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Old Patch Notes

Post by Ludovic » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:23 pm

  • Spells have been added to gain (additional) special workers. Some wizards would start with undead, faerie or demonic workers, but these were not available after the game has started.
  • Spell Summon Demonic Wretches added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Demonic Summoning).
  • Spell Raise Skeleton Laborers added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Necromancy 3 or Necromancy 2/Enchantment 1 or Necromancy 2/Artifice 1).
  • Spell Fay Binding of Beasts added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Beasts 2, Binding 1 and Fay Lore 2).
  • Some research projects now have a Lore requirement, in addition to existing requirements. Draugar (all) require Ancient History 1. Greater Elemental Summoning (all) require Elemental Lore 3.
  • The Charismatic wizard trait now grants +1 Courage to all units which do not have trait/tag: Mindless, Limited Mind, Non-Living, Beasts and/or Monsters.
  • New Battle Spell: Acid Spray (Water 4). Deals 12 Corrosive damage to up to 10 members of the target unit. Secondary mastery is Destruction.
  • New Battle Spell: Poison Cloud (Darkness 3). Deals 3 Poison damage to 75% of the members of the target unit. Secondary mastery is Water.
  • Uhlebeasts default unit size changed from 20 to 40.
  • New World Spell: Lesser Planar Seal (Warding 8). Increases cost to summon extra planar units by +50% and increases mishap chance by 25%. Duration 4 turns. Secondary mastery: Order. Cooldown 20 turns.
  • New World Spell: Greater Planar Seal (Warding 10). Prevents summoning of extra planar units completely. Duration 4 turns. Secondary mastery: Order. Cooldown 20 turns.
  • Uhlebeasts can now be researched with requirements (Beasts 5, Blood 2), (Beasts 5, Darkness 2) or (Beasts 8).
  • Warlords are now playable. The Tribal Chief archetype is first available. This is a first iteration of the mechanics, and they will be expanded/improved.
  • Tribal Chiefs have lower unit costs and upkeep, and immediate recruitment. However, base income is much lower.
  • Some Tribal Warlord units have the "Noble" trait. The number of these is restricted by the number of Noble pops.
  • A base military capacity is calculated for Tribal Warlords based on pops and camp upgrades. Going above this capacity will increase unit upkeep and recruitment costs.
  • Tribal Warlords have a "Veteran Warriors" attribute which acts a pseudo-resource. It increases automatically over time, and from certain actions and events. The recruitment of most higher-tier units reduces this pool by the unit size.
  • Tribal Warlords have a "Mounts" attribute which acts a pseudo-resource. It increases automatically over time, and from certain actions and events. The recruitment of most cavalry units reduces this pool by the unit size.
  • Camp pops now belong to Clans, which affects various Tribal Chief mechanics and diplomacy.
  • Camps can now migrate. After a period time dependent on labor needed to disassemble upgrades and available labor, this replaces the camp with a special army with very low movement. The army has a special action to settle and re-create the Camp. Some upgrades have a cost to reassemble, which if it cannot be paid will result in a downgrade. Some upgrades (e.g. fortifications) cannot be moved.
  • The "Magic" button is removed for Warlords. Tribal Chiefs have a "Tribe" button instead.
  • Tribal Chiefs have a Tribal Destiny mechanic which allows the purchase of various upgrades and abilities from 6 different paths.
  • Clan Diplomacy allows Tribal Chiefs to take control of other clans. Clans have traits which impact diplomacy and can give abilities/bonuses if they
    are controlled. Gaining control of their camps is not yet implemented, but will be added very soon.
  • Tribal Chiefs cannot build resource sites (Farms, Mines, etc.) Tribal Destiny can unlock the ability to build Trade Posts.
  • Tribal armies can Plunder the country-side and minor sites of a province (unless a Fortress is guarding it). This will give a small amount of Spoils.
  • Tribal armies cannot conquer sites, but will gain Spoils from sacking them.
  • New resource, Spoils. Gained by Warlords by raiding, pillaging, battles, etc. Can be converted into Gold or used as "currency" for certain actions.
Other and Bug Fixes
  • The world generator will now try to avoid placing players on landmasses with a low number of provinces.
  • A specialized unit type generator is used for (Tribal Warlord) player cultures, to make sure a suitable spread of tiers and types are present.
  • Unit effects are now color-coded in the Army Window, positive effects are green, negative effects are red, neutral/ambiguous effects are orange.
  • City and camp production modifiers due to Unrest expanded to cover high and low values, and to have better granularity.
  • City leaders now give a +5% production for each of the following traits they have: Civic, Artisan, Mercantile.
  • Reduced installation size on windows by 30%-40%.
  • Events which spawn monsters, undead and dire beasts are now more or less likely depending on the Magic game setting. Base chance modifier: Pervasive x300%, Common x200%, Rare x50%, VeryRare x50%-5%
  • Events which spawn undead are now more likely if Wilderness game setting is Sinister: (base+5%)x200%.
  • Events which spawn dire beasts now more likely if Wilderness game setting is Sinister: +5% or Primeval: (base+5%)x150%.
  • Events which spawn bandits, marauders, monsters, etc. are now more or less likely depending on the Wilderness game setting. Tranquil x25%,Dangerous x150%, Deadly x150%+5%, Sinister +10%.
  • Events which spawn bandits, marauders, monsters, etc. are now less likely in provinces with outposts, fortresses, and/or armies. The impact depends on fortress size, (civilized) army sizes, scout captain presence and whether any armies are patrolling the province.
  • New Unit: Gargoyles (Darkness 4, Earth 1). Flying, tough, unsettling unit with high scout stat, but limited damage potential. Requires Aviarium to research.
  • New Unit: Air Elementals (Air 5). Requires Lesser Air Elementals.
  • New Unit: Earth Elementals (Earth 5). Requires Lesser Earth Elementals.
  • New Unit: Fire Elementals (Fire 5). Requires Lesser Fire Elementals.
  • New Unit: Water Elementals (Water 5). Requires Lesser Water Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Air Elementals (Air 8). Requires Air Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Earth Elementals (Earth 8). Requires Earth Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Fire Elementals (Fire 8). Requires Fire Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Water Elementals (Water 8). Requires Water Elementals.
  • New Unit: Angels of Hope (Celestial 3, Light 3). Stronger, flying version of Lesser Angels of Hope.
  • New Unit: Angels of War (Celestial 4, War 3). Versatile flying unit with strong defensive and ranged stats, decent offensive stats.
  • New Unit: Angels of Justice (Celestial 5, Order 3). Powerful flying melee unit, but lacking somewhat in staying power and defensive stats.
  • New Unit: Eshim. Celestial fire/frost based infantry unit with good magical damage and morale, but low survivability. Cannot be summoned or recruited, but implemented for events, city defenders, etc.
  • The Patrol Province action now displays in the tooltip why is not usable if it is not.
  • Exhausted armies can no longer use the Patrol Province action.
  • When merging an army into another, the Scout Captain of the source army will now be assigned to a target army with no Scout Captain.
  • Emissaries can now be sent to Camps.
  • A number of upgrades are now available for Camps.
  • Camps can now be inspected in the same way as Cities.
  • Camps now use the same Pop system as Cities.
  • Tweaked text alignment in the outliner to make it more readable.
  • Added color to additional instances of tool tip-enabled text parts (e.g. cultures).
  • Celestial and Faerie characters are now correctly matched with culture and faction attitudes when sending emissaries.
  • Fixed incorrect culture adjectives for many randomly generated culture names.
  • Fixed site defenders not being properly assigned a faction controller.
  • Fixed some of randomly generated cultural unit types missing Cavalry and Infantry tags, and thus not always being included in when they should.
  • Fixed the Emissary Duel event having an incorrectly positive influence reward for one of the negative outcomes (failed ambush with martial honor culture host) and an incorrectly negative reward for one of the positive outcomes (successful negotiation).
  • Added a Log to the Economy Window Ledger. It shows all transactions for the current turn (ie turn processing + those taking effect during user interaction).
  • Optimized performance of map drag and zoom.
  • Optimized battle engine performance.
  • Greatly optimized the "Reveal Map" cheat.
  • Did a general graphics performance pass.
  • Dungeons with Construct and Demon themes are now generated.
  • Added a few character type templates (Seraph, Eshim, Illuminant and Heavenly Knight) for Celestial characters.
  • Exceptions and errors now result in a dialog and the game being closed, in cases where it would previously cause a hang/freeze/broken gamestate.
  • Changed the Military Window to always show the Trainer section. If no valid characters are available the reasons can be seen in the character selection window.
  • When choosing participants for a Dungeon Expedition, ineligible characters are now included in the list, but are unselectable and have a note describing why.
  • When no characters are available for a Dungeon Expedition, the button is no longer missing. Instead a tooltip hints that there are no valid characters, and the selection window has the details on each character.
  • Changed damage calculations for attacks with secondary damage to merge secondary damage of the same damage type.
  • Optimized calculation of site resource output during turn processing. For games with large maps / many sites, this will have a significant positive impact on turn processing waiting time.
  • Fixed some instances of wizards not being given the correct starting armies due to not being able to find unit types similar enough to a specified template. Search criteria will be widened if nothing is found to avoid this.
  • Fixed an issue with fortresses not being assigned to correct factions/realms during world generation.
  • Fixed a bug causing some city production multipliers to apply to maintenance costs. E.g. a +10% modifier could raise the maintenance of a building from 100 to 110 gold.
  • Fixed a bug causing "Sell All" to enabled in the Economy window for invalid resouces. Clicking would "sell" all applicable resources for a price of 0.
  • Fixed the expected recruitment modifiers not being available for all units on the military screen.
  • Fixed the display of recruitment modifier being incorrect for non-equipment affecting modifiers for stats other than cost.
  • Fixed a bug where melee damage modifier buffs were not included during damage calculations.
  • Fixed a bug which doubled secondary damage from attacks during some calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where UI updates could be blocked by moving an army. This would persist until another army moved. In the meantime the resource summary, map icons, outliner and many other UI elements, would not correctly update.
  • Fixed a bug allowing armies to assault camps when exhausted.
  • Fixed a bug causing visual battle resolution issues if the player was attacking and had no battle spells.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Patrol Province army action to be available when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a (rare-ish) world generation crash bug.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the Jade resource and Quarries/Mines. It is now a Mine resource. Tooltips and UI have been fixed to enforce this.
  • Fixed Call For Heroes cooldown being decremented whenever the UI was updated. Also made the action always visible, but disabled with tooltip when on cooldown.
  • Fixed Demonic characters sometimes being generated from an incorrect template, resulting in odd traits.
  • Fixed several check boxes not toggling when clicking the associated text (only the 'box' registered clicks for these).
  • Fixed a few incorrect worker tool tips relating to skills.
  • Worker skills now impact Fae Garden production.
  • Fixed the Domestic worker skill not impacting Farm production as expected.
  • The volume slider has be de-linearized to make the volume changes more smooth to humans.
  • Fixed an issue with non-quick start games ignoring warlord selection.
  • Fixed an issue with tribal units disappearing from the recruitment window when saving games. Code has been added which repairs games saved with this issue, so the fix should work retroactievly.
  • The Wizard Project tab has an option to show unavailable projects. This will also display the requirements, making it easier to plan research and masteries.
  • Added color to many text parts which had no indication of tooltips previously.
  • New resource site: Fae Gardens. These produce Faerie Dust, Herbs, and if the hex has a Spices special, Spices. Wizards with the Faerie racial trait can build them without research. Other Wizards need to research the ability as a Spellcraft project requiring Life 2 and Enchantment 2.
  • Implemented the Berserker Rage battle spell. It confers Frenzy, +4 Courage, -4 Discipline, +1 Toughness, +1 Melee Shock for 4 seconds. Target must not have be Mindless or Unfeeling. On expiry the target takes (25% of unit size) hits for 2 true damage .
  • The Hurricane spell can now be used during battles, where it will deal 4 damage to all members of flying units not engaged with a non-flying unit (limited flyers only damage if not stationary) and ground them for 10 seconds.
  • The proselytize action will now ask which religion to proselytize and filter available followers accordingly. This will be skipped if only one choice is available.
  • Workers for hire are now generated with a wider variety of skills. Before a "basic" worker for the relevant culture was always generated. Now there is a chance for different skillsets, with the randomziation affected by cultural traits and tech level.
  • New Worker skill: Herbalism. This gives +1 Herb resource per skill level when the Workers are assigned to Farms/Logging Camp/Hunters Lodge/Fae Gardens.
  • The font on the Game Settings Window improved to be more crisp and readable, especially in the drop down sections.
  • Espionage and Search related assignments will now include invalid characters with an explanation of why they are unavailable.
  • Added Ronin character type, relevant for cultures with the Bushido trait. This type can sometimes be generated as a dungeon boss.
  • Samurai are no longer generated as dungeon bosses.
  • Added a cheat action for disabling the battle mana cap.
  • Cheat actions now have a separate "page" in the action hieararchy.
  • Added 'C' as keyboard shortcut for casting the currently selected spell during battles.
  • Added 'Ctrl+1-9' as keyboard shortcut for casting the first 9 spells in the dropdown during battles.
  • Added a tooltip to the cast spell button during battles, displaying spell info (and a keyboard shortcut hint).
  • Added tooltips to the custom game setting drop downs (world size/age, race/culture, magic, wilderness, etc.).
  • Cultures with (fantasy) Slavic flavor will now have unique village, city and castle names, and not use the default language.
  • Added additional variety to Elvish flavor character and place names.
  • Fixed locations sometimes saving incorrectly for characters.
  • Fixed some battle log lines having incorrect time stamps.
  • Fixed unit damage vulnerability modifiers not saving correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Worker skills at level 0 were in some places treated as being -1, leading to very strange results in some calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would often refuse to build on Geyser specials. In some cases considering such hexes would cause a crash.
  • Fixed Fimbul Winter events not being saved, causing the event to not be processed after exiting and loading a game (with on-going events).
  • Fixed the description of Vigor: Rain of Blood to show the actual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where several option lists failed to register mouse clicks not directly on the option text, making them annoying to interact with.
  • Fixed a bug causing battle tooltips to sometimes not update or update very slowly.
  • Fixed a bug causing units to start battles with a facing out of sync between the simulation and state tracking. In some cases, this caused erratic movement/wheeling and failure to engage enemies.
  • Fixed city building modifiers to Squalor and Unrest not showing in tool tips in the City Window. This is not retroactively fixed for already constructed buildings in existing save games.
  • Fixed city building modifiers to Squalor and Unrest working slightly incorrectly if applied while the stat was at the upper or lower limit, and the building is later destroyed or upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug where "Hide" filters for the Military Window were not being applied correctly when loading a game.
  • Fixed a bug where some input fields were difficult to select/focus/edit.
  • Fixed organization and secret society cells not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed the (decadence related) secret society cell creation event treating knightly orders as cults.
  • Added (German/Spanish/French) translations for top bar button tool tips. This includes work to make the tool tips localizable, like was previously done for "static" UI text. The next step is to include dynamic text. (And then of course the actual translation work).
  • Lesser Blight (World Spell, Pestilence 2) effects implemented. Blight (1) is applied permanently to the hex. It can target any non-Ocean hex not already affected by a Hex Condition. Hexes with a Wizard Tower, Temple or City are also invalid targets. Cooldown is 8 turns. Secondary Mastery is Necromancy.
  • A "Player Armies" button has been added to the bottom part of UI. It toggles display of all player armies, color-coded to indicate their movement status: Red for no movement left, Blue for some movement left, Green for all movement left (ie not moved yet this turn).
  • A filter option has been added to the Followers window, making it easier to find character with a specific type/culture/religion/race/etc.
  • The Followers window can now be used to browse all known characters in the world. As this is still experimental and requires additional UI improvements, it is "hidden" and enabled by holding SHIFT while clicking the Followers window. No characters will be shown until a filter is applied, to avoid a suspected issue with too many characters in the list.
  • A search window has been added. It can be opened with CTRL+F or via a button next to the minimap. It will search through sites and provinces and display results as a list, which be navigated with keyboard (up/down arrows, enter) or clicked with the mouse.
  • Messages now usually have a "Go To" button which will focus/select the relevant province, character, site, hex, etc.
  • The Outliner now has a scroll bar which is activated if it becomes too large, to avoid overlap with the notification area.
  • Messages/notifications are now shown as lines of text with a smaller icon. There is also a scroll bar which is activated when many messages need to be shown and the available area is not large enough.
  • Save game file format had some repeated info moved out of object records and into the header. This will yield slighty faster save/load times and reduce file size.
  • Military Window filter settings are now included in save games.
  • Additional unit names added to reduce chance of duplicates and add more cultural flavor.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Mine production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Hunters' Lodge production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation. Also, Sanctuary modifiers higher than 1 now prevent construction.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Farms production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Logging Camp production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Vineyard production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation. Previously only (Grassy) Hills were valid for constructing these. Arid Hills is now also valid (but has lower production). Grassland and Plains are valid locations if there are least 2 adjacent hexes with (any kind of) Mountain or Hill terrain.
  • Improved the Resource Site: Quarry production mechanics. Terrain types, hex conditions and specials now have a bigger impact. See documentation.
  • Hiring workers, mercenaries and followers will now trigger a UI update, fixing various issue of elements not updating immediately.
  • New option when recruiting units: Low-Life Recruits. -500 gold cost, -1 discipline, -2 courage. Not available for Professional and Elite type units.
  • Units with "-men" postfixes now have a race/gender relevant ending. Spearmen could be Speardwarves, Swordsmen could be Swordorcs, Axemen could be Axegnolls, Macemen could be Macewomen (for human amazons), Crossbowmen could be Crossbowtrolls, etc. The chance of generating units with these endings is lower for non-human races (ie Axers will be preferred over Axe-somethings, Phalanx over Spear-something, etc.)
  • Sites under construction no longer project territorial control.
  • Non-player characters now explicitly display their controlling faction.
  • The message shown when resources are auto-purchased to pay upkeep now includes the amount of gold spent.
  • The AI now has improved awareness of negative spells cast on controlled sites and these will affect hate/diplomacy.
  • Fixed research projects being listed and startable even when already started.
  • Fixed Dungeon Expeditions silently failing to start. The Dungeon Window will show any problems in the info window, and any blocked expeditions will generate a notification on advancing the turn. Blocked AI expeditions will be fixed by the AI and not stuck in perpetuity.
  • Fixed the Trainer assignment in the military recruitment window not working correctly when multiple units are recruited.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed the player to circumvent non-selectable status on characters by double-clicking the icon, when the select button is non-interactable.
  • Fixed a bug where various site leader characters in the world were not assigned to the correct faction during world generation. This is fixed retroactively when loading old save games.
  • Fixed a bug where player armies would animate weirdly when encountering new factions.
  • Fixed a bug where the outliner settings were not loaded correctly.
  • Updated to latest version of Unity (2017.2 from 2017.1).
  • The space bar key can now pause/unpause during battles.
  • Casting spells will no longer unpause if the player has paused during battles.
  • Zooming out will now switch on Province names. Zooming back in will turn them off again (unless they were toggled explicitly by the player).
  • Province borders have been changed from pure black to a slightly thicker black line with an inner white line.
  • Bonus damage when charging is now slightly higher in general.
  • Bonus damage when charging was previously (Melee Shock)*(Movement Factor)*(Weight Factor)*(Defensive Factor). Weight was based on armor, and Defensive factor on Shield Wall and a fixed amount offset by the attacker's Break Defense stat. The calculation now also considers size difference, Attacker: (Courage, Frenzy), Defender: (Discipline, Unsettling, Terror). Mindless and Limited Mind play a role in offsetting the psychological effects as they do in general.
  • Added more (cult/organization/martial order) titles to the world generator.
  • Rain of Fire is now learned at Fire 5 (was 8), deals more damage, gives the caster feedback on how many casualties were inflicted, and also hits garrisons.
  • Reaper's Due (Death 3) now also hits garrison armies. It also gives feedback when no undead could be affected or no damage was inflicted, instead of failing silently. When it does deal damage the information is now less specific about the damage dealt (making it less useful to spy on enemy armies).
  • Wizard Tower expansions which give XP or trigger special events for followers no longer consider those sent on missions away from the tower or recuperating.
  • Roaming Undead armies now have slightly better names.
  • Fixed a bug where many unit types did not list attacks from equipment in the Military Window.
  • Fixed a bug causing some save games to not load.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing unit types to be generated without a name.
  • The city window now has a tooltip for production which shows how the result was calculated (ie how much from pops, buildings, characters, etc.)
  • Training and Summoning now gives followers xp equal to 1 + (base recruitment time / 4) ( + 2 if Summon).
  • When summoning a unit, one Arcane class follower can be assigned (using the Trainer interface) giving a +10% summon progress bonus and a -5% risk of summoning mishaps.
  • When recruiting a unit, having a trainer with a culture matching that of the unit now gives a +25% bonus to recruitment progress.
  • When casting world spells of target type Unit or Army, the global message dialog will now display the reason if an army is not valid and the unit selection list dialog will do the same.
  • The AI will now use spells during battles.
  • Arcane Apocalypse (World Spell, Destruction Mastery 8) added. It costs 100 mana and destroys a mana node, any armies in the same hex and changes the terrain of the hex to Rocky Badlands. There is a 40 turn cooldown to cast it.
  • Deconstruct (World Spell, Destruction Mastery 3) added. It costs 50 mana and destroys a city building.
  • Durability (World Spell, Artifice Mastery 1) added. It reduces the Gold upkeep of a recruited or created unit by 25% for 10 turns.
  • Hailstorm (Battle Spell, Frost Mastery 4) added. Deals up to 20 hits for 5 physical damage and up to 20 hits for 3 cold damage. Damaged units without cold resistance or the Hardy ability suffer -2 Movement and -2 Toughness for 6 seconds. Secondary mastery is Air.
  • Fear (Battle Spell, Shadow Mastery 2) now implemented. Target suffers -3 Courage, -1 Discipline, disable Inspire for 5 seconds. Cannot target Mindless or Fearless targets.
  • New Unit Type: Draugar. Hulking zombie warriors, which can be unlocked through research requiring Necromancy 3, War 4.
  • New Unit Type: Draugar Berserkers. Unlocked through research requiring Necromancy 4, Beasts 3, War 2.
  • New Unit Type: Banshees. Spell-casting, ranged ambushers. Unlocked through research requiring Necromancy 2, Arcane 1, Death 1.
  • New Unit Type: Greater Banshees. Powerful magic/ranged unit. Unlocked through research requiring Necromancy 5, Arcane 1, Death 2, Darkness 2.
  • Equipment mechanics reworked to fix various bugs and inconsistencies - as well as enable equipment materials, variants, etc.
  • Bind Mana Node is no longer shown as an action if not researched yet.
  • Drain Mana Node is no longer shown as an action if not researched yet.
  • Improved the formatting of the tool tips and context panel text for armies.
  • The "generic" Espionage task has been disabled as it had no effect.
  • Garden (City upgrade) construction time reduced from 64 to 16 turns.
  • All active recruitment in a site is now cancelled if it is conquered. If the owner is the player, a notification will be generated listing which units were cancelled.
  • If the player is unable to change the leader of a site, the button is no longer missing, but disabled and has a tooltip indicating why.
  • Changed the range on the Fireblast attack of Skeleton mages from 35 to 150.
  • Province search tasks which end without finding a site now trigger a notification.
  • All parties and characters searching a province now end their task on the same turn.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Rituals making it uncastable.
  • Fixed a bug where the Rain of Blood event was healing relevant (sanguine, vampiric, etc.) units by an amount unaffected by unit size and max size values. Healing is now relative to unit sizes.
  • Fixed a bug where the unit buff from the Rain of Blood event (granted to some units) was permanent instead of the intended duration of 3 turns.
  • Fixed a bug where saving the game when an active Scarecrow event choice had been made would let the player duplicate the Scarecrow.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to event choices and corrupt game state
  • Fixed a bug where the culture/race state of special/event followers led to corrupt games and crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where the pause button would disappear from the battle window.
  • Fixed a bug where units at 0 strength were making a very large number of attacks, effectively deadlocking combat.
  • Added a hard battle end timer. If no attacks have been made for 120 seconds (affected by time speed and pause), the battle ends. This is primarily to avoid various bugs causing battles not to end, forcing the player to terminate the game process from the operating system, but it also provides a way to end battles where all units are immobilized or unable to attack (due to magic or other effects).
  • Fixed a bug where destroyed units sometimes remained active during battles.
  • Fixed empty space sometimes being added to the bottom of world map tool tips.
  • Fixed a bug where monsters were counted as infantry for some mechanics.
  • Fixed a bug where the display of remaining time on pending units recruitment/summoning/creation was incorrect.
  • Fixed the Shardstorm debuff lasting for double the listed duration.
  • Fixed a bug where the army transfer window was not updating buttons, making it possible to merge un-mergeable armies and/or crash the window.
  • Fixed a bug where garrison armies would get a corrupt state during some merge operations.
  • Fixed a bug causing unit movement modifiers applied during a battle to not take effect until the unit changed direction.
  • Fixed a bug causing unit movement speed to be inconsistently calculated for some combinations of direction and behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where stat display was incorrect (until a modifier was added/removed/changed) when loading a game if the stat had modifiers.
  • Fixed a lot of scroll views where the scroll bar was "sticky" when changing content.
  • Fixed a bug causing battle engine game hangs.
  • Fixed a bug causing characters overseeing construction projects to be assigned to be sites with no valid leader assignment.
  • Fixed destroyed buildings not removing city stat modifiers.
  • Fixed sabotage missions and random events not properly destroying buildings, but just removing them from the city.
  • Fixed opponent count selector being locked for quick start games
  • Fixed wrong text color in some game setting drop downs making it look disabled
  • Fixed the recruitment unit descriptions not including stat and ability modifiers from equipment. (they were correctly applied on recruitment)
  • Major power faction garrison units are no longer protected from negative effects due to not paying upkeep.
  • Garrisoned units now have a 25% reduction to gold and food upkeep costs.
  • Fixed Limited Regeneration being granted by Personal Guard
  • Fixed Limited Regeneration not being granted by Rain of Blood
  • Fixed the "humans-only" game setting not being used correctly, leading to a lot of non-human races in the generated world.
  • The personal guard action no longer lingers even when not usable.
  • Ranged attack interval changed from 2 to 1.5
  • Melee attack interval changed from 2 to 1
  • Ranged to-hit chance adjusted slightly down.
  • Rampaging beast province events now generate units of 50% default size.
  • Skeletons (all generic): Melee Skill raised from 3 to 4.
  • Skeleton Archers: Long Knife replaced with Short Sword.
  • Skeleton Light Infantry: Short Sword replaced with Hand Axe.
  • Grey Ooze: Attack (Ooze) damage reduced from 5 to 3, Armor Penetration 1 added.

