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[Feedback] [UI] [Gameplay] [0.9.104]

Post by simpkin_11 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:29 pm

Breaking down turn 1.

Inspect troops and workers

Assign additional worker to the tower

inspect recruit-able troops... Gnomes... really? gnomes? (pictures army of garden gnomes)
sigh.. beggars can't be choosers at turn one.

At least I have barbarians and hobgoblins to choose from also.

Start research on "sense mana nodes", I chose a magic heavy wizard and want more Mana.

Looking at research, I should start with some already done, as I started off as Race: Faerie
Where do I see what research I already have?

It is not in the Ruler tab.

Inspect starting followers:
What is a Tomling? note to self, look up what a Tomling is.
* My alignment is good, racial alignment of Tomlings is set to evil according to the built in Encyclopedia

Gnomish merchant.. (Lollypop guild song plays in the back of my head)

Decide to go for more influence, so I start to build some prison cells.
(smile as I picture the torture of garden gnomes for disobeying their master)
Then I realize I started off as a good wizard... sigh...being good is going to be harder than I thought.

Assign my three followers to a party and send them off to explore the eastern provinces

I then sell off my food stores and use the 250 gold from that to fund the research in ancient history. After all if we get hungry, can always eat gnomes.. .. Right.. Good wizard.. damn it!

Thus ends my first turn. Penny-less and surrounded by Gnomes.

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