Documentation: Espionage

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Documentation: Espionage

Post by Ludovic » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:01 pm

Espionage covers a variety of covert missions and activities.

Followers can be assigned to an espionage operation, which they will then attempt to carry out as a group. There is no maximum number of participants, but most types of operations will have lowered chance of success if the number exceeds 5.

Character class, religion, traits and items affect the outcome of missions.

Espionage: The operatives will covertly gather information at the target location, infiltrating it if possible.

Counter-Espionage: This is a defensive operation focusing on exposing spies and preventing sabotage.

Steal Research: Usable by a wizard against a rival wizard. Sends one or more followers on an extremely dangerous and difficult mission to bring back materials that give insight into the arcane secrets of the rival. Can give a boost to research or even full knowledge of a "tech" is successful.

Destroy Research: Reduces research progress in targeted wizard tower. Extremely dangerous.

Sabotage: Valid targets are cities, resource sites, fortresses and wizard towers. Can cause damage or outright destroy buildings/upgrades, casualties among defenders, loss of defensive value, loss of resources/wealth, increased squalor or similar effects.

Assassinate: High-risk attempt to kill a specific character. Danger and difficulty depends on the target. A depressed, sickly philosopher in a peaceful village is an easier target than the paranoid Spellblade making her lair in an ancient necropolis below the streets under a fortified city.

Diplomatic Sabotage: Target an emissary at a 3rd party - for example, the emissary of a rival warlord sent as ambassador to a neutral city. Making use of intrigue, fabrication of rumors, false evidence, manipulation and other cunning ploys, the operatives seek to foil the diplomat, or even cause serious diplomatic incidents.

Resource Theft: Launch a raid or burglary to covertly appropriate resources from the target site. Some resources, such as gems, perfume and gold are easier to move than granite, lumber and vats of ichor.

Dungeon Ambush: A most dastardly ploy, where the party of followers are sent to a dungeon, covertly watching for adventurers or rival agents entering the dungeon, and then springing an ambushing as they emerge battered and with their guard down after an arduous foray into the dangerous depths. Stealing the hard-earned treasures and taking any survivors prisoner, this can strike a serious blow to a rival, but also garner the enmity of adventuring companies, if word gets out that organized ganking and ninja looting is taking place.


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