[Feedback] Starting as a wizard

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[Feedback] Starting as a wizard

Post by simpkin_11 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:50 pm

I assume, that if starting as a Wizard, with a tower, that you have some magic ability beyond what is researched ect.

That you can at least .. levitate a rock.. light a candle with your mind, or at least some basic magic tasks

Otherwise, how would you obtain starting funds, a tower, loyal troops. You could probably wizard of Oz some of those things with smoke and mirrors.

To the point, should there not be at least some starting spells that all wizards.. start with?

Thrown rock> Just as it says, a med sized rock thrown from the tower with magic. Cost depends on how far from the tower the battle takes place
Plague of creatures> Random insects, lizards, squirrels attack a unit on the battlefield, little to no damage but disorganizes them and opens them and lowers defense
Light/darkness> Depending if a good or evil wizard, shines an annoying light in the eyes of the unit, or dims their vision making attacks harder or ranged attacks get an accuracy penalty.
Annoying screech> nails on a chalk board, gives a penalty to moral
Magical construction> Convert mana into labor at the tower.. those rocks arn't going to move them selves or are they?

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