[Balance] Warlords???

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[Balance] Warlords???

Post by hooster1 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:17 pm

Okay, I won my first game last night, playing to turn 330.
I played on easy my first game.

The Wizard I was against had armies out capturing stuff. His defense of his tower was silly, three units.

However, the two Warlords in the game must have been underage and had timid regency councils in control. Not a unit out in the world that I could find. City and town defenses were 2-3 units.

Oh, it would really be nice if the towns, and fortresses of the warlords perhaps had the general's flag flying over them. The wizard's tower is pretty easy to spot. After I killed the evil wizard, I had to go into the diplomacy screen to figure out where the other warlords were. It happened that one of them was about 10-15 hexes away from my tower. I kept the area relatively clear of wandering monsters, so the lack of Warlord troops would not be caused by being killed in battle.

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Re: [Balance] Warlords???

Post by Ludovic » Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:57 pm

The AI is pretty dumb at the moment, and at very easy is extremely passive on top. However, from your description something was wrong with the Warlord AI. I will take a look and fix any immediate issues. There are a few improvements to AI in the coming update, and hopefully I can fit in more, but implementing a challenging and interesting AI is a really large undertaking, quite possibly the most difficult element of all in the game, so improvements will be gradual and will continue until release from Early Access and beyond. But your feedback here is good and helps guide where to focus attention.

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