[Balance] Fights

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[Balance] Fights

Post by hooster1 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:29 am

Well, the fights kind of work, sometimes there is strange behavior.

A mixed army approaches a lone archer - the archers get in range of each other and start trading arrows. Everyone else stops to watch the show.
An army of 5 against three - they approach and the flanks keep going past the bad guys all the way off the screen.
The confused unit who sits and spins as the battle rages nearby.
The dead army that continues walking off the screen (must be undead zombies)
Enemies break and start off the screen, but the units they were fighting and have faster movement just watch them go, or follow slower then the could.
Larger battles - when units bunch together and defeat their foe, they tend to stand around rather than go help their comrades still in battle.
Free units near an enemies line of retreat do not head off the escapee, if the engage at all, they wait for the unit to pass or take a very bad angle and usually miss contact.

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Re: [Balance] Fights

Post by Ludovic » Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:31 am

Yes, the generals and unit commanders definitely need some fast tracking through basic military schooling, as I agree they do not impress with their decisions at this time. It's a an area of development that needs some hunkering down and a bit of dedicated time, so I want to trim the feature/bug backlog a bit first, but battles will get more attention within perhaps a couple of weeks.

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