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Re: Old Patch Notes

Post by Ludovic » Sat May 13, 2017 4:30 pm


Magic and Research
  • New Spellcraft: Necrotite Forging. It requires Necromancy 2, Metal 1, Artifice 1. Researching it enables the construction of a Necrotite Forge tower expansion. This expansion allows units to be outfitted with Necrotite armor, shields and weapons, giving various bonuses.
  • New Spellcraft: Mithril Forging. It requires Metal 2, Artifice 1. Researching it enables Wizards with a Mystic Furnace expansion to outfit new units with Mithril weapons.
  • New Battle Spell: Radiant Heal (Light 2). Heals every member of a unit for 1-3 points of damage. Cannot target units with the Undead, Demon, Demonic Taint, Dark or Shadow tags. Units with the Light or Celestial tag are healed for +2.
  • New Battle Spell: Life Leech (Blood 4). Grants the Vampiric ability to the target unit for 8 seconds. Cannot target Celestial, Construct or Non-Living units. Secondary mastery affinity: Life, Darkness.
  • New Battle Spell: Predator's Prize (Beast 5). Grants the Feast and Relentless Pursuit abilities to the target unit. When cast as world spell: 40 Mana, 8 turn duration. When cast as a battle spell: 15 Mana, 30 second duration. Cannot target Non-Living, Magical, Celestial, Construct or Spectral units. Secondary mastery affinity: Blood.
  • Mana Nodes now contribute to Mastery progress. The contribution is to a Mastery determined by the Mana Node type (e.g. a Fire node contributes to Fire Mastery, a Primordium Node contributes to Creation Mastery, etc.). The contribution is shown in the tooltip for the Mastery in the Magic window.
  • The base Mastery progress value has been increased from 4 to 5.
  • The Mana output of bound Mana Nodes has been tweaked to be somewhat lower, especially for the larger node types. The old base values were (5/10/15/25/35) - the new ones are (5/8/10/15/20).
  • Each point of Research now adds +0.25 to Mastery progress rate.
  • A killing blow from an attack or unit with the Feast ability now heal the attacking unit member for 50% of the full hit points of the target (rounded up), unless the target is Non-Living, Spectral and/or Metal.
  • Damage from attacks and units with the Vampiric ability now heal the attacking unit member for 50% of the damage dealt (rounded up), unless the target is Non-Living. Any damage beyond the full hit points of the target (ie "overkill") is not considered.
  • Secondary damage from attacks is now processed on hit and not on the primary damage succeeding in damaging the target.
  • There is now a ((11-Toughness)/4)% chance to suffer 1 grazing damage from an attack which hits, but fails in dealing damage. This will help represent smaller injuries, damaged armor, etc. - making it less likely that a unit will go through lengthy melee completely undamaged when fighting an enemy capable of landing hits. It also makes healing magic and effects more meaningful.
  • Damage during battles is now applied and tracked for each member of a unit, instead treating the unit as a combined hit point pool. Unit members may become incapacitated before suffering mortal damage depending on their Toughness attribute.
  • The weighting of physical damage absorption from Armor and Toughness is now is 90/10 (was 80/20). Toughness now has a role in determining incapacitation threshold, so can have less of an impact on actual damage suffered and still be a meaningful/useful attribute.
  • Units can now be transferred between Armies and site garrisons.
  • Armies can be created at a site if the site garrison has one more eligible units.
  • When recruiting units the player can now choose to add them to a garrison instead of an existing/new army.
  • The internal mechanics for unit equipment have been reworked to accomodate various item modifications, enhancements, materials, etc. Existing save games are upgraded to use these, and should work perfectly fine, but there may have been some yet undiscovered bugs introduced, so do keep your existing saves, if this turns out to be the case.
User Interface, Usability and Bug Fixes
  • Outliner collapse state is now persisted as part of a save game.
  • The Mastery table in the Magic window now has a tool tip showing mastery level progression results for the Level column.
  • When casting world spells, a "More Spells" button has been added to avoid the spell icons overlapping. It will cycle through the available spells.
  • Stockpile targets are now taken into account when calculating expected income/outcome in the resource info window.
  • Dungeons now have a different appearance (with light replacing darkness) when cleared.
  • The Wizard Tower window now shows the Research Contribution attribute.
  • The Wizard Tower belonging to the player is no longer post-fixed with the name of the Wizard.
  • The Barracks Wizard Tower upgrade now mentions the Personal Guard ability in the tooltip/description.
  • Fixed a bug where the battle engine would consider a facing as the opposite facing, causing units to spin around and/or move extremely slow for no reason.
  • Fixed the missing name/type display for selected Mana Nodes on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug causing city building maintenance cost to incorrectly display construction cost (display-only bug, internal usage was correct).
  • Fixed an issue where the display of expected Mastery progress was incorrect for non-Focus masteries if a Focus had been set.
  • Fixed XP gain from dungeon clears being incorrectly reported. (2 XP was shown even if another amount was awarded).
  • Fixed the display of workers' construction bonus incorrectly using Labor and not Construction as the base stat.
  • Fixed a bug where stationary units when charged did not correctly enter melee state, causing them to continue using ranged attacks and sometimes glitching movement.
  • Fixed a bug allowing armies to enter a hex with too high move cost if it is not the first hex entered this turn.
  • Fixed Feral Strength being castable on invalid targets during battles.
  • Fixed a bug blocking World Spell casting until exiting the game, if the player tries to cast a spell which fails due to missing mana, cooldown or resources.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would take an insane amount of time planning the turn, making the game seem like it was stalled and not progressing.
  • Added new Spellcraft research chain: "Battle Siphoning". This allows a Wizard to gain mana from defeated enemy units, if they have a magical origin. The percentage increases with progressive research: Minor (10%) -> Lesser (20%) ->Intermediate (33%) -> Greater (50%) -> Supreme (80%). The requirements progress from Arcane 1 and Binding 1 to higher levels of Arcane, Binding, Summoning and War (8/6/5/5 at Supreme).
  • Clearing dungeons now has a chance of increasing knowledge of a lore randomly chosen based on the dungeon theme and sub-themes. The chance depends on the existing level of knowledge (becoming lower at higher levels) and the composition of the expedition (scholar, arcane, religious and insane followers give a bonus). Wizards with the Sage trait get +10% (and a guaranteed minimum success chance of 5%).
  • Dungeon experience has gotten a boost and now scales with dungeon size (base is now 2 to 9, depending on dungeon size), but also reduced if dungeon is weakened and/or partially cleared. Critical success during combat will give characters +2 experience. Evading a trap mishap gives +1 experience. Finding a secret passage gives +2 experience.
  • Dungeons now have a chance of increased loot based on their size.
  • Non-friendly fortresses of type Fort, Castle and Citadel now block army movement out of the hex (except back to the hex the army entered from).
  • The movement cost to enter a hex with a hostile fortress is now the maximum movement allowance of an army. If all units are flying, the army ignores this.
  • Multi-turn movement queuing is no longer triggered by trying to move an army to an adjacent hex but not having sufficient movement left to do so.
  • The Fortification attribute (and hence siege length) of Wizard Towers has been tripled.
  • Cultures with the Subterranean trait gain +10 fortification to Fortresses.
  • Cultures with the Feudal social structure gain +5 fortification to Fortresses.
  • Besieging a site in Hill terrain now progresses at a 66% rate compared to the default.
  • Besieging a site in Mountains terrain now progresses at a 25% rate compared to the default. Highly fortified mountain strongholds will now take a much longer to crack open.
  • The Wizard Customization window will now be cleared if opened multiple times in one game session and not be filled with the previous custom template data.
  • Iron Discipline can no longer target Mindless units.
  • Brave The Darkness can no longer target units with the Dark tag.
  • Demonic Strength now costs 25 Mana when cost as a world spell. Duration increased from 6 to 12 turns. It can now also be cast during battles, where it costs 4 Mana and lasts 6.6 seconds.
  • Warrior Bond can now also be cast during battles, where it costs 2 Mana and lasts 5 seconds.
  • Ephemereal Wings has be renamed to "Archaean Wings". It can now also be cast during battles, where it costs 8 Mana and lasts 24 seconds.
  • Feral Strength is no longer permanent, but lasts 12 turns. It can now also be cast during battles, where it costs 4 Mana and lasts 5 seconds.
  • The Fortification attribute is now shown for relevant sites when selected.
  • Outpost level is now shown in selection information.
  • Outposts can now be constructed in fully controlled provinces.
  • Construction is no longer possible in hexes with unexplored adjacent hexes.
  • Added code to prevent errors when loading custom Wizards from blocking Wizard selection completely.
  • Added hex coordinates to the selection information
  • Reduced the size of the placeholder map sprites used for resource sites.
  • The "Personal Guard" and "Call For Heroes" actions now have a tool tip.
  • Removed the "Create Spy Cell" action until it is implemented.
  • Adjusted loot from battles to be lower than currently, but fixed an issue with some units giving extremely low loot. In general fantastic and monstrous creatures should give better loot now, but regular armies will yield less loot than previously.
  • The Ruler section of the Quests & Objectives window now has a line showing the appointed Personal Guard if relevant.
  • The Personal Guard unit modifier is now listed under unit effects and has a relevant tool tip.
  • When selecting a research project in the Magic window, the relevant mechanics/description is now shown along with the cost and estimated time to research.
  • When recruiting a new unit, trainers can now be assigned even if the recruitment site is not the seat of power. Note that the trainer will travel instantly to the training site and will instantly return to the seat of power. This is a temporary solution until some planned improvements to character location are implemented.
  • The dungeon log now has the latest turn events at the top, and not appended.
  • Steal Research missions can now yield a Lore increase if the target has any Lore at a higher level.
  • Fixed an issue with dungeons never yielding magic items or dark tomes.
  • Fixed issue with the "Gold" button during sigil selection being linked to red color and not the expected color.
  • Fixed incorrect description of Celestial (Wizard Racial Trait). It now correctly lists the masteries which become unavailable.
  • Fixed issue with spells (Iron Discipline, Swift Strike, Brave The Darkness, Warrior Bond) including already affected units as valid targets.
  • Fixed issue with outpost and shrine sites being constructed instantly.
  • Fixed issue with selected mana nodes not showing correct and/or full information in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing world generation to fail in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing army sprites to be incorrectly placed on the map if the player initiates a new move while the previous move is being animated. Hotfix
  • Explore Province assignments are now cancelled on completion.
  • Ranger's Gift can no longer target already affected units.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with Mana Node and Resource / Hex Special icons.
  • Shrine sites now produce 1 Influence and 1 Mana per turn.
  • Build Shrine now has a tool tip indicating cost, construction time and expected production.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Upgrade" button in the Wizard Tower window could disappear.
  • Added a tooltip to the "Upgrade" button in the Wizard Tower window.
  • Fixed an issue with the gold/resource display not updating when starting a Wizard Tower upgrade. The actual resource count was correct, but not updated visually until triggered by something else.

