[Feedback] Tower Improvement Initiative

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[Feedback] Tower Improvement Initiative

Post by simpkin_11 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:41 pm

The Tower, your seat of power as a Great Wizard of the Realm.

Thinking of the overall functions of a Tower.

Not just for the Wizard, but the realm
Would require influence area of the tower, this makes me think; Lord of the Rings, The Great Eye seemed to drain and frighten those into doing your bidding. As your power grows, so could the range at which the tower impacts things around it. Wondering monsters may turn the other way, a close by city would be less likely to rebel if the tower is in sight.
A wizard strong in earth magic would nullify any bad earth related events.
A wizard strong in water magic would never suffer a drought.. ect

Other effects that would be more geared towards hostile creatures within the influence of the Tower.
Random events based off the land in which they ravel through.
A Wizard with strong nature magic may have the very forest rebel against a hostile force depending on skill and power.
Low Level: Rodent infestation in the supply train drains the hostile army's supplies
High Level: Rodents of Unusually large Size Eat the hostile Arm's supply train.

Symbol of Respect/Power:
As the power of the Tower grows so does the influence of the wizard.
Purple Wizard brand wine sells for a little more.
More Heroes and workers offer service.
More available mercenary bands off services for a little less.

Logistical Center:
The ability to build more rooms and upgrades to your Tower, and then possibly assign Heroes to those rooms to create or improve things.
A workshop, where you can assign workers and a Hero to create Items for your other Heroes or Magic battle totems or standards for your forces. (siege engines?)
Necromancy workshop = better upgrades for your undead troops
Tinkerers workshop = better upgrades for your constructs
Armorers, weapons smiths, Leather workers, ect ect..
Logistical: send supply trains to cities/towns, re-supply armies in the field
Spymasters quarters: allow you to assign a spymaster that will give random reports of hostile forces (pick a target, they give you a skill based report per turn?)
Portal room: Use large amounts of Mana to move an army from the tower to another location Mana cost=spaces*units ect..

Center of Research/Technology:
Ability to assign a hero as an apprentice to do research for you
A place to study important artifacts, or magic books found in random events/dungeons/other wizards towers/ect

Special Projects/Long term and short term.
Spells that require a lot of ingredients, sacrifices, several followers with magical ability to group cast ect.

Stuff like, cause all wondering monsters to converge on a single location.
A tidal wave to hit a coastal city.
fireball to fall from the sky an destroy most of a fort.
Turn a city's population into rodents for a day.. and unleash a plague of snakes..
Summon or create a greater monster: Single unit army.. Dragon, Giant, Giant Spider.

Gift a group of 10 heroes with immortality, becomes a regiment troop with high hit-points and good attack, but when is defeated, it shows back up at the wizard tower. Can only be destroyed by taking the tower or magic item depending on how they were created.

Vampires require special items and a holy hero
Magically created immortals magic gems from the heroes must be found and destroyed through a ritual after being defeated (requires the army to do an additional action/take an additional turn)

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