Latest Release Notes (0.9.104)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.104)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • New resource site: Fae Gardens. These produce Faerie Dust, Herbs, and if the hex has a Spices special, Spices. Wizards with the Faerie racial trait can build them without research. Other Wizards need to research the ability as a Spellcraft project requiring Life 2 and Enchantment 2.
  • Implemented the Berserker Rage battle spell. It confers Frenzy, +4 Courage, -4 Discipline, +1 Toughness, +1 Melee Shock for 4 seconds. Target must not have be Mindless or Unfeeling. On expiry the target takes (25% of unit size) hits for 2 true damage .
  • The Hurricane spell can now be used during battles, where it will deal 4 damage to all members of flying units not engaged with a non-flying unit (limited flyers only damage if not stationary) and ground them for 10 seconds.
  • The proselytize action will now ask which religion to proselytize and filter available followers accordingly. This will be skipped if only one choice is available.
  • Workers for hire are now generated with a wider variety of skills. Before a "basic" worker for the relevant culture was always generated. Now there is a chance for different skillsets, with the randomziation affected by cultural traits and tech level.
  • New Worker skill: Herbalism. This gives +1 Herb resource per skill level when the Workers are assigned to Farms/Logging Camp/Hunters Lodge/Fae Gardens.
  • The font on the Game Settings Window improved to be more crisp and readable, especially in the drop down sections.
  • Espionage and Search related assignments will now include invalid characters with an explanation of why they are unavailable.
  • Added Ronin character type, relevant for cultures with the Bushido trait. This type can sometimes be generated as a dungeon boss.
  • Samurai are no longer generated as dungeon bosses.
  • Added a cheat action for disabling the battle mana cap.
  • Cheat actions now have a separate "page" in the action hieararchy.
  • Added 'C' as keyboard shortcut for casting the currently selected spell during battles.
  • Added 'Ctrl+1-9' as keyboard shortcut for casting the first 9 spells in the dropdown during battles.
  • Added a tooltip to the cast spell button during battles, displaying spell info (and a keyboard shortcut hint).
  • Added tooltips to the custom game setting drop downs (world size/age, race/culture, magic, wilderness, etc.).
  • Cultures with (fantasy) Slavic flavor will now have unique village, city and castle names, and not use the default language.
  • Added additional variety to Elvish flavor character and place names.
  • Fixed locations sometimes saving incorrectly for characters.
  • Fixed some battle log lines having incorrect time stamps.
  • Fixed unit damage vulnerability modifiers not saving correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Worker skills at level 0 were in some places treated as being -1, leading to very strange results in some calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would often refuse to build on Geyser specials. In some cases considering such hexes would cause a crash.
  • Fixed Fimbul Winter events not being saved, causing the event to not be processed after exiting and loading a game (with on-going events).
  • Fixed the description of Vigor: Rain of Blood to show the actual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where several option lists failed to register mouse clicks not directly on the option text, making them annoying to interact with.
  • Fixed a bug causing battle tooltips to sometimes not update or update very slowly.
  • Fixed a bug causing units to start battles with a facing out of sync between the simulation and state tracking. In some cases, this caused erratic movement/wheeling and failure to engage enemies.
  • Fixed city building modifiers to Squalor and Unrest not showing in tool tips in the City Window. This is not retroactively fixed for already constructed buildings in existing save games.
  • Fixed city building modifiers to Squalor and Unrest working slightly incorrectly if applied while the stat was at the upper or lower limit, and the building is later destroyed or upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug where "Hide" filters for the Military Window were not being applied correctly when loading a game.
  • Fixed a bug where some input fields were difficult to select/focus/edit.
  • Fixed organization and secret society cells not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed the (decadence related) secret society cell creation event treating knightly orders as cults.
  • Added (German/Spanish/French) translations for top bar button tool tips. This includes work to make the tool tips localizable, like was previously done for "static" UI text. The next step is to include dynamic text. (And then of course the actual translation work).

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