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Patch Notes: Next

Post by Ludovic » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:30 pm

  • Shift+right-click will now copy the text from most text areas, panels, etc. to the clipboard. Ctrl+right-click will copy the clicked word and not the entire text. This can be used for bug reports, pasting into a translation tool, etc.
  • Spellcraft: Drain Mana Nodes added. When researched it enables draining Mana Nodes for a large instant mana gain (approx. 750% of the per turn production when bound). However, this makes the node inactive for 8-12 turns, during which it cannot be drained and provides no mana to the controller.
  • Wizard Tower expansions can now be demolished, recouping 25% of the construction cost (and freeing the slot for construction). This can be accessed from the "Demolish Expansion" button or by clicking the expansion icon (will give a yes/no prompt and list resource gain).
  • Wizard Tower expansion construction can now be cancelled, recouping 50% of the construction cost. This can be done by clicking the expansion icon (will give a yes/no prompt and list resource gain).
  • Wizard Tower expansion construction now colors resources which are fully or partially missing. It also lists the cost to buy missing resources if applicable, and auto-buys them if the player chooses the expansion type for construction.
  • Cleared dungeons are now marked as such on the map and in the Dungeon window.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with calculating the possibility of purchasing missing resources which made the AI take incorrect decisions and sometimes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the outliner and info/resource panel not updating after taking actions in the Wizard Tower window.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed the dialog with Wizard Tower expansions having OK enabled for invalid options, resulting in a confusing lack of feedback when it was clicked.
  • Bug Fix: Army icons were being minimized on the map even if selected when progressing the turn and in many other cases. They now stay in front
    until a new selection is made.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed duration not ticking on some City stats (e.g. Squalor).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed city building construction progress being incorrect in the Outliner.

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