[UI] General Feedback

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[UI] General Feedback

Post by Demiurge » Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:28 pm

So had the chance to mess around with the game a little bit and noticed a few bugs that are initially crippling, as well as a few QOL issues.


In this picture you can see a popup box sit at the top of the screen with the text obscured. I got this one pressing the 'call heroes' button but it also comes up when I initiate construction or do basically anything. This strikes me as a bug and could be fixed.

You'll also notice the income breakdown window on the left is missing, that disappeared when I pressed escape and I haven't been able to get it back. Further, when mousing over spells in the cast spells menu, the tooltips disappear behind that window.

In QOL I'd like a few screens that show what I've already researched, much like the encyclopedia it would be nice to have a proper breakdown of what I've done. It would also be nice if the menu's were a little more responsive. For example a lot of windows will overlap and that can confuse the player as to what he's doing. If rather a menu locks out the rest of the UI until you close it that would be helpful in managing your turns. It would also be nice if the follower screen would reflect what a follower is doing under his name. There's also a bug there where your follower will remain 'idle' in his status screen despite leading an army or workers.

Hope this helps :)

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Re: [UI] General Feedback

Post by Aqma » Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:56 pm

Let me add one on the UI side. the tool tip for spells gets obscured by the turn summary, I reckon it should have priority.
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Re: [UI] General Feedback

Post by Ludovic » Tue Dec 27, 2016 9:37 pm

Thanks for the feedback. I've pushed a new build to Steam (Steam Build ID: 1542340 or 1542365, 0.9.62). There is usually a delay before it gets pushed to the update servers. It has the changes, which addresses some of the issues you encountered. Note you can check the Build ID in the Steam by right-clicking in the library => properties => local files.

* Bugfix: Info panel (turn/income/etc) no longer hides on ESC
* Bugfix: Tool tips should no longer be obscured by almost everything
* Bugfix: Message/prompt window (at the center top of the UI) works again
* Cheat Menu is now disabled/enabled from the settings (disabled by default)
* Research Window can now show completed research
* Equipment stats are now shown in the encylopedia

I agree on the issue with the overlapping/"non-modal" windows being confusing (and allowing some odd things).

Open Bugs/Issues:
Many windows are non-modal, but should be modal (ie lock the rest of the UI)
Followers can show as "idle" when they are not

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