[Bug/Win] Some bugs / questions

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[Bug/Win] Some bugs / questions

Post by hooster1 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:07 pm

First impression, a good game with lots of potential, but still a long way to go.

My first bug is I have gone through about 80 turns and my cursor changes from an arrow to an X, and I am no longer able to go to the next turn. I have had this happen on at least two games.

The spell, convert workers to warriors never seems to have a valid target. I have purchased several types of workers.

Sometimes, research new mastery has ridiculous costs for the research - like 192344845 gold and 643325 days. The rest of the masteries are normal, from 500 to 2000 gold. If the mastery is not able to be researched for your type of wizard, just say so. I think saving the game and restarting corrected one of the two masteries showing this problem, but I could not reproduce it.

Dungeons are interesting, but once done take up the hex. Can you destroy the dungeon and use the hex? Same thing for say a hex with a copper deposit. I built a quarry over the hex hoping I could mine the copper, but it looks like it requires a mine. Same thing with gems. It would be nice to be able to demolish / partially recover some of the resources from the building. This could also be a tool for the army - demolish a building from your enemy if you control the hex and harvest some of the resources as loot. Maybe the tool tip over the special resource also says they type of building required to collect it. (Tool tips are great if used well.)

Ancient Pyramids - they look interesting. I have not found anything that you can do with them.

Outposts and their upgrades seem to be done the next turn. It would be nice if they did things and it was explained - like a level 1 outpost extends your sphere of influence one hex away and if an enemy comes with in that range, you can see the approximate number of members / types. 2 hexes out, you see there is an army and it has 3 squads in it. As the Outpost is leveled, it's range increases a hex (level 2 sees 2 hexes away it reveals numbers and types of troops, and now it sees troops 3 levels away. Maybe even reduces banditry or revolts as it grows?

Show progress on buildings under construction. (Sometimes I have multiple farms building, which one finished?) Perhaps also color heroes and workers that are currently building something, so you don't assign the wrong one to your new project.

Show your area of influence (where you can build) it would be nice to see the land you can build on, and how outposts affect your footprint. Perhaps an influence overlay map, showing your, and different faction influences would be the most intuitive way to show this, kind of like when you highlight what land can be farmed, or mined, or has trees.

When a building is finished, release the hero or change their status on the side bar from something like building farm to managing farm.

It is time consuming to try and figure out where your different heroes are. I was excavating ancient ruins, save, came back the next day and tried to excavate the same ruins with another hero - it cost me the resources again and then said it failed. I was not clear if the new one failed, the first one, or both.

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Re: [Bug/Win] Some bugs / questions

Post by Ludovic » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:49 pm

Thanks a lot for the feedback, bug reports and words of encouragement. It is very much appreciated. I'll investigate the bugs you've reported, then begin to address the quality-of-life/usability issues you mention, the first results of which should be visible in the next update, probably in a week or so.

As for the "X" bug you mention, this happens when the game state is affected by one or more bugs to a degree that the game cannot recover, and turn processing breaks. There is a mechanism trying to recover gracefully from bugs, and it works quite well in most cases, but it also has this side-effect of making what is essentially a hard crash in the game engine very difficult to figure out for the user. I will try to figure out a way to combine the graceful recovery with reporting the game-breaking errors much more visibly and with the relevant debug information in an easily accessible/copy able format.

Dungeons can be cleared at the moment, making them inactive, but not destroyed. However, the engine does support destroying them - but there is no way to do so at the moment. I will work on adding an army action for destroying inactive dungeons and a build project to upgrade them to a fortress, resource collection site, shrine, etc.

When the planned migration/city settling mechanics (currently nomads can relocate their camps) are added, the plan is to also make dungeons potentially able to grow into cities, from settlers building on top of a cleared dungeon to an active dungeons gaining enough power/momentum to grow into a new city. the seat of a proper realm.

But as mentioned, really good points all over, and I look forward to implementing them.

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