Latest Release Notes (0.9.112)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.112)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Added more "Mark" upgrades: There are now all three levels of Marks for Air, Darkness, Death, Fire, Ice, Light, Nature, Shadow, Stone, Thunder, Water.
  • Tweaked the food mechanics for camps: All food from pops, upgrades and abilities are now added to a base production of 2 food. The first 50 mounts do not consume food. The threshold for high population penalties has been raised by 1.
  • Fixed incorrect display of population growth mechanics on the Camp window.
  • Fixed units not leaving the battlefield as intended when broken and retreating. If unpursued they now leave after 1 turn. If pursued they leave after 4 turns, but have a random chance to leave earlier unless any pursuer has the Relentless Pursuit ability.
  • Unit "hit point" display is now scaled according to unit max size and not size at the start of the battle. So a unit with 15 individuals but a max size of 100, will now have a 15% filled bar (previously it would be 100%).
  • Fixed a bug related to swapping reserves during deployment.
  • Fixed a crash bug related to casting spells during battles.
  • Fixed an issue where some save game files would not load.
  • Unit recruitment of type Raise can now do be done at any controlled city or Mana Node (of type Shadow, Death or Evil). The Wizard Tower remains a valid site.
  • Unit recruitment of type Summon can now do be done at any controlled fortress or Mana Node (of type Arcane or Chaos). (in addition to the Wizard Tower).
  • Unit recruitment of type Bind can now do be done at any controlled outpost or Mana Node (of type Arcane, Life, Light, Order or Primordial). The Wizard Tower remains a valid site.
  • Wizards now get a free amount of mana for unit upkeep equal to (10 x Tower Level). This amount, and the amount used is shown in the military window, the ledger and the economy log. Examples: A Wizard with a Level 1 Tower and units with a combined upkeep of 8 mana per turn will now pay 0 mana for them (but will not gain the 2 "unused"). A Wizard with a Level 2 Tower and units with a combined upkeep of 25 mana per turn will now pay 5 mana for them.
  • There is now a cap on the number of units of type Train which can be recruited in parallel at a Wizard Tower. This is equal to (1+Tower Level), +1 for Barracks upgrade, +2 for Training Grounds upgrade. This does not affect other types of recruitment.
  • New Tower Upgrade: Training Grounds. 500 gold. +2 Training cap. +25% recruitment speed if only one unit is being trained.

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