Documentation: Hex Conditions and Specials

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Documentation: Hex Conditions and Specials

Post by Ludovic » Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:33 am

A condition represents a supernatural or extraordinary phenomenon affecting the area. This includes: Blighted, hallowed, fel-touched, sanctuary, enchanted, primal, darkened.

A special is the presence of a natural resource (gems, silver, etc) or some extraordinary feature (volcano, tar lakes, etc).

Blighted: Energies related to necromancy, pestilence and/or death magic suffuse the land. Harvests are poor, trees become twisted and gnarly, thorns drip with deadly toxins and scavengers abound as wildlife and populace fall to starvation and sickness. Life here is a strange prospect as the boundary between life and death blurs - final rest is denied to most, as they cling to a life of little vitality and joy, to avoid joining the ranks of the restless and bitter dead who often rise from their shallow graves. Those who survive here are hardy, but seldom without taint. A few may even attain a tenacity and longevity far beyond what is natural, through sheer force of will or by more nefarious means.

Hallowed: A divine or great mystic power has provided this area with a boon of powerful magic. Courage and ambition come easily to those who dwell here, the children strong and the elders wise. Beasts are graced with air of majesty and the landscape itself conveys a sense of power and stability. But there is a darker side to these blessings, as fanaticism, violent arrogance or isolationism is equally apt to take hold of the hearts of the people here. Outsiders are rarely trusted and indeed, those who visit this land often become jealous and tempted to conquer, pillage or even defile it.

Demonic Taint: The very presence of powerful demons will leave a lasting mark on a region. Even when the fel-touched land no longer harbors a single demon, these fel energies will still be the source of mutation and corruption. The fauna will bear demonic marks, not only manifest as scales, spines, claws or other corruptions of a physical nature, but also in the form of violent and dark moods. A simple bird may show not outward sign of corruption until it descends upon an unwary traveler at night, a violent flurry of beak and talon unleashed on sleeping victim. Depending on the strength of the condition, the effects on intelligent inhabitants may be anything from a general absence of corruption apart from a rare mutated infant to very obvious physical corruption and widespread demonic worship.

Sanctuary: A sanctuary is affected by powerful magics which deter violence and aggression. Without magical assistance or exceptionally strong aggressive urges few are able to willingly invade this land, and even those who manage to do so find their thirst for blood diminished, and their will to advance sapped. Defenders are also affected and conduct their defense with calm determination, untouched by fear, desperation or passion. The wounded feel little pain and the dead slip effortlessly into the afterlife. Some of these regions are so powerful that only special individuals are able to enter at all.

Primal: The primal energies suffusing this land make the wildlife vigorous and strong, to the point of almost appearing monstrous. The plants grow taller and embrace every inch of the land, only broken by raging rivers, streams of magma and other violent aspects of nature. Intelligent creatures feel the call of the wild strongly, culture is easily forgotten and a more feral lifestyle adopted. A few races may be able to maintain their civilization here, but such "civilization" often mimics the capricious and ruthless nature of the untamed wilds. Any monsters that dwell here are true terrors, possessed of great destructive power and animalistic cunning.

Enchanted: Enchanted lands are by dominated by "pure" arcane magics. Mastery of the mystical arts come more easily to those born here, and strange creatures and plants are the norm. This is a dangerous but also alluring locale for the unfamiliar visitor, as marvels and dangers are found in great abundance. The magical energies can be the source of great beauty and abundance, but can also turn a tiny and unassuming creature into a most deadly encounter. A fragile flower may explode into razor sharp fragments, a small lizard can petrify any who touch it or a tranquil font may trap the souls of those who gaze into it.

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