[0.9.117] [MYSTERIOUS SITE] [GUI] [Minor]

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[0.9.117] [MYSTERIOUS SITE] [GUI] [Minor]

Post by simpkin_11 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 6:59 pm

When in the middle of a random event created by a Mysterious site, you can move the window over and select "inspect" on your army.

(My idea was to cheat and add a scout to the army before resolving the event)

I could not adjust the army (good I suppose) but I could also not close the army inspection window.

Once event was resolved, I was able to get control of the window again.

*Suggestion: When moving to a hex with a mysterious site, do not trigger the event immediately, have an option , (like combat or bind node) to select to investigate the site. Perhaps you need to move army 1 through the area, but do not want to investigate the that army, and would rather wait until you could get army #2 there that has more support to better deal with the event?

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