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Known Bugs/Issues

Post by Ludovic » Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:53 pm

Known Issues
  • Clearing a dungeon causes the dungeon window to have a bad state, making it difficult to recover the party.
  • Spy network / cells are broken.
  • Training new troops only allows a trainer to be chosen if the Wizard Tower is the recruitment site
  • The hover highlight can become sticky on buttons when they become hidden and are shown again (until they are hovered over again).
Reported, but not yet reproduced:
  • It seems like I can hire workers for free?
  • Hovering over x icon in research menu but not clicking makes it go greyed out.
Fixed recently:
  • A city belonging to a defeated rival will become unaligned instead of independent if there is no rebellion in progress.
  • Fixed a bug causing units to have increased upkeep costs if they have suffered casualties or have been split into smaller detachments.
Fixed in 0.9.80:
  • Some wizard traits with NYI functionality are not marked as such. (ex. Angel, Planewalker traits)
  • Text on the wizard research panel is cut-off.
  • Blurry text in many places
  • Loading a game with Faerie Archers and Faerie Cavalry caused a lot of issues.
Fixed in 0.9.77:
  • War notifications are repeated and/or have repeated text when attacking other factions *
  • Damage is a bit on the low side for most ranged attacks
  • When conquering a city it is not always possible set a new leader*
  • Training new troops only allows the first valid site to be chosen
  • When assigning a follower to become General, they do not leave their party (or disband it if sole member) *
  • Tyrannical taxes on a city sometimes give an extremely low amount of gold *
  • Some Ancient Evils are displayed without a space in their type in the Dark Pact summary. *
  • Game sometimes hangs when loading save games from older versions *
Fixed in 0.9.7?:
* When inspecting enemy armies, units can be split and the level of control/detail is in general too high.

Fixed in 0.9.70:
* Hex specials and strategic resources were not being saved when saving the game
* Culture traits were not being saved when saving the game
* Music no longer restarts when alt-tabbing
* Windows with multiple scroll views were sometimes scrolling multiple views when using the mousewheel

Fixed in 0.9.69:
* Quest window tabs no longer become incorrectly selected when re-opening the window.
* Back button now works on quest details mode.
* Fixed issue with dynamic UI elements not always following customized UI scale
* Fixed issue with worker assignment incorrectly displayed as "Idle", due to ending up as a Schrödinger's worker, with an interestingly defined state of working and idle at the same time, but not really either.

Fixed in 0.9.68:
* "Split Unit" doesn't work on the army window
* There is no way to merge units
* Ranged attacks are now always used if possible during battle resolution
* When assaulting a site, conquest will now be resolved if the defenders flee. Previously the attacker would have to keep assaulting until the defenders were annihilated.
* Lists with characters now react to clicks on the portraits, not just the text and "empty" area.
* Created/constructed magical units now count towards the 4th stage of the tutorial wizard quest.

Fixed in 0.9.67:
* Loading of moddable game files is now more cross-platform friendly
* Wizard templates are no longer repeated in the selection list on game re-start
* Custom unit types can no longer have negative parts to their cost/upkeep.
* Fixed a crash in diplomatic event resolution
* Characters with 'Siege Master' and units with 'Sappers' now affect siege duration
* A notification is now given when a siege progress to allow assaults
* Routed units no longer displayed with incorrect unit strength in the battle report
* Fixed a crash related to the Arcane Laboratory upgrade
* Added scrolling to some UI text areas that could get cut off
* Saved games with Faerie Light Infantry units are no longer unable to load

Fixed in 0.9.66:
* Resource theft (espionage mission) no longer has broken resolution and pop-up
* Diplomatic sabotage (espionage mission) no longer has broken resolution and pop-up
* Dead characters no longer stick around on espionage missions or help out their fellow operatives
* Espionage missions now get cancelled if there are no (living) operatives
* Espionage missions now get properly removed from future turn processing if it has been completed or cancelled
* Espionage missions now give experience as expected
* When commencing construction of a resource site player should be able to mark workers for auto-assignment to the completed site
* Closing a "select character" prompt via the X no longer breaks the UI and turn processing
* Esc now closes open menus (research, recruitment etc). Opening a new menu now closes the existing one instead of leaving it open in the background (submenus excepted).
* Fixed issue that could cause cancel of select army/city/character/etc prompts to freeze the UI.
* Fixed bug where selecting a target and then cancelling could cause some actions to trigger anyway on the target, even if an invalid selection.

Fixed in 0.9.65:
* Units created by events are now use the proper default numerical strength. Especially noticeable for rampaging monsters that will no longer consist of hundreds of dragons, manticores, etc. Still a deadly host or individual monster, but this should make the world a considerably safer place.
* Loading a game while a game is in progress now doesn't break the game
* Faction Banners/Sigils/Colors now save properly
* Crash bug fixed which could trigger when loading a saved game with certain wizard tower upgrades built
* Game menu no longer lingers when settings are opened
* Esc key now opens the game menu
* Game menu is now always the frontmost window
* Economy Window: resource list now scrolls even if mouse is not over it

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