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Information on development progress, road maps, etc. Next patch progress.
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Feature Road Map / Backlog

Post by Ludovic » Fri Dec 30, 2016 7:54 pm

Please note that this is a rather dated list.

(Possibly out-of-date)

Short Term
  • Add a toggleable active/inactive army list.
  • Add road construction mechanics.
  • Enable the use of the "Binding" mastery to gain control of units.
  • Add enchantment "slots" to units (skin, mind, soul, armor, etc.) to handle enchantment stacking in an intuitive way. Possibly similar for other spell target types.
  • Improve world spell casting UI to make "multi-casting" less annoying.
  • World spells which deal damage should give a player feedback with information level depending on scouting/visibility.
Medium Term
  • Implement Patrol mechanics.
  • Merge pops and workers.
  • More Wizard race (Demon, Angel, Undead and Faerie) specific mechanics
  • Basic attrition mechanics.
  • Enable player warlords: Horde and Feudal archetypes
  • Special equipment for military units (potions, bombs, etc.)
  • Research, Resource and Quest system interaction.
  • Improve food<->city growth interaction.
Long Term
  • Expanded army mechanics (traits, history, reputation, etc.)
  • Add war machine units and improve siege mechanics
  • Dedicated Party UI and expanded mechanics (leaders, traits, history, etc.)
  • Merge city, fortress and camp mechanics.
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