  • World Generator now places additional important on terrain type and climate when placing resources and specials.
  • Logging Camp production now gets +50% from Fertile Soil.
  • Vineyard production modifiers added: 50% (base) from Arid, 25% (base) from Desert, +50% from Fertile Soil, +30% from River adjancency
  • Migrating nomads can no longer settle in a hex with a hostile army.
  • Added unique icons for each category of Research Project.
  • When loading a game the progress bar now works, giving a better idea what is happening.
  • Added a Sell All button to the Economy Window.
  • The Economy Window no longer shows market resource amounts with redundant decimals.
  • The amount slider in the Economy Window now has a max which is determined by available to sell and what the player can afford to buy, rather than the entire market availability.
  • The summary when browsing save games now includes Game Settings. This is only active for new save games.
  • The Victory Conditions section of the Quests & Objectives Window now also shows a summary of game settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the text window in some dialogs with selection lists would be offset if the text had been scrolled down in a previous selection.
  • Fixed a bug causing save games with any "empty" objects not being able to load.
  • Fixed an issue where migrating nomads could settle in a hex which already had a site incompatible with a nomad camp.
  • Fixed a bug where disbandment of an army with attached characters could cause a hang.
  • Fixed a bug where migrating nomads would decide to settle in an Ocean, got confused about how to execute this brilliant plan and then sat around forever.
  • Fixed a bug causing the world market logic to run twice per turn.
  • Fixed a bug related to the movement line and clicking on the army's current location.
  • Fixed an issue making it impossible to assault nomad camps.
  • Assault Camp now has an icon instead of a clear white background.
Battle Engine
  • Fixed a bug causing abilities and attacks with a cooldown to only be usable once per battle.
  • Fixed a bug causing units on the flanks to continue moving forwards and even off the map if the early battle consists of a ranged stand-off.

  • Added multi-turn movement. If you order an army to move to a hex not reachable with the movement available this turn, it will continue on the path automatically when pressing Next Turn. If ordered to sleep this will clear any pending movement, as will changing the movement. Holding down shift will prevent any movement from being queued up for next turn.
  • Research projects are now shown in the Outliner. This can be toggled on/off in the settings.
  • The AI will now prefer to explore land over ocean in most cases. Distance can change this, but there is now a weighting towards land exploration.
  • Warlord AI will no longer be completely passive at Very Easy.
  • Wizard AI will now prefer to target mana nodes which are unclaimed or claimed by an enemy.
  • Wizard AI will now react more strongly to it's mana nodes being drained or bound by another faction.
  • Improved the message when failing to bind or drain a mana node due to army exhaustion, so it accurately relay the reason.
  • Changed the Wizard AI to prioritize mana node research much higher.
  • Marauders triggered by Ancient Evils will no longer replenish casualties, putting them in line with unaligned marauders and rampaging monsters.
  • Fixed a bug causing non-Wizard factions to not be able to recruit troops in cities.
  • Fixed a bug causing resource values in various places to be modified instead of copied. This caused some costs to rise permanently over the cause of a game.
  • Fixed a bug causing difficulty settings in non-quick start games to be ignored for Warlord rivals.
  • Fixed issue with mana nodes being lost not creating a notification for the player.
  • Fixed movement lines not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wizard AI not purchasing resources missing for planned research, even though it could afford it.
Battle Engine:
  • Units will now have a greater preference for attacking non-fleeing enemies.
  • Relentless Pursuit ability grants +50% movement while chasing a fleeing enemy.
  • Bonus movement when fleeing has been reduced from +50% to +35%.
  • Each point of Discipline above 5 grants +10% angular motion speed when wheeling.
  • Units will no longer try to engage or chase enemies that have left the field of battle.
  • Call For Heroes now takes effect immediately and not during turn processing.
  • Battles can now ended immediately if all AI units are fleeing.
  • Fixed an issue where destroyed units did not correct despawn during battles and would instead waddle around oddly and mess up everything.
  • Fixed an issue where retreating units refused to disappear off map, and battles would not end.
  • Added a "Next Army" to cycle through armies which have not moved or acted this turn. N is the keyboard shortcut for this. Armies can be put into "Sleep" mode to remove them from this cycle.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to the map filters. Toggle Filters: Shift+F. Toggle Borders: Shift+B. Toggle Sites: Shift+S. Toggle Armies: Shift+A. Toggle Province Name Mode: Shift+P.
  • Added tool tips to various UI elements showing tool tips and/or other relevant information (ie how to open/close the Outliner).
  • Improved the follower tooltips in the outliner to show assignment/recovery details.
  • Winning a battle now grants some loot, considered to be gathered from arms and armor of the dead, body parts of monstrous creatures, the supply train of the vanquished, etc.
  • Some of the roaming unaligned armies which cannot conquer cities will now loot gold from the cities. This includes . bandits, pirates, faeries, and more. It does not include rampaging monsters, dire beasts or the walking dead.
  • Added bars showing numerical strength (and a visual indication of losses) to the unit lists in the military, army and transfer unit windows.
  • The Merge Armies button in the transfer unit window has been split into two, allowing the user to choose which army to merge into.
  • The transfer unit window now shows the name of an army's general.
  • Updated the description of Wizard Traits to include numerical information where possible, and removed references to non-existing and deprecated mechanics.
  • Changed the effects of the Aviarium tower expansion. It is now a requirement to research Giant Eagles and Soulgorger Vultures. The action to fly followers has been removed. When the character movement and/or location mechanics have been reworked (to better accommodate modifiers, special cases and more), it will return as a bonus in that context.
  • Generals and Scout Captains can no longer be reassigned to another army or task if in army which has moved or been involved in a battle.
  • The Wizard Trait Sage now gives 10% faster research progress, +2 to the base simultaneous project cap, +1 to the simultaneous lore project cap.
  • The Wizard Trait Wild Magic now has a 50% chance to modify Mana Node production randomly by -20% to +20%, temporarily and on a per-turn basis.
  • The Wizard Trait Channeling now gives +5 to Mana Node production (for non-depleted nodes), as indicated in the trait description.
  • The Warlord AI will now act more rationally towards control of mana nodes.
  • Independent realms will now build various city buildings if they can afford it.
  • Fixed a bug where the city development mechanics would cause a hang due to failure to find a candidate pop to give a trait.
  • Fixed an issue with mana display on the battle window showing too many decimals.
  • Fixed a bug where ancient evils could cause turn processing to continue infinitely or crash the game.
  • Fixed the incorrect cost of the Enchanted Fountain tower expansion (from 5 to 500 gold).
  • Fixed a bug where a battle victory as defender showed incorrect loot in the post-battle message.
  • Fixed a bug where the "always assign idle workers" functionality was a bit too eager and would immediately reassign any workers made idle, even if the player was in the process of re-assigning them.
  • Fixed a bug where removing workers from the Wizard Tower was not possible.
  • Fixed a bug with the roaming AI which would cause it to not attack armies/sites during certain points of a planned roaming path.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips had remnants of other tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the transfer units dialog was not updating correctly when merging armies.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to clicking on the edges of the screen.
  • Fixed a performance issue caused by excessive logging in some very particular cases, mostly when zoomed fully in.
  • Fixed exhausted armies being allowed to carry various actions (assault/siege/attack/etc) even though the user interface indicates it is not possible due. Players could ignore the messages and just do it anyway.
  • Fixed the terribly broken Zone of Control logic, and the somewhat less broken display of valid build targets. You can now build sites in a hex where you either control the entire province (own all City/Fortress/Wizard Tower/Nomad Camp) or have an adjacent (City/Fortress/Wizard Tower/Outpost/Nomad Camp) and there is no enemy (City/Fortress/Wizard Tower/Nomad Camp). Note that Outposts do not block Zone of Control, but only extend it.
  • Mega-Maps: The game engine now supports world maps of much larger sizes, removing the previous hard limit of 54x54 hexes. This change opens up a lot of possibilities for more granularity and detail in the generated worlds, with much more detailed kingdoms and continents that don't feel like islands.
  • The default/medium world size has been increased from 30x30 to 44x44. The large and huge choices even more so. Huge now creates a world four times larger than before! Note that the larger worlds do take some time to generate on game startup - depending on size.
  • City Pops now affect the resource/gold production. Farmers will produce food, artisans will produce trade goods, hunters will produce bone or fur etc. Cultural traits and tech level affect the composition and quantity of this production, as does pop traits such as Noble or Enslaved.
  • Expanded the city growth and depopulation mechanics: Growth controls whether and how fast a city grows or depopulates, with smaller cities growing faster and being more resilient to depopulation, while the reverse holds for large cities.
  • Expanded the mechanics for Pops gaining or losing traits (Noble, Rabble, Warrior, Hunter, Artisan, Farmer, Clergy, etc.) , to take into account additional cultural traits and city attributes.
  • Updated to Unity 2017, which will improve performance, compatibility and stability.
  • Units can no longer replenish any losses suffered during the preceding turn. Ie if a unit with a strength of 95 and a max size of 100 suffer 20 losses during battle (putting it at 75), it can replenish up 80 (10 - 20) during the following turn. Recent losses are cleared each turn. Units with Regeneration or Limited Regeneration are not subject to this. This makes it easier to whittle down a powerful army with attacks over multiple turns, makes it harder for a powerful army to blitz through weaker enemies, and makes garrisons slightly less powerful.
  • Units with Regeneration will gain a bonus replenishment of 20% of the losses suffered during the turn. This is applied even if otherwise unable to reinforce due to logistics/distance.
  • Implemented Reek (Battle Spell): Target unit gains the Noxious special ability for 10 seconds.
  • Implemented Shard Storm (Battle Spell): Target unit suffers up to 20 hits for 5 physical damage. The number of hits cannot exceed the number of individuals in the unit. If the unit takes any damage a -2 penalty to Movement is applied for 10 seconds.
  • Implemented Shadow Encumbrance (Battle Spell): Target unit suffers -3 to Movement and Melee Shock for 5 seconds. Cannot affect Semi-Corporeal, Spectral or Elemental targets.
  • Implemented Chaos Bolt (Battle Spell): Inflicts 2 x (2 to 8) hits for 4 to 9 damage of two different types randomly chosen from: Arcane, Cold, Corrosive, Dark, Fire, Lightning, Radiant and Physical.
  • Implemented Ice Bridge (World Spell): Creates a bridge across a river section (ie between two hexes divided by a river), allowing traversal as if there was no river.
  • There is now a cap on how much Mana a wizard can spend on spells during a battle. The default value is 20, which can be increased through research, quests, events, etc. The current value is shown in the Ruler tab of the Quests and Victory Conditions window and during battles.
  • The Wizard trait Channeling now gives +25% and Farsight trait gives +10% (these are additive and applied after any increases of the base value, e.g. due to research) to available Battle Magic.
  • Wizards with Wild Magic have a randomized available mana pool during battle ranging from 50% to 150% of the normal value (including all modifiers). Note that the available mana is still constrained by the actual mana of the wizard.
  • Increasing levels of Battle Magic (Minor/Lesser/Intermediate/Greater/Supreme) can now be researched as a spellcraft project. This will increase the battle magic cap introduced in this update.
  • Battles fought at a Wizard Tower allow the Wizard to spend mana unconstrained by the battle mana cap.
  • The Dark Sacrifice action (related to a Dark Pact quest) now allows choosing which specific Pop to sacrifice.
  • Rebel factions are now much more picky about what diplomatic proposals they accept, and will reject any proposal from factions having active agreements (alliance, trade pact, non-aggression, etc.) with the faction the rebels are opposing.
  • Technological progress and cultural traits are now considered when minor realms build resource sites. Savage and primitive civilizations are now much less likely to build Farms, and the 'Master Hunters' and 'Master Farmers' traits are now considered when choosing the resource site type.
  • Optimized the AI strategic target selection algorithm (for raiding, conquest, war-planning, etc.) to make turn processing faster.
  • Trade Good base quantities adjusted by a factor of 10 (and gold value adjusted accordingly). This allows for better granularity without resorting to (visible) fractional amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the population threshold for expansion for minor realm cities was tuned for the old population model (ie 25% of what it should be).
  • Fixed an issue where some physical damage sources would cause a crash/hang during battles.
  • Fixed garrisons and various defensive armies not replenishing losses correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Blood Sacrifice was never causing population loss. It has been changed to work like Dark Sacrifice, allowing the player to choose which pop to sacrifice.
  • Changed City population to use a model where population is represented by so called "Pops" of various types (laborers, warriors, scholars, farmers, merchants, etc.). Each pop is equivalent to 1/4 of a populace level in the previous model. Currently the Pops are merely shown as a text line, but a future update will add proper visualization of pops, and make it possible to inspect their culture and traits.
  • Reworked City mechanics. Martial/Crime/Learning/Spiritual/etc. no longer have levels, progress, growth levels and growth level modifiers, but are simply a numerical stat (which can have modifiers from spells and effects). These govern the transformation of pops into different types or gaining/losing traits, the chance of random events, etc. Combined with the pops this should be much easier to understand, manage and facilitate greater levels of player agency.
  • The Populace stat has been replaced by a Growth stat, which needs to be positive for the city to grow in size. If growth is negative population levels will eventually decline.
  • Implemented Stockpiles: You can now set a threshold for how many to keep of each resources. The surplus is sold. You can also choose to stockpile all of a resources. This is the first step towards making the economic/resource model more suited to multiple layers of complexity and levels of micro-management, including having sub-variants of resources and a greater variety of resources without cluttering the UI.
  • Bandits and Marauders are now named based on culture and/or relevant toponyms (e.g. 'Darkwood Marauders', "The Grim Despoilers", "Arakhul's Band").
  • Friendly relations with a minor realm is now enough for basic recruitment from the unit pool of their culture (was previously Ally).
  • Darkness and Demonic Taint can now spread from (active) dungeons with relevant themes.
  • Disease and Blight can now spread from dungeons with the Vermin theme.
  • Blight can now spread from (active) dungeons with the Pestilence theme.
  • Disease can no longer spread to Hallowed hexes.
  • Hex condition events no longer spread into ocean hexes.
  • Captured and incapacitated characters can no longer function as 'watchers' in relation to notifications and events.
  • Having a 'watcher' (army, character, site) in an hex bordering a province now provides information on events in the province in all cases.
  • Cleansing Light: New spell which removes 1 level of Blight, Darkened or Demonic Taint from the target hex.
  • Optimized the AI path finding code to speed up turn processing.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Pestilence-theme dungeons were spawning disease events.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Undead and Pestilence-themed dungeons were spawning Blight spread.
  • Fixed an issue where Blight spread was orders of magnitude more likely than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not notified of all relevant events.
  • Fixed an issue with hex tool tips being full of incorrect movement cost messages.
  • Fixed an issue where some spells and events targeted at/happening in Arctic Forest would cause a crash/hang.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would consider too many options very thoroughly when choosing which hex to send an otherwise untasked army for exploration, causing turn processing to slow down.
  • Fixed a bug where emissary events would cause turns to not process.
  • Fixed a bug with high mastery values causing the game to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where challenges with multiple tags did not handle correctly sources with the multiple applicable modifiers. E.g. a challenge with tags Magic and Combat being attempted by a character with a trait giving +5 to Magic and +10 Combat. In this case a +10 modifier should be applied, but previously the first modifier would always be applied (so either +5 or +10, depending on arbitrary circumstances). If contradictory modifiers exist, the strongest malus and strongest bonus will both be applied.
  • New Battle Spell: Drain Life. Deals 12 Dark damage hits on up to 8 targets in a unit. Each kill gives the caster 1 Soul resource.
  • New Resources: Souls and Greater Souls. Have no effects yet, but will be part of Demon and Dark magic mechanics.
  • Market can now handle resources which are not tradeable, either permanently or due to lack of prerequisites.
  • If Rebels conquer a city, a leader will now be generated from the relevant culture and faction.
  • Added greeting messages from newly encountered factions. These are phrased based on the attitude/traits/alignment of the player and non-player faction and give some hints as to the initial disposition in regards to diplomacy. Factions with a leader also show the name, portrait and (public) stats of the relevant character..
  • Some character stats are now hidden when dealing with non-player characters (level, favored status, possibly others later).
  • Added more tool tips to the City Window.
  • Adjusted the hit points of Ogre (10), Ettin (14) and Cyclops (12) units to be more in line with their size. Previously they had basic humanoid hit point values.
  • Added a time speed slider to the Battle Window, which lets the player speed up or slow down relative passage of time during the battle.
  • Added tooltips to the spell ui in the Battle Window.
  • When a battle starts, text will be shown indicating player/opposing forces, fading after some time. The color code legend is still permanent and lists colors and sides/faction.
  • During game setup, events and traits related to romance and sexuality can now be enabled/disabled.
  • A custom map without (or just one) defined provinces is now usable. The world generator will generate provinces as for random maps.
  • Fixed a bug related to tooltip formatting which could cause instability and hangs.
  • Fixed the mana display on the Battle Window to not show decimals.
  • Fixed map labels not always being cleared without reloading when destroying sites.
  • Fixed Mine construction requiring Earth mastery 3 and not 2 as shown in the tooltip.
  • Fixed Quarry construction requiring Enchantment mastery instead of Earth mastery, as shown and intended.
  • Fixed the Special Tax on cities giving way too much gold in some cases.
  • Fixed City leaders not belonging to the correct faction for independent cities.
  • Fixed glitch with road graphics at hex transitions.
  • Fixed issue with text formatting for some random events.
  • Fixed issue with battle log timestamp not being relative to the battle.
  • Fixed a number of possible crash/hang scenarios during turn processing (ie world simulation and AI).
  • Fixed Baleful Strength not being castable during battles.
  • Fixed a world generation crash bug related to province analysis.
  • Fixed a bug on the victory conditions tracking display where incorrect text would be appended.

