[Balance] Dungeons

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[Balance] Dungeons

Post by hooster1 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:50 pm

So, I have explored my share of dungeons now.

Yes, to find new ones, you have to search through other provinces just like you had to for the first quest dungeon.

And in the small, medium and large dungeons I have explored, all seem to yield about the same results: (I have been sending in 3-6 followers recently.)

300-750 gold
Several explorers with light wounds, often one killed.
2 experience points for the survivors, no matter how long they have been inside.

Mean while, I have a general out defending my lands. In the same time, he racks up 25-40 experience points from say 10-20 battles, and 5000 gold and various other loot from his exploits. He never seems to take any damage or need recuperation, in fact, if he has not moved, he can take a fast horse from one army to another and be in a battle per turn now. (it used to be several battles / turn).

It seems the reward for that many followers is quite small to what they can achieve outside the dungeon for the same length of time.

I think I remember you mentioning there will be magic items as possible loot in the future - that of course could make adventuring more rewarding.

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Re: [Balance] Dungeons

Post by Ludovic » Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:23 pm

At one point, dungeons expeditions were basically passive gold and experience generators. Hence the rewards were set quite low. Over time as the expedition mechanics have expanded, and more risk has been added, the rewards haven't scaled to match. It also seems there is some dastardly bug keeping the magic items, which have been implemented as possible loot, from appearing. There is also a "Dark Tome" which can fire from dungeon exploration. The chance is either set to low or some bug is preventing it from firing. I'll do some bug hunting and see if I can restore access to magical loot for the intrepid and under-appreciated dungeon delvers. Should be doable to adjust the rewards a bit at the same time to match the current risks.

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