Latest Release Notes (0.9.88)

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Latest Release Notes (0.9.88)

Post by Ludovic » Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:35 pm

  • Splash screen added to replace the black screen when the game is launched.
  • Extended the "showing-all-characters-but-unavailable-ones-are-dimmed-out-and-have-text-explaining-why" functionality to cover all character selections.
  • Conquering a settlement from an independent realm will give control of any adjacent resource sites, not adjacent to a fortress or other settlement of that independent realm.
  • Added modifier tool tips to additional city stats: unrest, tyranny, squalor and fortification.
  • Spell: Scales of Justice implemented. It decreases crime, unrest and decadence in a city.
  • Spell: Depravity implemented. It increases crime and decadence in a city, but decreases unrest.
  • Spell: Demonic Strength implemented. It gives a damage and toughness bonus to the affected unit.
  • Bug fix: Non-blight hex conditions were being incorrectly saved.
  • Bug fix: Multiple hex conditions in the same hex made save files unable to load.
  • Bug fix: Lesser Mass Mutation gave no error message when trying to select an invalid worker.
  • Bug fix: Beseech Dark Patron spell was unavailable.
  • Bug fix: Spell cooldowns were not applied correctly.
  • Bug fix: Modifiers could sometimes cause stats to violate minimum and maximum values (e.g. negative unrest).
  • Bug fix: Spells targeting workers with no valid targets gave an empty window. A message is now shown instead.

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