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Re: Old Patch Notes

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  • New world map graphics for all terrain types and some sites (3 sizes of 2 city variants and wizard towers). There are still aspects of the world map pending overhaul: armies, the remaining sites, province borders, rivers, coastlines, fog-of-war.
Battle Engine
  • During battles hovering over a unit will display it's stats, attacks and abilities on a "unit card" panel. The display is sticky until hovering over a new unit, and has a minimize/maximize button.
  • Spells can be cast during battles. Many battle spells do not have implemented effects yet and the ones that do, do not have any sound or visual effects yet.
  • Added a pre-battle phase, where depending on the nature of the battle and opposing forces there may be one or more choices to make. These can affect the battle or even potentially avoid it (e.g. a successful retreat before battle occurs).[/li]
  • Battles can now be paused.
  • The Battle Window now stays open when a battle ends, allowing the player time to read the log and inspect the battlefield, until clicking the close button.
  • The Battle Window log now appends messages to the top instead of the bottom.
  • Reworked physical damage bonus due to strength to depend on weapon-specific values and be less advantageous to strong units
  • Changed battle window side-specific unit and log colors to be more readable and accommodate color-blindness.
  • The Battle Window log now includes a timestamp for each line.

Spells and Magic
  • Fireball (battle spell). It deals 8 Fire damage to up to 10 targets in a unit.
  • Power Word: Pain (battle spell). It deals 4 Dark damage to 20% of the targets in a unit. The unit suffers -1 Discipline, -1 Shock and -1
    Melee Skill for 10 seconds if living and not mindless or hardy.
  • Terrible Visage (battle spell). It gives the target unit the Terror special ability for 4 seconds. This ability reduces the effective courage of opposing units which are not mindless or terror-causing - and as such the spell can also be used to grant (temporary) immunity when faced with a terror-causing foe.
  • Shrapnel (battle spell). It inflicts 25 + (25% of target unit size) hits for 4 Physical damage, increased to 6 if target unit has armor less than 3.
  • Curse of Rust (battle spell). Reduces armor of a unit by 7 (down to 0). Can only target units with metal armor and/or the Metal tag.
  • Hellfire (battle spell). It causes the target unit to suffer 2-10 hits for 3 Dire+ 3 Dark damage very 4 seconds for 16 seconds. While in effect, any Demons attacking the target gain a temporary buff "Vigor: Hellfire" which gives +2 Melee Skill, +2 Fire Damage and +3 Courage.
  • Lightning Bolt (battle spell). It which deals up to 5 hits for 12 Lightning damage to the target. If the unit is
    wearing metal armor, the numbers of hits is doubled and the damage increased by 50%.
  • Magic Missiles (battle spell). It causes 7-18 hits for 6 Arcane damage to the target.
  • Blur (battle spell). It gives Ranged Avoidance to the target for the remainder of the battle (or until dispelled).
  • Rapid Reload (battle spell). It halves the reload delay of a crossbow-using unit for 8 seconds. It is not auto-granted by mastery progression but needs to be researched (prerequisites are Artifice 3 and War 1).
  • Boost Constructs (battle spell). Usable on Constructs, giving +1 Melee Skill, +1 Melee Power, +1 Melee Shock, +2 Movement for 5 seconds.
  • Disassemble (battle spell). Usable on Constructs, causing 5-25 hits for 10 True damage, but with (5+Hit Points+Controller Artifice Mastery)% to resist. Each kill grants 1 Mana to the caster. The spell is not auto-granted by mastery progression but needs to be researched (prerequisites are Artifice 5 and Destruction 3).
  • Compression is now used to reduce the size of save game files.
  • Optimized the save game code. As the majority of turn processing is taken up by the auto-save, this has a significant impact on turn processing speed.
  • Foundations for localization/translation added. The language can be changed in the Game Settings window. Currently only the main menu is translated. Also note the list of languages is not final, and may or may not reflect the order in which localization occurs.
  • Extended the tutorial to cover the different parts of the Wizard/Magic window.
  • Names are now generated for Oceans, Seas and Lakes.
  • New terrain types: Arctic Hills, Arctic Mountains, Taiga (Arctic Forest), Arid Hills, Arid Mountains, Shrublands, Marsh, Forested Hills, Forested Mountains, Desert Hills, Desert Mountains. World generation will place these according to local climate and humidity.
  • City-based rebels can now assault their origin city without sieging. This also fixes an issue where the rebel AI could not take back an undefended city due to a reluctance to commence a siege.
User Interface
  • Wizard Project cost penalty text has been changed to be more clear.
  • Added a fade-in effect for tooltips
  • Changed tooltips for masteries to have 2 columns
  • The City Window now has a button which switches between "Construction" and "Buildings" for player-controlled cities, so that you inspect the already constructed buildings.
  • When a follower suggests a task, the dialog now has a side panel with portrait+info for the relevant follower.
  • The (active) level up dialog now shows portrait+info for the relevant follower and has tool tips with trait/skill mechanics for the choices.
  • The (passive) level up dialog now has tool tips for followers and traits/skills.
  • The choice of what to do with the leader of a conquered city (depose/execute/exile/etc.) now includes portrait+info for the leader character.
  • Added a button next to the minimap which toggles province borders on/off.
  • Added a button next to the minimap which toggles army visibility on/off.
  • Added a button next to the minimap which toggles site visibility on/off.
  • Added a toggle to hide all the filter buttons.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with the text in the Wizard Project window being oddly aligned.
  • Fixed issue with the text in the Construction Project window being oddly aligned.
  • Fixed issue with army icons being minimized without reason.
  • Fixed issue with charge status not being applied correctly during battles.
  • Fixed issue with units being able to hit retreating enemies from a rather extreme distance with melee attacks
  • Fixed issue with weird battle reports in the Encyclopedia for battles resolved via the new battle engine
  • Fixed issue with the Demonic Strength spell being permanent instead of lasting 6 turns
  • Fixed some difficult-to-click buttons in the game setup.
  • Fixed some tooltip alignment issues (particularly visible when using UI scaling).
  • Fixed issue with lengthy tooltips extending below the edge of the screen. These are now split into columns, trying to divide along paragraphs/sections.
  • Fixed issue with the game setup windows disappearing and bugging the game setup flow.
  • Fixed issue with province labels not being cleared when quitting a game until starting a new one.
  • Fixed issue with corrupt save games making the load dialog unusable. They will now be marked as unloadable instead, allowing the player to delete
    them and/or load a non-corrupted save game.
  • Fixed issue with unit/attack abilities: Anti-Cavalry, Anti-Monsters and Monster Slayers. These would cause crashes and hangs in the battle engine.
  • Fixed issue with some map sprites being off-center.
  • Fixed issue with AI factions conquering a player city not triggering a notification.

Battle Mechanics:
  • Units with the tag Demon or Demonic Taint now have a 5% higher chance of being affected by Radiant-type attacks and a 10% lower chance of being affected by Dark-type attacks.
  • Units with the tag Angel or Celestial now have a 5% higher chance of being affected by Dark-type attacks and a 10% lower chance of being affected by Radiant-type attacks.
  • Units with the Semi-Corporeal ability now have a 5% increased chance of being affected by Arcane-type attacks.
  • New Attack Modifier: Aura. These attacks always hit (but can be still be resisted). The skill attribute of the attacker does not affect the resolution and the attack cannot be a critical or glancing hit.
  • The formula for resolving the chance for shields blocking ranged attacks has been changed from (25 + 5*Discipline)% to (2X + X*Discipline)%. X is based on the block value of the shield (normally in the range of 1 to 5). The Shield Wall ability will add an additional 10% of blocking. Retreating units have the chance reduced to (½x*Discipline)%. If the attack is physical and (base damage+break defense) is greater than block value + 4 (8 with shieldwall), the shield block is skipped.
  • Undead/Construct/Demonic removed as special abilities. Tags and other special abilities are now used to handle all effects previously linked to these.
  • New Unit Ability: Mindless. Such units are unaffected by (positive and negative) morale effects and all spells/effects relating to thought and/or emotion (charm, mind-control, hypnotism, frenzy, etc.). It also confers a 2% reduced chance of being affected by Radiant and Dark-type attacks.
  • New Unit Ability: Limited Mind. Similar to mindless but reduces rather than eliminates the mentioned effects.
  • New Unit Ability: Unfeeling. Confers immunity to (positive and negative) morale effects and emotion-related spells/effects (charm, frenzy, berserk, etc.) but not thought-related effects (mind-control, hypnotism, etc.).
  • Made engaged units less likely to pivot oddly (still not fully fixed) and tweaked the rotation speed of engaged units to be slower, to make the pivot look less jarring when it does happen.
  • The battle window now has a legend showing which side has which color.
  • The battle log now has colors on unit names (indicating side).
  • During battles retreating units can now more consistently be hit in melee by pursuers.
  • The reload delay has been changed from +100% of the melee attack interval to +50%.
  • A reloading unit which is attacked in melee will have the attack delay reset, so they can fight immediately.
  • Unit special abilities and attack special effects now have tool tips.
  • Added a few more variations to the unit name generator.
  • Currency name is now listed under culture details.
  • Unit Ability: Amphibious now allows movement in coastal water hexes at no movement penalty.
  • Unit Ability: Aquatic now allows movement in all water hexes at no movement penalty.
  • New Unit Type: Liches. Can be researched with Necromancy 6, Arcane 3, and either Frost 3, Darkness 3 or Arcane 6. Can also be used as a template for dungeon bosses. Default unit size is very low, they are slow, and very difficult to damage with physical/mundane attacks. They have powerful frost-based attacks at medium range, a drain-type attack at short range, and a decent, but low skill, melee attack. They also cause terror and are fearless.
  • New Unit Type: Mummies. Can be researched with Necromancy 4, Death 2, and Darkness 2. Can also be used as a template for dungeon bosses. They are slow, strong, extremely tough, but very vulnerable to fire.
  • Death Knights: Now have an Aura attack with Dark damage 4.
  • Tower Shield renamed to Pavise.
  • Double-clicking a portrait in the Party panel on the Followers window is now a shortcut for removing characters from a party.
  • When a failed sabotage missions, or other action, results in damage to diplomatic relations, it is no longer ignored if the factions had not yet encountered each other. An initial relation of "Wary/20" is now applied (pre-diplomatic damage) instead of "Neutral/35", which is the normal default relation when encountering a new faction.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the cursor being an X during battles taking place outside of the player's turn.
  • Fixed wizard tower expansions under construction not being listed when clicking the "Demolish" button in the Wizard Tower window.
  • Fixed issue with army general modifiers being applied multiple times.
  • Fixed issue with shrines and temples causing the game to hang or end up in a corrupted state.
  • Fixed issue with the "buy missing" toggle in the construction project window not working properly if the value was auto-filled and not set by the player.
  • Fixed 'shore-only' units being able to venture anywhere. An army containing one or more of these units can no longer traverse fully land-locked terrain.
  • Fixed issue with secondary damage not being applied properly during battle resolution.
  • Fixed issue with armor penetration/resistance reduction not being applied properly in some cases during battle resolution.
  • Fixed issue with line breaks in the text panels on the military window.
  • Fixed sabotage missions staying as the active task for operatives even on completion or cancellation
  • Fixed sabotage missions not always giving a result text describing the outcome.
  • Fixed sabotage teams of a few individuals often killing hundreds of defenders.

