[Bug/Win] Zone of Control not updating

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[Bug/Win] Zone of Control not updating

Post by hooster1 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:12 pm

I found a tile in the hills with a massive mana node, so I figured I would build a vineyard to capture it.

It was 1 hex outside of the 1 hex buffer of my outpost (2 hexes away from the outpost tower) and said I did not have territorial control to build it. Fine.
I built another outpost 1 hex away to put it in my zone of control. I checked, still not in my control.
I waited a turn and checked - not in my ZOC
I upgraded my outpost to level 2 - checked - not in my ZOC
I waited another turn and checked - not in my ZOC
I sent my army to the hex - not in my ZOC
I clicked on the logging camp button, then the vineyard button again, and the hex I wanted now is in my ZOC.

It seems ZOC is not being updated without the filter buttons being switched off and on again. Perhaps it's a UI improvement request?

I know I have asked for a ZOC filter, but until that request is coded, could we have some notes on how the current ZOC is generated and controlled?

I have observed:
Your wizard tower does not seem to influence the ZOC - I had hexes right next to my tower that were not in.
Outposts do extend your ZOC. (update your filters though) Upgrading to level 2 outpost does not seem to have an effect.
Outposts are built immediately after purchase (bug).
Armies do not influence ZOC
Buildings inside your ZOC do not extend your ZOC (it would seem logical, as you build, the area around gets tamed)

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Re: [Bug/Win] Zone of Control not updating

Post by Ludovic » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:33 pm

I was just going through the ZoC code to give a description, and I found a bug related to undiscovered dungeons/mana nodes/etc. blocking construction in the province they are located in.

So, the current rules are:

1) If you have all sites in a province under your control, you can build in it. This includes undiscovered and/or some irrelevant sites, so needs a bugfix asap.
2) If you there are non-neutral sites in a province you cannot build in it/have ZoC. This is affected by the bug in 1)
3) ZoC extends 1 hex from fortresses, cities and outposts (if not blocked by the above).
4) ZoC extends 1 hex from armies with an assigned character with Construction.

I will get the bug fixed asap, and then see when I can add in some general ZoC mechanic revision. The current mechanics are both opaque (although some can be solved by better tooltips/UI) and non-intuitive. Will work on making them more intuitive.

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