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Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 4:25 pm
by Ludovic

Last Updated: Jan 19th, 2018
  • New Clan Trait: Poison Arrows. This adds a poison arrow modifier to archer infantry units recruited from this clan, giving +2 poison damage.
  • New Clan Trait: Ambushers. This gives the Ambush ability to all light infantry units recruited from this clan.
  • New Clan Trait: Berserkers. This allows recruitment of three tiers of special berserker units from camps of this clan.
  • Tribal Chiefs can now send emissaries to other clans to improve relations.
  • Plundering a province will now apply an effect to the province, preventing subsequent plunder for 4 turns and increasing city unrest by 10 for the duration.
  • Plundering a province will now anger factions with affected sites.
  • Plundering a province is no longer prevented by a fortress if it has been under siege for at least 1 turn.
  • Plundering a province will now damage any affected resource sites by 5.
  • Reduced the cost of the Weaponsmith camp upgrade. It is now required to recruit Tier 3 units.
  • Reduced the cost of the Tanner camp upgrade. It is now required to recruit Tier 2+ Heavy units.
  • Reduced the cost of the Fletcher camp upgrade. It is now required to recruit Tier 2+ Archer units.
  • Noble tribal units are not affected by upgrade requirements.
  • The Unrest modifier from Tribal Authority is now implemented (applies only to sites with same culture as the Tribal Chief).
  • The Camp window now displays accumulated progress towards population change (expected food production affecting next turn in tool tip), and turns since last migration.
  • Camp population can now change. Most of the food production is now used internally to determine the rate of population growth/decline. High population numbers will reduce food production per pop. Recent migration boosts food production, while remaining for 10 turns+ in the same place reduces it (at an increasing rate over time). If food is low, mount gain will cease, and if food is low for too long, available mounts will butchered for food. A high food surplus will increase the rate at which new mounts are gained. Faction stockpiles will be used to supply food to avoid population decline if available.
  • Camps can no longer settle in a hex adjacent to a previous location.
  • Clans will no longer accept marriage proposals if relations are too low.
  • Clan relations for Tribal Chiefs now include additional information on sources of positive/negative relations.
  • New unit option: Hardened Recruits. Available when recruiting units from cities with Martial 1+, Crime 1+ and at least one pop with the Rabble or Refugee trait. +250 gold to recruit, +1 courage, +1 melee skill.
  • Tribal Chiefs can now subjugate a Clan by conquering their last camp.
  • Improved consistency of camp names in various parts of the UI.
  • Fixed an issue with units not generated correctly for some knightly orders fortresses.
  • Fixed an issue with loading equipment related data from < 0.9.105 versions. Unfortunately the fix will mess up loading these in a 0.9.105 save game. The effects are not too problematic, so no special code has been to fix save games form this particular version.
  • Fixed Low-Life Recruits increasing unit cost by 500 gold instead of the intended reduction.
  • Fixed redundant stockpile notifications appearing for tribal chiefs.
  • Fixed an issue with the tribal military window not correctly navigating between camps.
  • Fixed an issue with camp conquest.
  • Fixed an issue with tool tips being temporarily broken sometimes if a window is displayed on top of a tool-tip enabled element.
  • Fixed crash bug related to selection of a random unit type.
  • Fixed a combat crash bug related to attack secondary damage.
  • Fixed the Tribal Authority site effect description and resolution being that of Province Plundered, and Province Plundered not having the correct effect.
  • Fixed an issue with (culture/race/religion/faction/etc) Hatred being treated as Neutral when calculating the difficulty and risk when proselytizing.
  • Fixed an issue with some mechanics not correctly identifying religion/deity domains.