* During battles hovering over a unit will display it's stats, attacks and abilities on a "unit card" panel. The display is sticky until hovering over a new unit, and has a minimize/maximize button.
* Spells can be cast during battles. Most battle spells do not have implemented effects yet and the ones that do, do not have any sound or visual effects yet.
* Implemented Fireball (battle spell). It deals 8 Fire damage to up to 10 targets in a unit.
* Implemented Power Word: Pain (battle spell). It deals 4 Dark damage to 20% of the targets in a unit. The unit suffers -1 Discipline, -1 Shock and -1
Melee Skill for 10 seconds if living and not mindless or hardy.
* Implemented Terrible Visage (battle spell). It gives the target unit the Terror special ability for 4 seconds. This ability reduces the effective courage of opposing units which are not mindless or terror-causing - and as such the spell can also be used to grant (temporary) immunity when faced with a terror-causing foe.
* Implemented Shrapnel (battle spell). It inflicts 25 + (25% of target unit size) hits for 4 Physical damage, increased to 6 if target unit has armor less than 3.
* Implemented Curse of Rust (battle spell). Reduces armor of a unit by 7 (down to 0). Can only target units with metal armor and/or the Metal tag.
* Added a pre-battle phase, where depending on the nature of the battle and opposing forces there may be one or more choices to make. These can affect the battle or even potentially avoid it (e.g. a successful retreat before battle occurs).
* Compression is now used to reduce the size of save game files.
* Optimized the save game code. As the majority of turn processing is taken up by the auto-save, this has a significant impact on turn processing speed.
* Battles can now be paused.
* Wizard Project cost penalty text has been changed to be more clear.
* The Battle Window now stays open when a battle ends, allowing the player time to read the log and inspect the battlefield, until clicking the close button.
* The Battle Window log now appends messages to the top instead of the bottom.
* Reworked physical damage bonus due to strength to depend on weapon-specific values and be less advantageous to strong units
* Changed battle window side-specific unit and log colors to be more readable and accommodate color-blindness.
* Foundations for localization/translation added. The language can be changed in the Game Settings window. Currently only the main menu is translated. Also note the list of languages is not final, and may or may not reflect the order in which localization occurs.
* Fixed issue with the text in the Wizard Project window being oddly aligned.
* Fixed issue with the text in the Construction Project window being oddly aligned.
* Fixed issue with army icons being minimized without reason.
* Fixed issue with charge status not being applied correctly during battles.
* Fixed issue with units being able to hit retreating enemies from a rather extreme distance with melee attacks
* Fixed issue with weird battle reports in the Encyclopedia for battles resolved via the new battle engine
* Fixed issue with the Demonic Strength spell being permanent instead of lasting 6 turns

User Interface:
  • The Army Window now shows tool tips for unit equipment.
  • The Army Window now shows Culture (with tool tip) for relevant units.
  • The Army Window now has a drop down for section (main/scout/vanguard/reserves) assignment from the Unit Details. From the management view, double-clicking a unit in one of the non-main section will remove from the section (ie assign it to the main force).
  • Changed the display of unit attributes to more clearly indicate the breakdown of current, base and bonus/penalty values.
  • Shift+right-click will now copy the text from most text areas, panels, etc. to the clipboard. Ctrl+right-click will copy the clicked word and not the entire text. This can be used for bug reports, pasting into a translation tool, etc.
  • Cleared dungeons are now marked as such on the map and in the Dungeon window.
  • A new optional battle resolution mode has been added, where the armies move and fight in real-time. This is a quite basic first version, and a lot of features are yet to be added. The pace is very slow, the AI not very bright, and the graphics are placeholders.
  • Reworked the "Melee Damage" attribute of Units. It was previously a combination of default attack damage and physical strength, and didn't interact very well with the attacks granted by weapons. The attribute is now "Strength" and if lower than 5 gives a penalty to damage with weapon attacks; if higher a bonus is applied. In the future it will also be used (in combination with size) to determine the allowable weight of weapons for a unit and whether two hands are needed. In most parts of the UI it will still be displayed as Melee Damage but based upon (Strength - 5). Damage bonuses for values above 10 are doubled.
  • Nomad Camp Sites can now be assaulted. If the attacker is victorious, the camp is removed from the map and an army representing the migrating remnants will appear. They will try to find a new place to settle.
  • Tweaked the stats of Lesser Vampires.
  • Added Unit Type: Vampires. Requires Necromancy 5, Blood 4 to research raising them and Necromancy 6, Darkness 5 to research summoning them.
  • Added Unit Type: Elder Vampires. Requires Necromancy 7,Darkness 6 to research summoning them.
  • New Building: Gardens. Requires Semi-Cultured or higher. --Squalor, -Unrest, +Decadence. Cheap, but takes a very long time to construct.
  • New Building: Granary. Requires Primitive or higher. +Population Growth.
  • New Building: Shipyards. Requires Barbarian or higher and coastal location. ++Prosperity, +Industry.
  • New Building: Aqueduct. Requires Cultured or Highly Cultured. --Squalor, +Population Growth, +Industry. Has a maintenance cost as the first building type (reduces city gold output by 50). This will be expanded to other relevant buildings later.
  • New Building: Festering Lake. Requires Pestilence Mastery 3+ and temperate or warmer climate. +30 Squalor, +learning, +decadence, +industry, ---population growth, --prosperity, +research, +unrest.
  • Tweaked the Unrest contributions of a few city buildings.
  • Reduced the Squalor contributions of a few city buildings.
  • Order Mastery progress is increased by a value derived from the controlled city with the lowest combined Squalor and Unrest, and a value derived from the number of controlled cities with low combined Squalor and Unrest (contributions scaling with how low the combined score is). This bonus is capped at 4 + (Order Mastery Level).
  • Chaos Mastery progress is increased by a value derived from the controlled city with the highest Unrest, and a value derived from the total Unrest values of controlled cities with Unrest of at least 25. This bonus is capped at 4 + (Chaos Mastery Level).
  • Shadow Mastery progress is now increased by ½ for each follower on a covert mission (Espionage, Counter Espionage, Sabotage, Theft, etc.), doubled for followers who have the Arcane type. This bonus is capped at ½+ (Shadow Mastery Level / 2).
  • War Mastery progress is now increased by a value derived from the highest Martial attribute of any controlled cities and by a value derived from the combined Martial levels of owned cities with Martial levels higher than 3.
  • City Squalor now contributes to Pestilence Mastery progress. A value from ½ to (Pestilence Level+1) is contributed by the city with the highest Squalor, and a value from ½ to 4 is contributed by the sum of Squalor in all cities with > 25 Squalor.
  • Active Research Projects now show the contribution of various factors to progress during the previous turn as a tool tip.
  • Spellcraft: Drain Mana Nodes added. When researched it enables draining Mana Nodes for a large instant mana gain (approx. 750% of the per turn production when bound). However, this makes the node inactive for 8-12 turns, during which it cannot be drained and provides no mana to the controller.
Wizard Towers:
  • When choosing which Wizard Tower Expansion to build, the fluffy vague description of most expansion types has been replaced with a summary of the relevant mechanics.
  • Shrine (Wizard Tower Expansion) now only applies a passive +1 xp bonus to non-recovering Religious followers of level 5 or lower. (previously only required Religious).
  • Arena (Wizard Tower Expansion) now only applies a passive +1 xp bonus to non-recovering Martial followers of level 5 or lower. (previously only required Martial).
  • Guest Chambers (Wizard Tower Expansion) now has a passive +1 xp bonus to non-recovering Civic followers of level 5 or lower.
  • Bazaar (Wizard Tower Expansion) now has a 5% chance per non-recovering Mercantile follower at the tower to generate (follower level + D10)*25 gold, and an additional +1 xp for the follower. The existing passive +1 xp bonus now only applies to non-recovering Mercantile followers of level 5 or lower.
  • Mystic Furnace (Wizard Tower Expansion) now gives a progress bonus to Enchant Item and Devise Construct projects of 5 research points + 1 per non-recovering Artisan follower (up to 5) at the tower. The passive +1 xp bonus now only applies to non-recovering Artisan followers of level 5 or lower.
  • Academy (Wizard Tower Expansion) now gives a progress bonus to Research Lore projects of 5 research points + 1 per non-recovering Scholar follower (up to 5) at the tower. If any Scholars are present, there is a chance for non-Scholar followers (of level 5 or lower) to gain 1 xp. This chance is 5% + 5% per Scholar (up to 5) + 25% if one or more Scholars with the Mentor trait are present. The passive +1 xp bonus now only applies to non-recovering Scholar followers of level 5 or lower, and no longer applies to Civic followers (unless one of the other conditions apply).
  • Arcane Laboratory (Wizard Tower Expansion) now gives a 5% each turn to add 25% progress to research projects of types: Greater Alchemy, Unlock Mastery, Research Spellcraft and Research Spell. It also modifies the progress by 1 research point for each non-recovering Arcane follower at the tower (with a maximum of 5 gained this way). The passive +1 xp bonus now only applies to non-recovering Arcane followers of level 5 or
  • Wizard Tower expansions can now be demolished, recouping 25% of the construction cost (and freeing the slot for construction). This can be accessed from the "Demolish Expansion" button or by clicking the expansion icon (will give a yes/no prompt and list resource gain).
  • Wizard Tower expansion construction can now be cancelled, recouping 50% of the construction cost. This can be done by clicking the expansion icon (will give a yes/no prompt and list resource gain).
  • Wizard Tower expansion construction now colors resources which are fully or partially missing. It also lists the cost to buy missing resources if applicable, and auto-buys them if the player chooses the expansion type for construction.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with calculating the possibility of purchasing missing resources which made the AI take incorrect decisions and sometimes
  • Fixed the outliner and info/resource panel not updating after taking actions in the Wizard Tower window.
  • Fixed the dialog with Wizard Tower expansions having OK enabled for invalid options, resulting in a confusing lack of feedback when it was clicked.
  • Army icons were being minimized on the map even if selected when progressing the turn and in many other cases. They now stay in front
    until a new selection is made.
  • Fixed duration not ticking on some City stats (e.g. Squalor).
  • Fixed city building construction progress being incorrect in the Outliner.
  • Fixed shrine sites not saving patron deity. For old save games, the fix will try to find the deity based on the description text of the shrine,
    which should work in the vast majority of cases.
  • The Dark Tome event was not interacting properly with the new research system.
  • Fixed an issue with unit types being created without correct tags and attacks if copied internally from a template or another unit type.
  • During world generation Dungeons are no longer populated with bosses that have unimplemented character or monster types.
  • Fixed issue with melee damage modifiers due to spells and effects not being applied to unit attacks not based on equipment/items.
  • Fixed issue with army destruction/disbanding sometimes not being processed correctly, leading to weird character assignment, "dangling" effects, etc.
  • Unit commanders are no longer lost when a merging a non-commanded unit with a commanded unit.
  • Fixed issue with "Save" button being disabled incorrectly sometimes on the File Dialog.
  • Fixed a crash bug which sometimes happened when opening the Hire Follower window.
  • Splash screen added to replace the black screen when the game is launched.
  • Extended the "showing-all-characters-but-unavailable-ones-are-dimmed-out-and-have-text-explaining-why" functionality to cover all character selections.
  • Conquering a settlement from an independent realm will give control of any adjacent resource sites, not adjacent to a fortress or other settlement of that independent realm.
  • Added modifier tool tips to additional city stats: unrest, tyranny, squalor and fortification.
  • Spell: Scales of Justice implemented. It decreases crime, unrest and decadence in a city.
  • Spell: Depravity implemented. It increases crime and decadence in a city, but decreases unrest.
  • Spell: Demonic Strength implemented. It gives a damage and toughness bonus to the affected unit.
  • Bug fix: Non-blight hex conditions were being incorrectly saved.
  • Bug fix: Multiple hex conditions in the same hex made save files unable to load.
  • Bug fix: Lesser Mass Mutation gave no error message when trying to select an invalid worker.
  • Bug fix: Beseech Dark Patron spell was unavailable.
  • Bug fix: Spell cooldowns were not applied correctly.
  • Bug fix: Modifiers could sometimes cause stats to violate minimum and maximum values (e.g. negative unrest).
  • Bug fix: Spells targeting workers with no valid targets gave an empty window. A message is now shown instead.
  • Fixed blurry text on various character display elements.
  • When choosing a character to be assigned as General or Scout Captain for an army, the list now includes invalid choices as well. The portraits dimmed and if selected, the reason for them not being valid choices is shown.
  • Bug Fix: City stat modifiers were not expiring.
  • Bug Fix: Neutral minors were not being marked as defeated (although the faction was deactivated and the AI made dormant), meaning they would linger in various parts of the UI.
  • Bug Fix: The melee/ranged flag for the attacks of dynamically generated units was not being saved properly, causing them to always load as melee attacks. This is fixed going forward, and when loading a save game having "corrupted" data the game will try to guess how to fix it.
  • Bug Fix: Mastery and Spellbook pages were empty in some situations.
  • Bug Fix: In Battle Reports the casualty and kill numbers did not align, as "overkill" was being counted as actual kills.
  • The Ruler tab on the Quests and Objectives Window now shows any researched Spellcraft.
  • The Wizard Tower window now lists effects affecting the site (with details and duration as tooltip).
  • The City window now lists effects affecting the site (with details and duration as tooltip). For non-player cities, only effects caused by the player are visible.
  • Improved Unit effect display in the Army window to include all relevant effects and details/duration in the tooltip.
  • The selection info panel now shows effects if a player-controlled army or site is selected..
  • When in selection mode on the map, left-click cycling will adapt to the selection type. For example, when prompted to select an army, sites will not be selected when clicking in a hex. This saves some unnecessary clicks cycling past irrelevant items.
  • Cleaned up some more blurry text.
  • Clicking on a unit in the Army Window list now acts as a shortcut to go to Unit Details.
  • Tags are now shown under Unit Details in the Army Window and in the Military Window.
  • Spells with not yet implemented effects are now clearly marked as such in the Spellbook.
  • A mastery increase now gives a notification listing new spells, units, mechanics, etc.
  • Spellbook now has icons for each spell. If there is no icon defined for a spell yet, the icon for the most relevant mastery will be used.
  • The Mastery table now has tooltips. For the progress and usage columns the tooltip will show some mechanics info for these.
  • All Masteries now have unique icons
  • Air, Earth, Fire and Water Mastery now allows researching summoning of Elementals with the "Summon Elementals" spellcraft as a pre-requisite.
  • There is now support for Wizard Research projects being enabled by multiple sets of prerequisites. Previously this required duplicate projects, which was confusing if several prerequisites were met, causing the duplicates to all be researchable. For example, "Spirit Hounds" requires the following masteries: Death 1 + Beasts 1 OR Necromancy 2 + Beasts 1. Thus a Wizard with Death 1, Beasts 1, Necromancy 2, would get two research "Spirit Hounds" options.
  • Mastery now increases from casting spells and controlling units.
  • Added more Unit Research projects: Lesser Elder Spawn, Demonic Siege Beasts, Lesser Angels of Hope, Lesser Angels of Unity, Hellhounds, Soulgorger Vultures, Skeleton Mages, Imps, Greater Imps.
  • Abyssal Mastery now unlocks the following units at the indicated level: Tormented (1), Demonic Spearmen (2), Demonic Macemen (3), Demonic Crossbowmen (4), Demonic Armored Swordsmen (6), Demonic Armored Greatswords (8).
Magic (Spells)
  • Added the Bad Moon spell, which doubles the chance of (negative) random events in a province for 4 turns. During the Bad Moon, the caster gains 25 mana for each such event which occurs.
  • The Lesser Arcane Ward, Arcane Ward and Greater Arcane Ward spells are now mutually exclusive, but the latter two can replace a less powerful ward.
  • The Empower Undead spell has been renamed to Necropotence. It can only target (friendly) Undead units and gives +2 Movement, +1 Melee Skill, +2 Melee Damage and +2 Toughness for 2 Turns, after which it has 50% to deal 1%-20% damage (of maximum unit strength) to the unit. It cannot be dispelled.
  • The Iron Skin spell now grants the Metal type to a unit for it's duration (in addition to the other effects). It can now only target units which are not of type Spectral or Air.
  • The Incite Unrest spell can now only target settlements with less than 75 Unrest, and cannot increase it beyond this value.
  • The Barkskin spell now grants the Plant type to a unit for it's duration (in addition to the other effects). It can now only target Living and Non-Plant units.
  • The Stoneskin spell now grants the Earth type to a unit for it's duration (in addition to the other effects). It can now only target units which are not of type Elemental, Spectral or Earth.
  • Implemented the Flash of Insight spell. It can target friendly characters of level 4 or less. A character cannot be targeted more than once every 24 turns.
  • Implemented the Feral Strength spell. It can now only target units which are Living and not Magical.
  • implemented the Hurricane spell (reduce movement next to turn to 1, damages flying units on land/most units on water, 50% to blow fleets into an adjacent hex). Spectral units are immune. Aquatic and Water units are immune on water.
  • Implemented the Rain of Fire spell. (it deals Fire damage to all armies in the Hex. Site damage part NYI).
  • Implemented the Empowered Furnaces spell (Settlement Target: +2 Industry Growth. Any Target: -50% Recruitment Time (Armored Units).
  • Implemented the Reaper's Due spell (damages Undead units in a hex).
  • Implemented the Curse of Rot spell (gives -2 population growth, -2 prosperity, -1 industry, +1 sprituality and adds to squalor 5+10% of existing value, and destroys 25% of any stored food).
  • Implemented the Dark Rituals spell (requires a follower to assist who will be fatigued, and may suffer death/injury/possession, gain 6D6 mana and 6D6 mastery progress).
  • Implemented the Blood Sacrifice spell (sacrifice city population to gain 6D6 mana and 6D6 mastery progress).
  • Implemented the Mend Constructs spell (it replenishes losses suffered by a Construct unit).
  • Implemented the Dispel Magic spell (it removes magical effects from the target, potentially skipping positive/negative effects if a mix is present and as relevant if the target is friendly or non-friendly).
  • Implemented the Entangle spell. It can be cast on an army in a Forest, Swamp or Jungle hex. It reduces the movement speed of non-Flying, non-Elemental, non-Spectral units to 1 during the next turn. Units with Pathfinder have a 25% chance to resist the effect, and if affected only suffer a 50% reduction in movement speed.
  • Implemented the Call to Arms spell. It can target a Settlement, Fortress or Wizard Tower, and reduces the time needed to recruit/train new units by 25% (does not affect Bind, Summon, Create, etc.). Settlements also receive a +1 bonus to martial.
  • The spell "Create Mongrel Men" is now "Lesser Mass Mutation", and the created unit is now "Mutants".
  • Added Nereids, an Ocean-based faerie similar to Dryads.
  • Added Medusae, humanoids with serpentine features and a petrifying gaze.
  • Effects can now be marked as Positive, Negative, both or neither. This is relevant for various mechanics and the AI.
  • Custom Constructs now have relevant material-related type tags assigned (Metal, Earth, Bone, etc), as well as the Construct type.
  • Silk has been added as a resource type. It is tradable on the Market, but there are no production sources yet.
  • Optimized some core text routines increasing world generation speed and turn processing speed.
  • Optimized some of the core content generation code increasing world generation speed.
  • Refactored the way pre-defined unit types are stores and accessed, improving performance and robustness.
  • Wizard AI now makes use of research projects.
  • The Slave Uprising event can now occur in Cities with a Slave Market *or* a primary culture which has the Slavery trait (previously required both). Where it previously only gave Unrest, it now also has a chance to spawn an army of Escaped Slaves. In addition for 24 turns, the City suffers +2 Crime,
    -2 Industry, -2 Prosperity and -1 Populace.
  • The Superstition event now gives a City +1 Spiritual and -1 Learning modifiers (for 12 turns) in addition to the Unrest.
  • The "Theft" event now has the loss of gold capped at 2000 gold.
  • The "Scarecrow Incident" event can now be triggered by all three levels of Scarecrow units, and not just Lesser Scarecrows.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with terrain analysis during world generation.
  • Fixed an issue with some aspect ratios and resolutions having incorrect row layout in the Wizard Mastery table-view.
  • Fixed Slave Uprising event sometimes being resolved as a Tournament.
  • Disease events which only affected a City and not a Province had no effect. The effects are now aligned.
  • Unit upkeep was calculated in two subtly different ways in the user interface and during turn processing. This has now been unified.
  • Fixed issue with Unit upkeep and cost modifiers from Summoning and Binding mastery not being applied.
  • Fixed an issue with negative time required to summon or bind some units.
  • Fixed an issue with the Next/Prev buttons in the Spellbook panel.
  • Fixed an issue with the No Upkeep unit effect never expiring.
  • Fixed armor stat not being listed in the Army Window.
  • Fixed wizard project list view retaining scroll offset when changing category, causing contents to be not visible in some cases.
Addendum (
  • Progress required towards mastery levels now changes based on level (L1: 40, L2: 75, L3+:100, L6:125, L7:150, L8:175, etc.).
  • The window for resource site construction now shows any requirements for workers and/or characters on the Add buttons.
  • The Army window now shows requirements as a tooltip on the Assign General and Assign Scout Captain buttons.
  • The Types of a Character are now visible as a tooltip on their class (ie Martial, Rogue, Religious, Arcane, Scholar, Civic, Artisan).
  • Quarry sites now produce Jade if the hex has a Jade Deposit special. Previously only Mine sites did this.
  • Quarry sites now always produce some Granite regardless of any resource specials in the hex. A Quarry with no specials produces twice as much Granite.
  • Bug Fix: You can now buy and sell the full amount of a resource (in market or owned, depending on buy/sell), instead of having to leave 1 remaining.
  • Bug Fix: The assignment buttons on the Army Window no longer incorrectly show "No Valid Characters" despite the buttons being active and characters being available.
  • The research and magic systems have been completely reworked. This includes a rewrite of many underlying systems, especially the "effect" system which handles buffs/debuffs/conditions/etc. Flexibility and extensibility have improved, which will allows a wider range of effects and makes it faster to add new spells and related content.
  • Research has been replaced by Mastery, Lore, Spellcraft and Projects.
  • Mastery is skill and power at a specific type of magic (e.g. Fire, Arcane, Abyssal, Life). It starts at level 1 once unlocked, and then improves over time by using magic from that mastery. A single mastery can be set as focus, which gives a passive increase in power. If no focus is set, the passive gain is spread over all unlocked masteries. Note: Raising mastery level is not currently enabled.
  • Mastery levels unlock spells, units, projects and mechanics.
  • Lore represents an area of knowledge. It currently has no effect, but in future updates it will affect unlocking of projects, events, give a bonus to fighting certain enemies, and more.
  • Projects are a wide variety of arcane pursuits, for example researching new spells, units, designs for arcane constructs, unlocking masteries and spellcraft. Examples of spellcraft: "Summon Demons", "Bind Faeries". These control access to further projects and/or have inherent mechanics.
  • Mana Nodes can be located once a requisite spellcraft ("Sense Mana Nodes") has been researched.
  • Mana Nodes can be located once a requisite spellcraft ("Bind Mana Nodes") has been researched.
  • Diplomacy actions are no longer limited by research for Wizards.
  • The Bazaar wizard tower upgrade now has the positive market price modifiers previously held by the "Basic Commerce" research (which no longer exists).
  • The Barracks wizard tower upgrade now grants the "Create Personal Guard" action previously granted by researching Leadership.
  • More blurry text has been replaced.
  • Layout of actions button has been changed to make text more readable and overlap less with the icon image.
  • Construction projects now show missing resources with red text and the exact amount missing as a tooltip.
  • Custom wizard templates are now persisted across sessions.
  • Custom wizard templates can now be deleted.
  • Army tool tips now show effects (ie buff/debuff/special condition). All effects on player-controlled armies are shown. On other armies only effects caused by the player are shown.
  • Many spells have been changed, a few have been removed and a few have been added. Numerical values (cost, buff/damage values, etc.) have not received a balance pass yet. Some of the spells do not have implemented effects, this will be fixed over the coming days.
  • Spirit Hound unit type added. Must be researched. Requires Death 1 or Necromancy 2, Beasts 1 and Spirit Summoning.
  • Movement through water hexes now cost the full movement allowance of an army instead of 100. Has the same effect, but is less confusing and interacts better with various free movement mechanics.
  • Game version is now written in the Save Game summary and shown on the Load dialog.
  • Bugfix: Fixed path-finding algorithm not considering army special abilities when finding the shortest path.
  • Bugfix: Armies which receive one or more moves at cost 0 are now also counted as having moved for the purpose of mechanics checking this. (prevents some unlimited move exploits and weird situations with sieging/pillaging/etc).
  • Bugfix: Fixed (rare) issue with starting units for undead/necromancer wizards with beast magic.
  • Bugfix: The Midas Touched trait interaction with market prices is now consistent.
  • Bugfix: Buy and sell prices on the market did not always have the right modifiers applied.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with tooltips flickering briefly when the mouse was moved quickly from one interface element to another (both having tool tips).
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing scrollbars on the Army Window under Unit Details.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with tooltips missing on the selected hex.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with unit attacks using skill 0 instead of the default skill value, for some attacks with non-specific skill values.

