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Latest Release Notes (

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Spells have been added to gain (additional) special workers. Some wizards would start with undead, faerie or demonic workers, but these were not available after the game has started.
  • Spell Summon Demonic Wretches added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Demonic Summoning).
  • Spell Raise Skeleton Laborers added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Necromancy 3 or Necromancy 2/Enchantment 1 or Necromancy 2/Artifice 1).
  • Spell Fay Binding of Beasts added. Summons special workers unit. Must be researched (requires: Beasts 2, Binding 1 and Fay Lore 2).
  • Some research projects now have a Lore requirement, in addition to existing requirements. Draugar (all) require Ancient History 1. Greater Elemental Summoning (all) require Elemental Lore 3.
  • The Charismatic wizard trait now grants +1 Courage to all units which do not have trait/tag: Mindless, Limited Mind, Non-Living, Beasts and/or Monsters.
  • New Battle Spell: Acid Spray (Water 4). Deals 12 Corrosive damage to up to 10 members of the target unit. Secondary mastery is Destruction.
  • New Battle Spell: Poison Cloud (Darkness 3). Deals 3 Poison damage to 75% of the members of the target unit. Secondary mastery is Water.
  • Uhlebeasts default unit size changed from 20 to 40.
  • New World Spell: Lesser Planar Seal (Warding 8). Increases cost to summon extra planar units by +50% and increases mishap chance by 25%. Duration 4 turns. Secondary mastery: Order. Cooldown 20 turns.
  • New World Spell: Greater Planar Seal (Warding 10). Prevents summoning of extra planar units completely. Duration 4 turns. Secondary mastery: Order. Cooldown 20 turns.
  • Uhlebeasts can now be researched with requirements (Beasts 5, Blood 2), (Beasts 5, Darkness 2) or (Beasts 8).
  • Warlords are now playable. The Tribal Chief archetype is first available. This is a first iteration of the mechanics, and they will be expanded/improved.
  • Tribal Chiefs have lower unit costs and upkeep, and immediate recruitment. However, base income is much lower.
  • Some Tribal Warlord units have the "Noble" trait. The number of these is restricted by the number of Noble pops.
  • A base military capacity is calculated for Tribal Warlords based on pops and camp upgrades. Going above this capacity will increase unit upkeep and recruitment costs.
  • Tribal Warlords have a "Veteran Warriors" attribute which acts a pseudo-resource. It increases automatically over time, and from certain actions and events. The recruitment of most higher-tier units reduces this pool by the unit size.
  • Tribal Warlords have a "Mounts" attribute which acts a pseudo-resource. It increases automatically over time, and from certain actions and events. The recruitment of most cavalry units reduces this pool by the unit size.
  • Camp pops now belong to Clans, which affects various Tribal Chief mechanics and diplomacy.
  • Camps can now migrate. After a period time dependent on labor needed to disassemble upgrades and available labor, this replaces the camp with a special army with very low movement. The army has a special action to settle and re-create the Camp. Some upgrades have a cost to reassemble, which if it cannot be paid will result in a downgrade. Some upgrades (e.g. fortifications) cannot be moved.
  • The "Magic" button is removed for Warlords. Tribal Chiefs have a "Tribe" button instead.
  • Tribal Chiefs have a Tribal Destiny mechanic which allows the purchase of various upgrades and abilities from 6 different paths.
  • Clan Diplomacy allows Tribal Chiefs to take control of other clans. Clans have traits which impact diplomacy and can give abilities/bonuses if they
    are controlled. Gaining control of their camps is not yet implemented, but will be added very soon.
  • Tribal Chiefs cannot build resource sites (Farms, Mines, etc.) Tribal Destiny can unlock the ability to build Trade Posts.
  • Tribal armies can Plunder the country-side and minor sites of a province (unless a Fortress is guarding it). This will give a small amount of Spoils.
