a text line, but a future update will add proper visualization of pops, and make it possible to inspect their culture and traits.
  • Reworked City mechanics. Martial/Crime/Learning/Spiritual/etc. no longer have levels, progress, growth levels and growth level modifiers, but are simply a numerical stat (which can have modifiers from spells and effects). These govern the transformation of pops into different types or gaining/losing traits, the chance of random events, etc. Combined with the pops this should be much easier to understand, manage and facilitate greater levels of player agency.
  • The Populace stat has been replaced by a Growth stat, which needs to be positive for the city to grow in size. If growth is negative population levels will eventually decline.
  • Implemented Stockpiles: You can now set a threshold for how many to keep of each resources. The surplus is sold. You can also choose to stockpile all of a resources. This is the first step towards making the economic/resource model more suited to multiple layers of complexity and levels of micro-management, including having sub-variants of resources and a greater variety of resources without cluttering the UI.
  • Bandits and Marauders are now named based on culture and/or relevant toponyms (e.g. 'Darkwood Marauders', "The Grim Despoilers", "Arakhul's Band").
  • Friendly relations with a minor realm is now enough for basic recruitment from the unit pool of their culture (was previously Ally).
  • Darkness and Demonic Taint can now spread from (active) dungeons with relevant themes.
  • Disease and Blight can now spread from dungeons with the Vermin theme.
  • Blight can now spread from (active) dungeons with the Pestilence theme.
  • Disease can no longer spread to Hallowed hexes.
  • Hex condition events no longer spread into ocean hexes.
  • Captured and incapacitated characters can no longer function as 'watchers' in relation to notifications and events.
  • Having a 'watcher' (army, character, site) in an hex bordering a province now provides information on events in the province in all cases.
  • Cleansing Light: New spell which removes 1 level of Blight, Darkened or Demonic Taint from the target hex.
  • Optimized the AI path finding code to speed up turn processing.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Pestilence-theme dungeons were spawning disease events.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Undead and Pestilence-themed dungeons were spawning Blight spread.
  • Fixed an issue where Blight spread was orders of magnitude more likely than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not notified of all relevant events.
  • Fixed an issue with hex tool tips being full of incorrect movement cost messages.
  • Fixed an issue where some spells and events targeted at/happening in Arctic Forest would cause a crash/hang.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would consider too many options very thoroughly when choosing which hex to send an otherwise untasked army for exploration, causing turn processing to slow down.
  • Fixed a bug where emissary events would cause turns to not process.
  • Fixed a bug with high mastery values causing the game to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where challenges with multiple tags did not handle correctly sources with the multiple applicable modifiers. E.g. a challenge with tags Magic and Combat being attempted by a character with a trait giving +5 to Magic and +10 Combat. In this case a +10 modifier should be applied, but previously the first modifier would always be applied (so either +5 or +10, depending on arbitrary circumstances). If contradictory modifiers exist, the strongest malus and strongest bonus will both be applied.

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