[Balance] Small towns to Cities

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[Balance] Small towns to Cities

Post by hooster1 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 6:51 pm

Hi Ludovic,

This is more an observation/question than a bug report.

I am playing a game, turn 220 now (yea). I have been taking over settlements to cities. It seems strange that a Gnomish small town has every building already constructed, while a city I took over has none. Most small villages only have a few - that makes sense. Turn 245, I took over a large city. Plenty of income and goods per turn, but again, no structures are built in the city.

My Gnomish Small town with every building made only lets me recruit Gnomish ranks. Okay I guess that makes sense, but one of the buildings is the warmachine workshop - no warmachines available to build. There are 6 gnomish troops I can build.
Anyway, I would think a settlement with everything built would be a city, while one with nothing would be a small village.

There are outposts, keeps, small castles and large ones that don't seem to do anything...Not yet Implemented?

Now that I have explored much of the area, I am going back once more and doing more searches. In all my games, I have only found one dungeon in each game so far.

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Re: [Balance] Small towns to Cities

Post by Ludovic » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:27 am

The AI isn't really very good at handling city development at the moment. The Warlord AI will look at buildings that add new unit types, but the peaceful minor realms will just sit on their gold in bland cities devoid of development. I have added the issue to the roadmap.

You are correct that there are no war machines implemented yet, so consider the workshop full of prototypes and/or visually impressive, but sadly immobile wonders of military engineering.

Cities grow in size through population growth rather than construction of buildings. The gnomes need to make more gnomes or attract some migrants to grow a town to a city. The numbers for this mechanic might need some tweaking, but I'd rather err on the side of slow growth for now. Additional buildings to buff the growth stat are definitely needed, and some way to use the food resource to boost growth would be quite reasonable as well.

I have added these issues to the roadmap.

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