  • Tribal armies cannot conquer sites, but will gain Spoils from sacking them.
  • New resource, Spoils. Gained by Warlords by raiding, pillaging, battles, etc. Can be converted into Gold or used as "currency" for certain actions.
Other and Bug Fixes
  • The world generator will now try to avoid placing players on landmasses with a low number of provinces.
  • A specialized unit type generator is used for (Tribal Warlord) player cultures, to make sure a suitable spread of tiers and types are present.
  • Unit effects are now color-coded in the Army Window, positive effects are green, negative effects are red, neutral/ambiguous effects are orange.
  • City and camp production modifiers due to Unrest expanded to cover high and low values, and to have better granularity.
  • City leaders now give a +5% production for each of the following traits they have: Civic, Artisan, Mercantile.
  • Reduced installation size on windows by 30%-40%.
  • Events which spawn monsters, undead and dire beasts are now more or less likely depending on the Magic game setting. Base chance modifier: Pervasive x300%, Common x200%, Rare x50%, VeryRare x50%-5%
  • Events which spawn undead are now more likely if Wilderness game setting is Sinister: (base+5%)x200%.
  • Events which spawn dire beasts now more likely if Wilderness game setting is Sinister: +5% or Primeval: (base+5%)x150%.
  • Events which spawn bandits, marauders, monsters, etc. are now more or less likely depending on the Wilderness game setting. Tranquil x25%,Dangerous x150%, Deadly x150%+5%, Sinister +10%.
  • Events which spawn bandits, marauders, monsters, etc. are now less likely in provinces with outposts, fortresses, and/or armies. The impact depends on fortress size, (civilized) army sizes, scout captain presence and whether any armies are patrolling the province.
  • New Unit: Gargoyles (Darkness 4, Earth 1). Flying, tough, unsettling unit with high scout stat, but limited damage potential. Requires Aviarium to research.
  • New Unit: Air Elementals (Air 5). Requires Lesser Air Elementals.
  • New Unit: Earth Elementals (Earth 5). Requires Lesser Earth Elementals.
  • New Unit: Fire Elementals (Fire 5). Requires Lesser Fire Elementals.
  • New Unit: Water Elementals (Water 5). Requires Lesser Water Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Air Elementals (Air 8). Requires Air Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Earth Elementals (Earth 8). Requires Earth Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Fire Elementals (Fire 8). Requires Fire Elementals.
  • New Unit: Greater Water Elementals (Water 8). Requires Water Elementals.
  • New Unit: Angels of Hope (Celestial 3, Light 3). Stronger, flying version of Lesser Angels of Hope.
  • New Unit: Angels of War (Celestial 4, War 3). Versatile flying unit with strong defensive and ranged stats, decent offensive stats.
  • New Unit: Angels of Justice (Celestial 5, Order 3). Powerful flying melee unit, but lacking somewhat in staying power and defensive stats.
  • New Unit: Eshim. Celestial fire/frost based infantry unit with good magical damage and morale, but low survivability. Cannot be summoned or recruited, but implemented for events, city defenders, etc.
  • The Patrol Province action now displays in the tooltip why is not usable if it is not.
  • Exhausted armies can no longer use the Patrol Province action.
  • When merging an army into another, the Scout Captain of the source army will now be assigned to a target army with no Scout Captain.
  • Emissaries can now be sent to Camps.
  • A number of upgrades are now available for Camps.
  • Camps can now be inspected in the same way as Cities.
  • Camps now use the same Pop system as Cities.
  • Tweaked text alignment in the outliner to make it more readable.
  • Added color to additional instances of tool tip-enabled text parts (e.g. cultures).
  • Celestial and Faerie characters are now correctly matched with culture and faction attitudes when sending emissaries.
  • Fixed incorrect culture adjectives for many randomly generated culture names.
  • Fixed site defenders not being properly assigned a faction controller.
  • Fixed some of randomly generated cultural unit types missing Cavalry and Infantry tags, and thus not always being included in when they should.
