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Patch Notes: Next

Post by Ludovic » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:30 pm

  • Unit can no longer replenish any losses suffered during the preceding turn. Ie if a unit with a strength of 95 and a max size of 100 suffer 20 losses during battle (putting it at 75), it can replenish up 80 (10 - 20) during the following turn. Recent losses are cleared each turn. Units with Regeneration or Limited Regeneration are not subject to this. This makes it easier to whittle down a powerful army with attacks over multiple turns.
  • Units with Regeneration will gain a bonus replenishment of 20% of the losses suffered during the turn. This is applied even if otherwise unable to reinforce due to logistics/distance.
  • Implemented Shadow Encumbrance (Battle Spell): Target unit suffers -3 to Movement and Melee Shock for 5 seconds. Cannot affect Semi-Corporeal, Spectral or Elemental targets.
  • Implemented Chaos Bolt (Battle Spell): Inflicts 2 x (2 to 8) hits for 4 to 9 damage of two different types randomly chosen from: Arcane, Cold, Corrosive, Dark, Fire, Lightning, Radiant and Physical.
  • There is now a cap on how mana a wizard can spend on spells during a battle. The default value is 20, which can be increased through research, quests, events, etc. The current value is shown in the Ruler tab of the Quests and Victory Conditions window and during battles.
  • The Wizard trait Channeling now gives +25% and Farsight trait gives +10% (these are additive and applied after any increases of the base value, e.g. due to research) to available Battle Magic.
  • Wizards with Wild Magic have a randomized available mana pool during battle ranging from 50% to 150% of the normal value (including all modifiers). Note that the available mana is still constrained by the actual mana of the wizard.
  • Increasing levels of Battle Magic (Minor/Lesser/Intermediate/Greater/Supreme) can now be researched as a spellcraft project. This will increase the battle magic cap introduced in this update.
  • Battles fought at a Wizard Tower allow the Wizard to spend mana unconstrained by the battle mana cap.
  • The Dark Sacrifice action (related to a Dark Pact quest) now allows choosing which specific Pop to sacrifice.
  • Rebel factions are now much more picky about what diplomatic proposals they accept, and will reject any proposal from factions having active agreements (alliance, trade pact, non-aggression, etc.) with the faction the rebels are opposing.
  • Technological progress and cultural traits are now considered when minor realms build resource sites. Savage and primitive civilizations are now much less likely to build Farms, and the 'Master Hunters' and 'Master Farmers' traits are now considered when choosing the resource site type.
  • Optimized the AI strategic target selection algorithm (for raiding, conquest, war-planning, etc.) to make turn processing faster.
  • Trade Good base quantities adjusted by a factor of 10 (and gold value adjusted accordingly). This allows for better granularity without resorting to (visible) fractional amounts.
  • Fixed an issue where the population threshold for expansion for minor realm cities was tuned for the old population model (ie 25% of what it should be).
  • Fixed an issue where some physical damage sources would cause a crash/hang during battles.
  • Fixed garrisons and various defensive armies not replenishing losses correctly.

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