Latest Release Notes (0.9.107)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.107)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

Tribal Chiefs
  • Prestige: This attribute begins at 0 and changes through various actions and events. Positive prestige gives lowers recruitment costs and diplomacy costs/thresholds, but increases the cost of giving gifts. Negative prestige has the opposite effect.
  • Call Great Hunt (action): Summon the greatest hunters to participate in a great hunt. Depending on prey chosen, a succesful hunt can yield gold, influence, followers, etc. while a failed one can result in injured or even dead followers and/or guests.
  • Added various random events and quests to the Religious Festival action, the nature and outcome of which varies depending on the deity/religion chosen. These include: Good Omens (Unrest reduction), Portents of Doom (Unrest increase, Unit stat buffs), Ritual Combat, quests forbidding or demanding various actions, Demonic Possession, Gift of Undeath, Blessings, and more.
  • Tribal Destiny: Abyssal Rites (Ambition). Reduces cost and cooldown of Religious Festival by 40%. Adds Summon Demons option to the Great Hunt action. Excludes and excluded by Tribal Destiny: Pact With Nature and Tribal Destiny: One With The Land.
  • Clan Marriage: Now has a small Gold cost representing dowries and/or bribes.
  • Chieftain's Abode/Warlord's Abode/Warlord's Grand Abode/Tribal Palace/Grand Tribal Palace: These camp upgrades no longer increase influence per turn. Instead they give a one-time prestige bonus (which is lost on destruction/downgrade).
  • Brewery: This camp upgrade now gives +1 influence per turn.
  • Trophy Mounds: Cost changed from 2000 gold to 100 spoils. Also gives 5 prestige on construction.
  • Beast Pens: Cost changed from 2500 gold to 1000 gold. Now gives +50% Prestige gain from nearby Great Hunts.
  • Spoils distribution has been disabled until it has an actual effect.
  • Clans can give quests to defeat marauders. This will improve relations and give some prestige if completed.
  • Borders are now enabled when Province mode is entered.
  • Rival AI will prioritize recruitment much higher if all their armies have been defeated.
  • Rival Wizard AI will now reserve a more reasonable amount of mana when there are unclaimed mana nodes.
  • Armies can no longer engage in battle on ocean and lake hexes.
  • Low-Life Recruits now reduces Unit cost by 15% (up to 500 gold) rather than 500 gold. This also prevents the cost from becoming negative.
  • Cities can now be razed as an alternative to conquest or plunder. This requires a sufficiently large army relative to the city size, and will take 2-8 turns depending on the relative size of the army and city.
  • Reduced the chance of marauders, pirates and similar events.
  • Patrol province is no longer enabled by a site under siege.
  • Slightly reduced save game size.
  • Optimized many internal calculations. This will be especially noticeable on 32-bit systems.
Wizards and Magic
  • New Spellcraft: Arcane Trinkets. Requires Arcane 1, Artifice 1, Enchantment 2. Unlocks Arcane Trinkets for new units, which costs 25 mana, 250 gold, 1 jewelry, and gives +1 Armor, +1 Courage, +2 Magical Resistance.
  • New Unit Summon: Lesser Ghebborim. Requires research and Summoning 3, Chaos 2, War 1, Planar Lore 2. They are extra-planar shock infantry.
  • New Unit Summon: Greater Ghebborim. Requires research and Summoning 4, Chaos 5, War 3, Planar Lore 4. They are extra-planar heavy shock infantry, fearless and well-suited to breaking defensive formations.
  • Greater Arcane Ward had Magic Resist bonus reduced from +5 to +3.
  • New armies now have more interesting default names.
User Interface and Graphics
  • Marauders, monsters, pirates and other unaligned armies now have a distinct army sprite.
  • Recruitment now auto-purchases missing resources on the market if the player can afford it. The missing resources and cost are shown in the tooltip for the recruit button, if applicable.
  • Desertion/Attrition due to missing upkeep now includes a tooltip showing the upkeep of the relevant units.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Greater Archons having too few hit points.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI "site attacked" logic was not being invoked if the assault failed.
  • Fixed display of research project requirements sometimes being glitchy.
  • Fixed a bug where army sprites would not correctly be minimized when another army or sprite was in front, at worst causing weird overlap, at best a missing minimized army.
  • Battle time speed changes will no longer apply to animations in the rest of the game (ie the main map).
  • Pressing space will no longer pause/unpause map animations.
  • The army window now shows generic Magical Resistance.
  • The military/recruitment window now shows includes modifiers to Resistance and Vulnerability preview.
  • The military/recruitment window now shows generic Magical Resistance.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to Tribal Destiny: Shamanism and the Spirit Warriors unit modifier.
  • Tribal Destiny can no longer be overspent to acquire aspects with a cost higher than the available number of points.
  • Text will no longer overflow on the Character/Follower windows when showing large amounts of information. A scrollbar has been added.
  • Rival (Wizard/Warlord) AI no longer gets amnesia when saving and reloading. Only applies to new save games.
  • Fixed Tribal Destiny: Swift Messengers not being correctly applied.

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