[Feedback] [UI] Borders and area control

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[Feedback] [UI] Borders and area control

Post by simpkin_11 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 7:02 pm

Borders are visible with a filter, but what do they actually mean?

I had a village on the edge of the border, build a mine, across the border.

Area control and visible borders seem to be separate. Could we get a map filter that shows who controls what or who has claim to what?
Something that might even show contested tiles?


Your Tower is 5 tiles away from a Random Town.
Town is owned by (Someone Else),
You want to build a farm, but the fertile land you want to build it on is 3 tiles away, exactly in the middle between Your Tower and Random Town.
This tile is contested as there is no clear owner of the tile, building there may cause a diplomatic impact with Random Town because both factions lay claim to it.

It might be cool to have a claim option, where you would need to use influence and send a emissary to negotiate claim to that tile/land before you build there to not cause diplomatic issues

Or each tile you lay claim to has a influence maintenance cost depending on the distance from your tower or control area (forts, castles, towns)
Building roads or improvements may lower the cost?

Possibly tied into sending Heroes to a tile, to shore up ownership, search for places of interest, additional resources, ect.

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