  • Fixed the Emissary Duel event having an incorrectly positive influence reward for one of the negative outcomes (failed ambush with martial honor culture host) and an incorrectly negative reward for one of the positive outcomes (successful negotiation).
  • Added a Log to the Economy Window Ledger. It shows all transactions for the current turn (ie turn processing + those taking effect during user interaction).
  • Optimized performance of map drag and zoom.
  • Optimized battle engine performance.
  • Greatly optimized the "Reveal Map" cheat.
  • Did a general graphics performance pass.
  • Dungeons with Construct and Demon themes are now generated.
  • Added a few character type templates (Seraph, Eshim, Illuminant and Heavenly Knight) for Celestial characters.
  • Exceptions and errors now result in a dialog and the game being closed, in cases where it would previously cause a hang/freeze/broken gamestate.
  • Changed the Military Window to always show the Trainer section. If no valid characters are available the reasons can be seen in the character selection window.
  • When choosing participants for a Dungeon Expedition, ineligible characters are now included in the list, but are unselectable and have a note describing why.
  • When no characters are available for a Dungeon Expedition, the button is no longer missing. Instead a tooltip hints that there are no valid characters, and the selection window has the details on each character.
  • Changed damage calculations for attacks with secondary damage to merge secondary damage of the same damage type.
  • Optimized calculation of site resource output during turn processing. For games with large maps / many sites, this will have a significant positive impact on turn processing waiting time.
  • Fixed some instances of wizards not being given the correct starting armies due to not being able to find unit types similar enough to a specified template. Search criteria will be widened if nothing is found to avoid this.
  • Fixed an issue with fortresses not being assigned to correct factions/realms during world generation.
  • Fixed a bug causing some city production multipliers to apply to maintenance costs. E.g. a +10% modifier could raise the maintenance of a building from 100 to 110 gold.
  • Fixed a bug causing "Sell All" to enabled in the Economy window for invalid resouces. Clicking would "sell" all applicable resources for a price of 0.
  • Fixed the expected recruitment modifiers not being available for all units on the military screen.
  • Fixed the display of recruitment modifier being incorrect for non-equipment affecting modifiers for stats other than cost.
  • Fixed a bug where melee damage modifier buffs were not included during damage calculations.
  • Fixed a bug which doubled secondary damage from attacks during some calculations.
  • Fixed a bug where UI updates could be blocked by moving an army. This would persist until another army moved. In the meantime the resource summary, map icons, outliner and many other UI elements, would not correctly update.
  • Fixed a bug allowing armies to assault camps when exhausted.
  • Fixed a bug causing visual battle resolution issues if the player was attacking and had no battle spells.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Patrol Province army action to be available when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed a (rare-ish) world generation crash bug.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with the Jade resource and Quarries/Mines. It is now a Mine resource. Tooltips and UI have been fixed to enforce this.
  • Fixed Call For Heroes cooldown being decremented whenever the UI was updated. Also made the action always visible, but disabled with tooltip when on cooldown.
  • Fixed Demonic characters sometimes being generated from an incorrect template, resulting in odd traits.
  • Fixed several check boxes not toggling when clicking the associated text (only the 'box' registered clicks for these).
  • Fixed a few incorrect worker tool tips relating to skills.
  • Worker skills now impact Fae Garden production.
  • Fixed the Domestic worker skill not impacting Farm production as expected.
  • The volume slider has be de-linearized to make the volume changes more smooth to humans.
  • Fixed an issue with non-quick start games ignoring warlord selection.
  • Fixed an issue with tribal units disappearing from the recruitment window when saving games. Code has been added which repairs games saved with this issue, so the fix should work retroactievly.
  • The Wizard Project tab has an option to show unavailable projects. This will also display the requirements, making it easier to plan research and masteries.
  • Added color to many text parts which had no indication of tooltips previously.

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