Latest Release Notes (0.9.102)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.102)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • The space bar key can now pause/unpause during battles.
  • Casting spells will no longer unpause if the player has paused during battles.
  • Zooming out will now switch on Province names. Zooming back in will turn them off again (unless they were toggled explicitly by the player).
  • Province borders have been changed from pure black to a slightly thicker black line with an inner white line.
  • Bonus damage when charging is now slightly higher in general.
  • Bonus damage when charging was previously (Melee Shock)*(Movement Factor)*(Weight Factor)*(Defensive Factor). Weight was based on armor, and Defensive factor on Shield Wall and a fixed amount offset by the attacker's Break Defense stat. The calculation now also considers size difference, Attacker: (Courage, Frenzy), Defender: (Discipline, Unsettling, Terror). Mindless and Limited Mind play a role in offsetting the psychological effects as they do in general.
  • Added more (cult/organization/martial order) titles to the world generator.
  • Rain of Fire is now learned at Fire 5 (was 8), deals more damage, gives the caster feedback on how many casualties were inflicted, and also hits garrisons.
  • Reaper's Due (Death 3) now also hits garrison armies. It also gives feedback when no undead could be affected or no damage was inflicted, instead of failing silently. When it does deal damage the information is now less specific about the damage dealt (making it less useful to spy on enemy armies).
  • Wizard Tower expansions which give XP or trigger special events for followers no longer consider those sent on missions away from the tower or recuperating.
  • Roaming Undead armies now have slightly better names.
  • Fixed a bug where many unit types did not list attacks from equipment in the Military Window.
  • Fixed a bug causing some save games to not load.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing unit types to be generated without a name.

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