[UI] OK button

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[UI] OK button

Post by hooster1 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:12 pm

In most dialog boxes that have choices, there is usually a few options, an OK button to execute the actions chosen and the X at the top right is the cancel or exit dialogue box without doing things.

In WaW, it's kind of backwards to the normal convention - X is exit and do what is chosen and there are no OK buttons. This is confusing to new players used to the normal conventions.

Oh, in the Economy dialog box, could we have a "Sell Current" button. You click on furs and "Sell Current" sells all you have at current rates - saves typing in the current max number you have.
This is one of the dialogs that really could use an okay button. Stockpile some, you set an amount and X without seeing a confirmation or anything else that doesn't tell you that you just abandoned your new settings, which is normally what the X would do.

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Re: [UI] OK button

Post by Ludovic » Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:01 am

I had some similar thoughts while working on the Magic window recently. I added a Close button, since I felt it was odd to use the X button to close the window. I agree that using X as "Confirm" is not intuitive, and OK/Cancel or OK/Apply/Cancel is much more intuitive. I'll try to fit in re-working buttons to adhere to this whenever working on a window/dialog.

Good idea on the "Sell All" button. That's a pretty quick thing to add, and very useful.

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