Latest Release Notes (0.9.116)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.116)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Added two new outcomes when exploring Mysterious Sites (goody huts). One of these has multiple options for resolution.
  • Fomorians have been added to the tables for generating random "Monstrous Humanoid" armies. They are very rare and tend to be found in Blight and Darkened regions.
  • New Spellcraft: Fomorian Sorcery. Research unlocked by Mastery: Chaos 3 + Lore: Ancient History 2. Gives +5 Mana per turn and unlocks research of Fomorian unit types.
  • New Unit: Fomorian Degenerates. Basic, relatively weak Fomorian infantry unit, which is very cheap and fast to research. Research to unlock requiresFomorian Sorcery and at least one of Mastery: Binding 2, Mastery: Beasts 1, Mastery: Blood 1.
  • New Unit: Fomorian Brutes. Durable medium infantry. Research to unlock requiresFomorian Sorcery and Mastery: War 2.
  • New Unit: Fomorian Nobles. Durable elite heavy infantry with strong melee attacks and decent short-range javelin attacks. Research to unlock requiresFomorian Sorcery, Lore: Ancient History 4 and either A) Mastery: Binding 5 or B) Mastery: Binding 3 + Mastery: Order 3.
  • New Unit: Fomorian Elders. Durable elite medium infantry with powerful magic attacks. Research to unlock requires Fomorian Sorcery, Mastery: Darkess 3, Mastery: Time 2 and Lore: Ancient History 5.
  • New Unit: Fomorian Blight Lords. Durable light infantry with very powerful magic attacks dealing combined Disease+Corrosive+Dark damage. Research to unlock requires Fomorian Sorcery, Mastery: Darkness 3, Mastery: Pestilence 3, Lore: Ancient History 5 and Lore: Ancient Evil 2.
  • Research of Lore: Ancient Evil is now unlocked by one of the following A) Mastery: Darkness 4 + Mastery: Divination 2, B) Mastery: Abyssal 6 + Mastery: Divination 2, C) Lore: Ancient History 5 + Darkness 2, D) Lore: Ancient History 8.
  • The Exotic Races game setting now has a greater impact, with Classic races/cultures being much less likely, Exotic being more likely. Any non-Exotic will also have a high amount of variety changes applied to the template.
  • Dungeon Exploration can now gives better rewards more in line with risk posed to the expedition. The new special rewards have a small chance of occuring during exploration turns and a medium to very high chance (depending on dungeon size) to be awarded after clearing the dungeon. The possible rewards are Unit (with no upkeep for 20 turns), Map Reveal+influence, Wizard Research (random fully researched project) and Tribal Destiny.
  • Greatly reduced the cost to research Lore.
  • Lore research now shows the next level in the project name and the current level in the description.
  • Fixed a bug where initial Lore levels from Wizard traits were not being set correctly.
  • Fixed a bug causing Lore research to be unavailable after Level 1+ was reached.
  • Fixed a bug where could abandoned sieges could cause issues when the site was sieged later.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to assaulting after a siege.
  • Fixed a bug causing Trade Posts to be under construction permanently. They also no longer generate income until after construction finishes.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to conquering a site with units under recruitment.
  • Removing the Mercantile character from a Trade Post under construction will now give the player a notification that construction has been halted.

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