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Re: Old Patch Notes

Post by Ludovic » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:00 pm

User Interface
  • Tutorial dialog, hint arrows, and a very basic tutorial flow. Focus has been on getting the framework in place for the tutorial, so the content is very rough.
  • The settings window has a new "Info" section which shows the location of save game files and the log files. Each has a button which copies the path to the clipboard for pasting into a file explorer. This makes it easier to locate save and log files for error reporting.
  • The Next Turn button has been tidied up visually.
  • Equipment on the Military window now has tool tips.
  • Changed the colors of disabled buttons to make it more obvious that they are non-interactive.
  • Text colors changed to adhere better to WCAG 2.0 standards of sufficient contrast.
  • More blurry text has been fixed (but not all).
  • Encyclopedia now has expandable/collapsible groups with headers, making it more similar to an explorer or tree view style UI element.
  • Worker Skill Tooltips: Now have numerical values instead of descriptions and include effect when assigned to a Wizard Tower.
  • Saturation slider added to Color Picker to make it easier to pick unsaturated colors.
  • Worker production modifiers are now shown when assigning and removing workers, including the source of various modifiers (skill, culture, etc.)
  • Settings (volume, auto save, etc.) are now persisted across game sessions.
  • Trait Tooltips: Traits which affect the army bonus when the character is assigned as General now list the numerical mechanics, instead of a vague description. NYI traits are still vague.
Mechanics and AI
  • Armies can now be assigned a General and/or Scout Captain who is not adjacent to the army. It may take some time for the character to travel to the army, which is shown when making the selection. The tool tips on the Army Window show if an assigned character is en route and the number of turns left.
  • Wizard starting units now have a recruitment type (bind/recruit/create/raise/summon/etc) based on the default for that unit type. This will affect the upkeep cost for some units that were previously always treated as "recruited".
  • The "No Upkeep" effect applied to all starting units now lasts 40 turns instead of 10 turns.
  • The AI for rival Wizards will now consider building resource sites.
  • Faerie, Celestial and Undead 'cultures' added (similar to Elemental and Demon), for smoother mechanics involving these races.
  • Worker culture and race are now tracked, and certain traits of those can affect worker assignment effects. Not all worker units have a distinct culture or race. Existing save games will have existing workers treated this way on load.
  • Dungeon exploration awards 1 xp per combat and 2 xp on successful completion.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix: Issue with tool tips on buy/sell buttons in the Economy window fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Button alignment on General pane fixed
  • Bug Fix: Diplomacy overview being full of buggy Gandalf factions has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Margin was missing in several text areas
  • Bug Fix: Tool tip not showing for entire area of General and Scout Captain portrait
  • Bug Fix: Worker window elements were drawn on top of each other
  • Bug Fix: Major and minor realms could sometimes get into a state where a war was declared, but the minor still kept a higher level of diplomatic relations open, allowing some nonsensical actions.
  • Bug Fix: Demonic infantry units would not load properly.
  • Bug Fix: Buttons which close the window they are in, no longer have "sticky" highlight state when the window is re-shown.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed animation related crash when restarting games multiple times in a row without progressing the turn.
  • Bug Fix: Minor realms will stop trying to declare war on factions which are not valid for diplomacy. They would sometimes try to declare war on all monsters and beasts in the world if a pack of wolves bothered their farmers.
  • Reworked premade wizard templates to match point costs from customization
  • Dungeon expedition code almost completely rewritten to facilitate more interesting mechanics. Expeditions are now given a stance (methodical, cautious, balance, bold or daring) and an approach (stealthy, balanced, direct). These affect risk, speed of progress, event chances, etc. A dungeon expedition is now a longer affair than the previous one-turn affair with several turns of recuperating afterwards. It will progress through various phases, events will occur, and loot is not collected until the expedition returns. More detail and better UI needs to be added, but this is a much better foundation than the previous system.
  • Made Overseers optional on all construction projects
  • Improved text quality in many parts of the user interface
  • General and Scout Captain assignments can now be cleared directly from the Army Window
  • When choosing a General, the tentative bonus to the army is shown
  • Tool tip added to the General showing the bonus give to the army
  • Hunter's Lodge now has resource production affected by terrain
  • New character traits have been added: Alchemy, Occult Lore. These currently only affect challenge resolution and dungeon mechanics.
  • Bugfix: Worker requirements for assignment to an active resource site were applied to construction assignment, which meant that laborers couldn't build Hunter Lodges, etc.
  • Bugfix: Text in the City Window panels no longer overflows, but has a scroll bar (if needed).
  • Bugfix: Dead characters are now removed from parties automatically.
  • Bugfix: Hero for Hire event no longer has extremely low gold cost
  • When pillaging sites belonging to minor realms, the locals may send militia and/or mercenaries to attack the pillagers
  • Improved selection and highlighting graphics. It is still not final, but has a much smoother look and the color pulses slightly to make it easier to spot.
  • Improved interface for constructing new sites. Selecting "Build" and a site type will highlight valid hexes. Hovering the mouse will show the expected base production for each hex.
  • Improved font/text quality on many windows.
  • Improved labels on the map.
  • Tooltip now indicates the reason for the increased movement cost when crossing rivers*.
  • Cleaned up tool tips and text on the research window.
  • Desecrating shrines and holy sites will anger or please factions depending on their religious disposition.
  • Desecrating shrines and holy sites can increase or reduce unrest in your cities depending on their religious disposition.
  • Farms can no longer be built in desert and arctic terrain
  • Vineyards can now only be built on hills
  • Arcane research is no longer needed to build resource sites
  • Bugfix: Rivers load in editor*
  • Bugfix: Rivers clear in editor on generating new*
  • Bugfix: Tooltip issue in customize wizard*
  • Bugfix: UI Scaling was off by one point when applying settings on some resolutions*
  • Bugfix: Cities controlled by a defeated rival will become independent even if there is no on-going rebellion*
  • Bugfix: Sites under construction do not extend territorial control
* Released with the hotfix


  • Armies can now have a Scout Captain to improve the scouting/reconnaissance ability of the army.
  • Basic scouting mechanics have been implemented.
  • Resource sites (farms, mines, etc.) can now be pillaged and razed. The mechanics modifying the loot and damage are shown in the event dialog to help make the results more understandable.
  • Armies from non-civilized/settled factions will carry the loot from any pillaging, and it can be recovered/gained by defeating those armies.
  • Major faction units can only replenish losses if adjacent to an owned or allied city, fortress or wizard tower.
  • Units now replenish losses at half rate if they have moved.
  • Army window now starts in overview mode.
  • Marauder AI is now capable of razing and pillaging resource sites.
  • Wizard AI and Warlord AI now declare war on most aggressive actions taken against them, and will declare war themselves more often.
  • The remnant armies of a defeated rival will no longer auto-disband. Instead each unit is either disbanded, becomes a marauder or joins the mercenary pool. The chance of each depends on the unit type. Only marauders stay on the map as army.
  • Terrain type now affects food production of farms.
  • All food values (production, costs, etc.) have been increased by a factor 20 to allow greater granularity of values.
  • Independent settlements can now construct resource sites.
  • In non quick-start games, the player can now force a certain race/culture to be generated in proximity to the player' starting location. The player will also tend to start with units of this kind.
  • Several additional music tracks added.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed "Worker Make Demands" event text to show the correct gold value (it was off by a factor 100). Made the demands a bit more reasonable at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where terrain changes due to the machinations of an Ancient Evil were only partially propagated to the game state, causing instability and inconsistencies in the UI and map.
  • Fimbul Winters can now end (much to the relief of the poor inhabitants of affected provinces).
  • The auto-buy toggle on the construction window now works as intended.
  • Fixed issue with button text in Army window not being refreshed when it was reopened.
  • Fixed a bug causing units to have increased upkeep costs if they have suffered casualties or have been split into smaller detachments.
  • Fixed a bug causing requirements for conditional unit unlocks to not be listed. E.g. Minor Water Magic unlocks Nymphs for Faerie Wizards only. The UI made it look like the unlock was for all wizards. (non-Faerie Wizards need Advanced Water Magic).
  • Most special factions (Ancient Evils, Dungeons, Organization, Nomads, Marauders, etc.) no longer pay unit upkeep, as they don't have income and resources in the same way as Wizards and Warlords.
  • Fixed a bug where new sites were not always discoverable by the player as expected.
  • Fixed a bug where saving with an in-progress construction project in a City could break the game when loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where units would not have their numerical strength capped properly, resulting in rather large numbers of monsters roaming the world.
  • Fixed a bug where disbanded armies would end up in a bugged and non-interactive state, empty but still present in the world.
  • Fixed units replenishing losses at a fixed rate instead of a portion of their max size, which led to small units instantly replenishing.
General Notes
This update focuses on warfare. Two features in particular warrant a more detailed mention:

Pillage allows armies to plunder and/or raze resource sites (farms, mines, vineyards, etc.) This will result in loot and damage to the site - or complete destruction in the case of razing the site. Damage reduces production output (and plunder) and is repaired over time, with any dedicated worker units improving the rate of repair. Plunder is handled differently depending on what type of faction the army belongs to: the player (and rivals) will get the plunder as additional resources; nomads and marauders will have the loot assigned to the army. If another faction defeats this army, the plunder can be reacquired or looted (if was from a third faction originally). This will need to be tweaked, as it is somewhat odd that rampaging manticores will grab and carry around slabs of granite from a quarry after they're done destroying and chasing off any workers. When the choice is given between plunder and raze - the mechanics behind the calculation of the effects are more explicitly stated than usual. This is part of the effort to make the game mechanics less opaque and make it easier to find bugs and imbalances.

Scouting is still in an early stage. Each army has a scouting value and a visibility value generated, based on the army composition and command. (These are not displayed in the UI yet). In this build you only get information on armies where you have an adjacent observer. The amount of information depends the stats mentioned above and can range from no info, to numerical estimates, to a full unit listing including size, etc. The scouting mechanics will be expanded in future updates. The information is shown in tool tips and the context panel.


  • Battle notifications now go away if read/dismissed. The results are also not shown immediately, but a choice between quick results and full battle results given.
  • In order to still be able to revisit battles, a battle history has been added to the Encyclopedia. This also allows replaying battles from previous turns, which was not possibly before. Note that existing save games may not have full data on historical battles.
  • Warlock Dark Pacts can generate basic events resulting from Favor (rewards) and Wrath (punishment). Chance to occur may need adjusting.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some races having negative lifespans and being generally buggy.
  • Fixed the "Minotaur" race not being in plural form in one template, which could cause a duplicate race to be generated.
  • Fixed a crash in the character AI.
Including the .79 notes, as 80 is an emergency patch for the AI bug.


  • Many event choices did not take effect until the following turn. This was very confusing and has been changed to immediate effect.
  • Added autosave functionality. This can toggled from the settings dialog, and the number of turns between saves can be configured (default is save every turn).
  • The character AI is now aware of the Proselytize action, and can consider it for use (if free agent or NPC) or suggest it (if idle).
  • Followers now be dismissed.
  • Description text in wizard selection window looks better.
  • Added ellipses and tool tip with full text to research items, instead of truncating them.
  • Added confirmation dialog to unit and follower dismissal.
  • Added tool tips to the Workers window.
  • Added tool tips to the Army window.
  • Added a message pop-up when the player defeats a rival wizard or warlord.
  • Victory conditions now also list the number of defeated rivals, not just the remaining number.
  • When a new turn starts, if nothing is selected, the game will auto-select an army or the player realm seat of power.
  • A province name toggle has been added (use Shift+P or the button on the minimap).
  • Enter/Return is now a keyboard shortcut for the Turn button.
  • The Mini Map now allows dragging of the view rectangle.
  • More NYI (not-yet-implemented) or partially implemented mechanics have been marked as such, to make it easier to discern bugs from
    unimplemented features.
  • Research window now shows the mechanics info and has the description in the tooltip.
  • Tooltips have been added for many sites.
World Generator
  • World generator is better at avoiding adjacent wizard tower placements.
  • World generator will avoid placing a player start position on a map edge.
  • Character generation now takes cultural religious affinity into account when assigning patron deities.
  • Nomad Camps now correctly use the adjective derived from their culture and not the primary race.
  • New unit types: Elephants, Giant Lizards, Camels. (primarily used as the basis for mount stats)
  • Resource sites now have a base production even with no workers assigned.
  • Resource sites are no longer abandoned if there are no workers assigned to them for extended duration.
  • Attitude and diplomatic relations are now considered when calculating the value of trade pacts.
  • Independent realms to which a faction is allied/has very good relations are now considered when creating the pool of relevant units for recruitment.
  • Mana cap has been increased for Wizards.
  • Basic Commerce is now needed to create Trade Pacts.
  • Basic Diplomacy is now needed to suggest Non-Aggression Pacts.
Bug Fixes
  • Gold mine output was off by a factor 100.
  • Quarry output was off by a factor 5.
  • World generator will avoid placing a player start position on a map edge.
  • Fixed a bug where save game with Faerie Archers or Faerie Cavalry would cause the game to break once loaded. These save games now work again.
  • Fixed a bug related to Giant Lizards, Camels and Elephants missing as unit types (could cause a crash/hang).
  • Fixed a bug related to defeating rival wizards.
  • Defeated factions are no longer shown in the Diplomacy window.
  • Fixed a bug where the number of remaining rivals was not updating correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the City window was not updating properly when character assignments changed (ie leader, emissary, etc.)
  • Fixed Summoner trait not reducing summoning cost, upkeep and mishap chance.
  • Fixed Undead trait not reducing cost and upkeep of relevant units.
  • Fixed issue related to starting new game after winning or losing a game.
  • Fixed blurred text in a number of places.
  • Fixed a bug where culture adjective string were not saved (and became empty when the game was loaded). When loading a pre-bugfix save game the adjective will be set to the culture display name.

  • The leader of a site being attacked will now take command of the defending armies, if no other general is present.
  • Further balance tweaking of damage calculations. Ranged attacks are now slightly stronger, and damage has been increased for most weapons - especially against armored opponents.
  • Destroyed or routed units are now removed from the unit list during battles to make it easier to identify the remaining combatants.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Army General and Site Leader assignments not removing the character from their party.
  • Fixed issue with < 0.9.76 save games not loading properly.
  • Fixed some Ancient Evils being displayed without a space in their type in the Dark Pact summary.
  • Fixed issue with Tyrannical taxes on a city sometimes giving less gold than intended.
  • Fixed issue where conquering a city did not trigger the Conquest event/choice.
  • Fixed issue where multiple battles in the same hex during a turn (and the previous for AI initiated battles), would be "stacked" in the same message, preventing the player from watching the battle report for any but the first.
  • The text in the battle report window now moves to the top when clicking next round after scrolling the text of the current round.
  • Fixed issue with battles where they sometimes continued past one side retreating, with the winning side having unit lose morale despite no opponents remaining and suffering no damage.
  • Fixed next party button not reacting to clicks on the entire area of the button.
  • Fixed selection of recruitment sites after the first not highlighting the selected site in the list (despite being selected).

  • Tooltip added for battles fought during the previous turn on the world map, with a brief display of the sides and the result.
  • Dark Pact details added to the Ruler panel in the Quests and Victory Conditions window. It shows the name and nature of the dark benefactor and the current favor and wrath stats.
  • Beseech Dark Patron now generates a quest that when completed gives favor and reduces wrath. The quest objective is randomized but based on the type of dark benefactor. (note that the effects of Favor and Wrath are not yet implemented, but will be in a coming build).
  • New Cheat actions: gain 10k gold, gain maximum mana (up to cap).
  • Units can now be disbanded.
  • When researching Worship, the follower gained will have a religion which better fits the player faction traits: Demonic wizards will receive demon worshippers, warlocks with a religion-related dark pact will receive a follower of this religion.
  • Distribution of religions in a city has been added. The break down can be seen on the City window, in the same panel as the Ruler and Notables are listed.
  • Cultural affinity for various religions has been added. This is generated based on the cultural traits and spheres/power of the deity. These affinities are used when determining the religion of the inhabitants of a city and other relevant entities during world generation.
  • Followers who have the Religious type can be sent to Proselytize their religion or cult in a city. The success chance (and risk of injury or worse) depends on the cultural affinity for the religion, various cultural traits and the attitude towards the character carrying out this task.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue where many unit types incorrectly had 1 hit point per member. This also required some rebalancing of damage calculation, with further balance passes to come.
  • Fixed issue where cultural traits were not always being applied correctly to generated cultural unit types.
  • Added Hit Point display to Army window. Previously only the Military window showed it.
  • Fixed issue with flickering tool tips if the sources were very close.
  • Fixed issue where predefined cultures and religions (ie demons, elementals, demons worship) were re-created on game load, causing them improperly be treated as randomly generated cultures/religions and not equal to the predefined ones. While schisms within demon worship would be a cool feature, having an automatic schism every time you load the game was unintended (and caused erratic event and task resolution).
  • Added more context-specific tool tips.

  • The Army window now allows renaming armies.
  • Added tool tips showing movement cost for the selected army on hex mouse-over.
  • Volunteer regiments generated by city events are now 25% of the default regiment strength.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with toggles on the Follower window
  • Fixed issue with Dungeon window party sending, where you could get wounded or recovering followers to join if there was a valid party member.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to get the same party sent to multiple dungeons through clever shenanigans
  • Fixed cycling through selectables by clicking on a hex multiple times being broken
  • Fixed bind/recruitment time for Giant Albino Alligators to be 5 instead of -1
  • Fixed an issue with worker unassignment not processing correctly
  • Follower death now always gives a notificaton
  • Fixed an issue with empty parties lingering in various parts of the game
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon exploration always gave loot as if it was success. A failure can give loot, but it will be lower.
  • Fixed an issue with context-specific data (e.g. hire cost) lingering in the character window
  • Fixed an issue with destroyed Wizard Towers causing a hang of turn processing
  • Fixed an issue where hired followers caused a hang when travel time was being calculated for them
  • Fixed undead units using incorrect upkeep costs

  • Custom filtering of units in the Military window has been added. Use "Hide/Unhide" on the units to control whether they are shown. If the "Hidden" filter is on, they are always shown (which allows you to unhide).
  • A window has been added which allows transfering units been armies in the same hex. This is now also used to merge armies, replacing the previous action button. With a valid army selected, click the "Transfer Units" button on the world map to access this.
  • Recruitment no longer resets and scrolls the list in the Military window.
  • Improved the battle results message text. Instead of the verbose log-like text, a summary of casualties and kills per unit is now shown.
  • First iteration of a Ledger added in the Economy window, which displays a breakdown of income and expenditure for each resource.
  • Cultures and Factions now have Attitudes. These control how the entity feels about other cultures, races and important concepts. A faction will fall back to using the attitudes from it's main culture, if it has any. These attitude are generated based on cultural traits, alignment, social structure, philosophy, etc.
  • Factions with Attitude: Hostile or worse towards the culture or race of an emissary will reject them.
  • When casting a spell the results are no longer given in a notification that has to be clicked, but in the floating message window.
  • A new spell, Gift of Unlife, has been added. It turns one of your followers into an Undead. But be careful, the ritual may result in the more permanent death or the beneficient may decide to flee your employ. If it does succeed, the follower is healed of all damage and gains some experience.
  • Enable Cheating is now disabled when restarting or loading a game.
  • Wizard Tower upgrade cost tweaked.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with outposts not extending the control zone of a faction.
  • Fixed resource site (farms, mines, etc.) graphics not appearing when loading a game.
  • Fixed an issue with Temple building types being locked to the deities of the first game played in a session - which meant Temples to deities from a completely different game world could be built.
  • Fixed an issue with Garrison armies fleeing and turning into super-fast ghost armies with no units if their city or fortress was conquered while they were absent.
  • Fixed a world generation bug related to province generation.
  • Fixed a few buggy costs that were off by a factor 100.
  • Fixed some overflowing text in the outliner.
  • Added missing back and close buttons on Game Setup, Game Settings and Wizard Selection windows.
  • Fixed an issue with filters in the Military Window not always being applied.

  • Colors in drop downs tweaked to increase readability.
  • Tool tips added to the economy window for extended info on buy/sell (reason for not being able, total price, etc).
  • Slider added to the economy window amount field.
  • The "activity" text in the outliner is now shorter, to avoid text overflowing.
  • The message when construction cannot begin has been improved to more clearly describe why.
  • The character window now has a "Cancel Task" button.
  • An action to split an army into two has been added.
  • Non-player armies can no longer be inspected.
  • Improved faction start location seeding to greatly reduce the chance of adjacent start positions for major factions.
  • Generals now receive XP when participating in battles.
Bug Fixes
  • Parties on "resend mode" no longer create a new expedition on every revisit to a dungeon.
  • Fixed issue related to cancelling a dungeon expedition.
  • Fixed issue related to merging armies.
  • Fixed issue related to the (resource) selection being invisibly lost in the economy window.
  • Fixed issue preventing sale of resources if the total price was less than the faction treasury. Ie you could not sell anything worth more than your current amount of gold.
  • Fixed outliner not updating recruitment progress for many unit types.
  • Fixed world generation crash related to knightly orders and not being able to find suitable chapter house locations.
  • Fixed world generation crash related to duplicate forest names.
  • Fixed an issue where increasing the supply of a resource dramatically on the world market caused prices to become unstable and grow
  • Fixed inventory and character list tool tips being placed behind the window.
  • Fixed issue with filters in the recruitment window not being applied.
  • Fixed issue with construction times in the outliner being very incorrect.
  • Fixed issue with wizard tower upgrades not unlocking new expansion slots.
  • Fixed issue with Find Mana Node quest not progressing.
  • Fixed Custom Construct Artillery weapons not being usable at range and being usable in melee.
  • Fixed Custom Construct Beam weapons not being usable at range. They are now usable at range and in melee.
  • Fixed outliner not updating on generals being appointed.
  • Fixed clicks on actions in the left lower section not triggering on subsequent clicks until a different action had been clicked.
  • Fixed issue with quest window showing completed quests as in progress.
  • Declare War action added, and the state of being at war is tracked for all factions explicitly (was previously an aspect of the relations stat).
  • Non-aggression Pact added. Violating this will have a negative impact on a faction's "global" diplomatic reputation, in addition to the usual bilateral diplomatic effects.
  • Trade Pact added. This has an initial cost based on traits,research, and faction type. It gives a small constant (not necessarily equal) amount of income to both parties.
  • You can no longer send emissaries to independent realms that you are at war with or who are hostile to you.
  • Independent realms are now more consistent and immediate in declaring war on you if you attack them.
  • A tab has been added to the Diplomacy Window which gives an overview of diplomatic stats and current agreements.
  • Diplomatic reputation added as a faction stat. Breaking agreements will reduce it. Keeping agreements will improve it over time.
  • Relations with minor factions will begin if an emissary is sent - even if the minor had no previous knowledge of the sending faction.
  • The text for minor factions requesting an emissary for an extended stay has been adjusted to recognize if you have already sent the emissary.
  • Pyramids now have a full-size map icon which is centered in the hex. (the previous icon was small and in the lower part of the hex, potentially overlapping any resource icon).
  • Add unit cheat action added for testing purposes. It adds a random unit to the selected army.
  • Non-player armies now have the owner shown in the tool tip.
  • Mana Node icons are now aligned along the top of a hex (to avoid overlapping resource icons). Tool tips have also been added for them.
  • When the AI has moved an army to respond to an enemy siege, it will now immediately attack the besieging force, instead of sitting around waiting for an assault on the site.
  • The AI no longer considers exhausted armies a valid asset for responding to attacks or executing offensive/expansion plans.
  • Characters assigned to a party will offer suggestions for tasks or act independently.
  • Double-clicking in the Character window when in party-selection mode will now add a character to the open party.
  • Idle Characters waiting for their party members to recover, meet up, or similar will show as 'Waiting for party' and not 'Idle'.
  • A party which is recuperating is now shown as such in the Dungeon Window.
Bug Fixes
  • Combobox dropdowns now close on clicks outside the list.
  • Some AI and game state data structures were not properly cleared on closing a game (and loading/create another), causing certain things to pile up strangely. This has been fixed.
  • Map tool tips no longer show through floating UI elements (ie windows).
  • The "other factions" tab in the Diplomacy Window was showing organizations, not other, after being clicked more than once.
  • Hidden sites no longer trigger discovery of other factions. Before you would discover factions if you explored territory where they had hidden sites. Discovering the site itself is now a requirement.
  • Map animations are always on top of various map icons and sprites.
  • Fixed a crash/hang related to wizard towers being destroyed.
  • The label for a destroyed site no longer lingers on the map.
  • Rival wizard towers can no longer be inspected.
  • Fixed a bug where the party display in the dungeon window was empty in many cases and the resend toggle was not always properly reset.
  • Automated resending of parties to dungeons now works again. It broke during the party mechanic revamp.
  • Followers will now make suggestions for assignments if left idle.
  • Followers can now be given the freedom to choose their assignments, if the player prefers not to micromanage them.
  • Tooltips added for hex specials and strategic resources.
  • Tooltips added for armies.
  • Map resource icons have had the shader code reworked to remove some glitches and make more of the icon visible inside the frame.
  • You can now organize characters into parties in order to more easily and intuitively assign several characters to a task. This has been adapted from the dungeon expedition logic, and the dungeon window has changed accordingly. Characters can be grouped into a party via the relevant Party buttons on the right side of the Followers window, or by shift-clicking in the list of characters.
  • There are now tooltips during wizard customization showing research prerequisites
  • During wizard customization the trait/research description will change based on mouse over, rather than selection.
  • Armies will now prefer retreating to the hex they moved from prior to a battle. If this is not possible, the most accessible and unoccupied hex will be chosen.
  • You can now choose to keep playing after winning or losing the game. All victory and loss conditions will be ignored after this.
  • There are now tooltips for the top row of buttons.
  • In order for army to enter a hex which is fortified or settled, all units must be amphibious or flying, or the general must have the Amphibious Assault skill
  • Social structure/government type Simple Feudal has been removed.
Bug Fixes
  • After completing the training of a new unit, trainers no longer train imaginary troops until you give them a new task, but will instead return to a default/idle state.
  • Battles where the attacking forces flee will no longer result in the defender fleeing instead.
  • Deselecting research during customization now correctly deselects any research having it as a prerequisite. Previously the following sequence: select Minor Law Magic, select Lesser Law Magic, deselect Minor Law Magic, resulted in having Lesser Law Magic despite not having the prerequisite.

Tooltips for outliner with context-relevant info
Tooltips for city windows explaining various stats
Tooltips for characters with info on traits, cultures and deities
Tooltips for culture traits in the encyclopedia
Right-clicking on the map will replicate the 'Inspect' button (open City Window, Army Window, etc), unless a player controlled army is selected and a hex other than the army location is clicked (in which the click will issue a move command as it has so far).
Icons for resources and hex specials
First pass on character trait and challenge mechanics rework
World Generation:
Demonic Wretch: A 'Civic' Demon Character Type
Demonic characters no longer have patron deities
Berserker cultural trait now results in berserker unit type creation
Pirate unit types now have the abilities Close Quarter Fighting and Looters, and are now much more common for cultures with the piracy trait
Alt-tabbing now pauses the current music track instead of causing a new one to be queued and the currently playing to be discarded.

* Window start positions to be centered and always in view, even on low resolutions.
* Outliner with context-sensitive links to armies, followers, cities, etc. has been added. The items shown can be configured from the main settings (shortcut via right-click on the outliner). If headers are shown, they can be collapsed and expanded by clicking on them. Clicking on an army/follower/etc will center/select on the map or open a window, as relevant for the item type.
* Follower inventory button is now disabled if the inventory is empty (with a tool tip indicating why)
* The Military Window now has a mode where the details of the current recruitment queue can be inspected. Units details can be inspected and recruitment can be cancelled (see below).

* Unit recruitment/summoning can now be cancelled. If done before next turn, the full cost is refunded. If done later, the amount of resources is reduced by 80% and by progress as a percentage - e.g. for 2 turns out of 4, 40% is refunded. The minimum refund is 20%.

* Magical units (summoning/binding/creation) are no longer subject to the "no-trainer" penalty applied to recruitment time for mundane units.
* Wizard trait (Summoner) and research (Minor/Lesser/Advanced/Greater Summoning) now provide a unit summoning time reduction.
* Wizard trait (Charismatic) and research (Minor/Lesser/Advanced/Greater Binding) now provide a unit binding time reduction.
* Wizard trait (Alchemy) now provide a unit creation time reduction.

Bug Fixes
* Quest window tabs no longer become incorrectly selected when re-opening the window.
* Back button now works on quest details mode.
* Fixed issue with dynamic UI elements not always following customized UI scale
* Fixed issue with worker assignment incorrectly displayed as "Idle", due to ending up as a Schrödinger's worker, with an interestingly defined state of working and idle at the same time, but not really either.

* Faction flag now shown during battle reports if no general is assigned.
* A notification is now shown if a new quest has been issued. Clicking the notification will open the quest window.
* A notification for idle workers, with various automation/dismiss options, has been added.
* Quest window will transition to a details mode if a quest is clicked, showing full description, progress and rewards.
* Neutral minors will now merge small armies into defenders.
* Neutral cities and fortresses can now conduct attacks against besiegers. Whether they do so depends on the relative strength of the armies.
* Defeated armies will now flee to a suitable adjacent hex if possible (and if not annihilated).
* A 'Find Dungeon' quest has been added to introduce players to searching provinces and to help guide early searches.
* Progress text improved to more informative, especially for new players.
Battle Engine:
* Potential ranged power and not just power at current range is now considered when evaluating whether an armies wishes to close the distance. This includes considering attacks with reload/cooldown delays.
* Attacking units can no longer ambush the defenders of a site when assaulting.
* Morale will now degrade more often but generally in less massive amount.
* The ranged phase of a battle will now last longer, but accuracy has been reduced, and the amount of attacks possible has been made dependent on attacker stats and target frontage/size.
Bug Fixes:
* "Split Unit" now works on the army window
* There was no way to merge units - this has been added in the Army Window.
* Ranged attacks are now used more often during battle resolution, generally whenever possible (ie unless the AI decides charging towards melee is more advantageous).
* When assaulting a site, conquest will now be resolved if the defenders flee. Previously the attacker would have to keep assaulting until the defenders were annihilated.
* Lists with characters now react to clicks on the portraits, not just the text and "empty" area.
* Created/constructed magical units now count towards the 4th stage of the tutorial wizard quest.

Bug Fixes:
* Loading of moddable game files is now more cross-platform friendly
* Wizard templates are no longer repeated in the selection list on game re-start
* Custom unit types can no longer have negative parts to their cost/upkeep.
* Fixed a crash in diplomatic event resolution
* Characters with 'Siege Master' and units with 'Sappers' now affect siege duration
* A notification is now given when a siege progress to allow assaults
* Routed units no longer displayed with incorrect unit strength in the battle report
* Fixed a crash related to the Arcane Laboratory upgrade
* Added scrolling to some UI text areas that could get cut off
Features and Content:
* All resource amounts scaled up to avoid fractions. A few costs have been re-balanced at the same time, but a proper balance pass is still pending.
* Gold by a factor 100
* Mana and Influence by a factor 5, and with some minor tweak of values to give a better ramp up
* Food and "basic" resources by a factor ~10
* Exotic resources by a factor ~5
* Several contextual action buttons (ie 'Siege', 'Assault') are now also shown even when not available. The tool tip explains why the action cannot be performed.
* Many actions have improved tool tips.
* Attack stats now shown in the recruitment window
* Victory Conditions and Quests window added
* Music has been added. Volume can be controlled from the Settings window. Setting it to 0 will disable music.
* 'Create Mongrel Men' spell reworked and added to Minor Chaos Magic. The spell can turn workers, slaves and prisoners into monstrous mutants.

Bug Fixes:
* Resource theft (espionage mission) no longer has broken resolution and pop-up
* Diplomatic sabotage (espionage mission) no longer has broken resolution and pop-up
* Dead characters no longer stick around on espionage missions or help out their fellow operatives
* Espionage missions now get cancelled if there are no (living) operatives
* Espionage missions now get properly removed from future turn processing if it has been completed or cancelled
* Espionage missions now give experience as expected
* When commencing construction of a resource site player should be able to mark workers for auto-assignment to the completed site
* Closing a "select character" prompt via the X no longer breaks the UI and turn processing
* Esc now closes open menus (research, recruitment etc). Opening a new menu now closes the existing one instead of leaving it open in the background (submenus excepted).
* Fixed issue that could cause cancel of select army/city/character/etc prompts to freeze the UI.
* Fixed bug where selecting a target and then cancelling could cause some actions to trigger anyway on the target, even if an invalid selection.

Bug Fixes:
* Units created by events are now use the proper default numerical strength. Especially noticeable for rampaging monsters that will no longer consist of hundreds of dragons, manticores, etc. Still a deadly host or individual monster, but this should make the world a considerably safer place.
* Loading a game while a game is in progress now doesn't break the game
* Faction Banners/Sigils/Colors now save properly
* Issues fixed causing cultures with duplicate names
* Crash bug fixed which could trigger when loading a saved game with certain wizard tower upgrades built
* Game menu no longer lingers when settings are opened
* Esc key now opens the game menu
* Game menu is now always the frontmost window
* Economy Window: resource list now scrolls even if mouse is not over it
New Features/Content:
* Quit to Main Menu added to in-game menu
* Sigil background color now randomized
* Military unit name generator improved
* Military Window: Recruit button now has a tool tip that shows why you cannot recruit, if that is the case
* Military Window: Create Custom button now has a tool tip that shows why you cannot create a custom unit, if that is the case

Bug Fixes:
* Some research options (so far leadership, diplomacy, minor binding and warding) double/half estimated turns when selected.
* Inspect City was not opening the window.
* Release notes were not opening from main menu
* On high resolutions a blue border was present on the screen edges
* File dialog was not working
* Cast Spell was shown with no spells to cast.
* Time on pending recruitment was incorrect.
* Recruitment progress gave wrong values and estimates in many cases
* Emissary duel event gave broken choice dialog
* Map zoom was 'jerky'. It has been rewritten to be smoother and work with a wider range of scroll wheels
* It was possible to create a wizard type with empty name
* "Show Traits" and "Show Research" labels no longer swapped on the Wizard Customization dialog
* Mouse wheel now no longer zooms map if a window/dialog is open
* Mouse wheel can now scroll various lists and elements in windows/dialogs
* Turns remaining on sites under construction now doesn't bug out if no workers assigned, but shows "no progress"
* Resource production sites now show expected resource production, not the production during the last turn. Previously changes to the expected production (for example by assigning or removing workers) did not reflect in the UI.
* Workers could be be assigned to a project multiple times
* Workers/characters removed from a project were not triggering a refresh, allowing invalid projects to start
New Features:
* Grey scale colors now present in the color picker
* Cursor now changes while turn is processed
* Back button added to spell icons, to get back to world actions.
* The top button (military, followers, economy, etc.) will now close the relevant window if it is already open

* Bugfix: Dropdowns are no longer hidden behind other UI elements
* Bugfix: Lots of spells which were missing icons now have icons
* Bugfix: Resource extraction sites are no longer often invisible on the map
* Bugfix: Invisible fonts fixed for file dialog and some other affected text fields
* Character assignment logic reworked to be more reobust (and less buggy) for construction projects and site leadership

* Bugfix: Info panel (turn/income/etc) no longer hides on ESC
* Bugfix: Tool tips should no longer be obscured by almost everything
* Bugfix: Message/prompt window (at the center top of the UI) works again
* Cheat Menu is now disabled/enabled from the settings (disabled by default)
* Research Window can now show completed research
* Equipment stats are now shown in the encylopedia

* Steam Early Access Beta version

* Characters can now have relations to each other. This can be a family relation (eg. parent, sibling, distant relative), it can be a rivalry, based on history and emotion (e.g. distrust, hatred, respect, fear, love), and it can be a social relation (marriage, master, servant, mentor, student, etc.). Relationships affect events and tasks.
* The "Trusted Retainers" wizard trait makes the starting bunch of followers start out as allies.
* Rivalries can appear among your followers, or between a follower and a character not in your service. Ambitious and paranoid characters are especially susceptible.
* Cities now have notable characters (can be inspected from the City UI). These can be involved in various events and plots.
* Events can be caused by high city squalor or at random: disease, riots, wealth lost due to repairs/sanitation, and even a fire sweeping the streets and buildings.
* Characters now have classes based on their culture. A demon-worshipping savage tribe will generate different character types than a merchant republic famous for its alchemists or an isolationistic dwarven kingdom. This means fewer arsonists, ninjas and samurai, sadly. Probably have to do something about that.
* Characters age is generated and tracked based on racial characteristics.

* Followers can be marked as favored. This allows the player to select which skills they learn when levelling up.
* Bug Fix: Display bug on City Management screen

* Marauding armies not controlled by a faction will now roam around looking for trouble or seek out civilizations to attack, depending on type. Previously they just stood around and fiercely defended their hex. Depending on their type they might not conquer cities they defeat. No more rampaging beasts taking control of cities.
* Nomad raiders now return to the camp and recruit new raiders to replace losses.
* More random character names.
* Units of races with natural armor no longer gain the full effect of equipped armor. E.g. Dragonmen in full plate are no longer effectively invulnerable.
* Cultures will have a greater variety and number of unit types generated.
* City buildings now display exactly which units are unlocked by building them, rather than just the general type. If no units are unlocked, the type will be displayed, since it will combine with other buildings. E.g. a Smithy unlocks Medium Armor and a Training Ground Professional-type units - to unlock a Professional Medium Armor unit, both need to be built.
* Templar class added for followers.
* Followers now need to be in or near an Army to be able to join it or become general.
* Some random events which were occuring too often have been made less likely to occur.
* Cities now accumulate wealth.
* City progression mechanics improved to flow a bit more smoothly and give fewer followers towards the mid-game. The display of city attribute progress should also be more intuitive.
* At game start, fortresses now tend to be controlled by nearby minor cities, if no rival warlord controls them, instead of being strangely unaligned fortresses.
* Orcs and Human Barbarians have a greater chance of having nomad camps.
* Bug Fix: Crash related to AI factions conquering fortresses.
* Bug Fix: Crash related to Ancient Evil shenanigans.
* Bug Fix: Crashes related to provincial events.

* Army General task now requires either the Command trait or Martial type.
* Free Exploration assignments will now eventually come to an end as the expedition tires and/or runs out of supplies. Grants experience and creates a couple of turns of fatigue for the character. Traits and class affect the expected length of the expedition.
* Cities: There is now a variable construction time per building type. Cultural traits and leader traits affect construction time. Assigning workers increases construction progress.
* Bug Fix: Some Ancient Evil actions were not properly assigning traits.

* Ancient Evils are now interact with the world, marking and influencing characters, sending strange dreams, spawning monsters, creating climate/terrain change, spreading blight or other terrain modifiers (primal, enchanted, etc.), unleashing rains of blood, corrupting heroes or local wildlife, and much more. Many events are still bit rough, and there is way too many to have extensively tested them all, so expect some bugs in this area.
* Regiments now replenish losses at a rate of 5 per turn.
* Followers now gain levels as they gain experience, potentially learning new skills.
* Followers can learn new skills and acquire new traits through events and assignments. Ie sending someone as an emissary to a neutral city will eventually make them better at diplomacy - or make them depressed or paranoid from the stress of being a terrible diplomat for year.
* Followers now have a patron deity.
* Constructed shrines will be dedicated to the patron deity of the religious leader during construction (if any).
* Bugfix: Crash related to pathfinding fixed.
* Bugfix: Several world generation crashes fixed.
* Bugfix: Crash related to minor neutral ai processing fixed.
* Bugfix: Quest to find a mana node no longer gives a reward every single turn after it is completed (if an army moved).
* Bugfix: Research duration estimate corner case fixed.

* Researching Worship adds a religious-type follower.
* Researching Mana Nodes will now alert you to any nodes discovered in already explored territory.
* Followers can be sent to explore freely if you don't care if they explore in a particular province.
* Artist and Musician followers added. When the Ancient Evils start corrupting followers soon, artists will be handy for their ability to create unhinged and disturbing works of art, with the proper inspiration.
* Bugfix: Memory leak related to music.
* Bugfix: Crash related to hero generation.
* Bugfix: Call for Heroes exploit to generate unlimited followers.
* Bugfix: Crash related to the Santor's Vengeance event fixed.
* Bugfix: Followers are no longer assigned classes reserved for dungeon bosses.
* Bugfix: Quest to find a mana node no longer gives a reward every single turn after it is completed.
* Bugfix: Custom regiment types can now be deleted.
* Bugfix: Naming custom regiment types did not work in some cases.
* Bugfix: Shrine construction did not complete.
* Bugfix: Wizard tower upgraded to give more slots now have proper labels.

* Rival wizards are now seeded and controlled by a basic AI. Set an AI to Very Easy difficulty to make it inactive.
* The nomad camps of nomadic cultures will now spawn raiders that attack settlements. They can only do one raid at the moment.
* Dark Tome added to dungeon loot table. If looted starts an event chain.
* Ancient pyramids are being seeded as part of world generation again.
* Conquering neutral towns will cause other neutral towns to fear the player and recruit additional defenders. This alertness fades over time.
* Increased variety of regiment type names and character names
* Conquering a settlement will now give the player a forced choice on how to deal with previous ruler
* Unrest will now lower the production of a city
* The expected production/income of a city is now shown on the city management dialog
* Bugfix: Auto-reassign for followers is no longer enabled regardless of the player's choice.
* Bugfix: Auto-purchase resources for city construction now applies the proper cost
* Bugfix: A crash bug related to the basic wizard quest chain has been fixed
* Bugfix: Fixed some unit types with no upkeep or recruitment/summoning cost
* Bugfix: Regiment display was not changing when selecting in the army regiment list
* Bugfix: Owner was not shown for fortresses
* Bugfix: Crash bug related to clicking at the very edge of the map fixed
* Bugfix: Events with many choices now display all choices
* Bugfix: Site construction projects requiring character assignment should now work again

* Enchanted Armor item added
* Winner of auto-resolved battles will suffer losses
* Bugfix: Wizard quest crash when controlling cities
* Bugfix: Text fixes for emissary duel event
* Bugfix: First unlocked regiment type at wizard tower blocked all others
* Bugfix: Wizard tower upgrades blocked if twice the required cost was not available
* Bugfix: Text fixes for follower task assignment dialog
* Bugfix: Text fixes for military dialog

* More diplomatic events added
* Emissaries improve relations with minor powers over time
* Characters can now have items with various effects
* Dungeon exploration can yield items in addition to normal loot. Bag of Holding has been added as the first item.
* Regiment type naming now considers elemental marks
* Increased variety of regiment type names
* Archery Range building added to cities which unlocks ranged regiment types
* Empty armies now deleted at the end of turns
* Multiselection of regiments now possible when reorganizing/splitting/merging armies to reduce required clicking
* Resend on completion option added to automate dungeon exploration. Is character-based, so cannot currently be used to resend a party when all members are rested and unhurt. This will be enabled by a future party management UI.
* More character and cosmology name variety
* Market prices rebalanced
* Grey Ooze costs rebalanced
* Bugfix: City-based regiment recruitment no longer locked to wizard tower incorrectly.
* Bugfix: City-based regiment recruitment takes into account regiment types unlocked by city buildings
* Bugfix: Having unconnected areas of exploration (ie "non-fog-of-war") no longer causes a crash
* Bugfix: Scrolling now works on the Followers screen

* Unstable Mana Nodes now give variable amounts of mana per turn
* Earth and Beast Magic allow construction of Mine, Quarry and Hunters' Lodge, without having workers with the relevant skill.
* Bugfix: Mana Node binding action missing
* Bugfix: Cannot build resource sites if hex contains friendly army
* Bugfix: Building a Hunters' Lodge will no longer construct Farms

* Additional character and regiment names added
* Basic AI for neutral villages/towns/cities
* Emissary task for followers
* Battle Spells: Blue, Baleful Strength, Mass Ressurection, Flames of the Phoenix
* Bugfix: Follower duplicates in various UIs

* Additional character and regiment names added
* Battle Spells: Shadow Enumbrance implemented
* Bugfix: City building construction crash
* Bugfix: City building upgrades did not remove original building
* Bugfix: Missing cultural adjective on some regiment names
* Bugfix: Wizard intro quest chain crash
* Simultaneous order mode temporarily disabled until overland movement bugs in this gamemode are fixed

* Bugfix: City production not being collected
* Bugfix: Tactical combat crash
* Bugfix: Construct customization causing (now shows not yet implemented message)
* Bugfix: Crash on research of some elemental schools
* Bugfix: Lingering regiment info popup
* Bugfix: Custom regiment naming resetting when making changes after setting name

* Dungeon exploration bugfixes and improvements
* Tactical combat spellcasting
* Regiment type creation balancing
* Strategic map army movement bugfix (combat not occuring if auto-moving)

* Improved UI when assigning followers to dungeon exploration, with more info on the dungeon
* Travel time when sending parties to dungeons
* Experience point gain for dungeon exploration
* Dungeon generation cleanup and bugfixes
* Dungeon and Ancient Evil AI/Event mechanics improvement

* Dungeon exploration chances of success/loot/disaster shown on assignment
* Fixed bug with dungeon loot now being assigned
* All neutral villages/town/cities now have a base income (can be increased with buildings)

* Dungeon exploration mechanics revamp
* Bugfixes related to launching and resolving battles
* Personal Guard fixed to work for non-summoners (summoned units need Minor Summoning research to be selectable, recruited units can be chosen by all wizards).
* All neutral towns now have defenders. They are too weak in most cases.


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