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Progress: February

Posted: Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:09 pm
by Ludovic
  • Army General task now requires either the Command trait or Martial type. (previously only the quite rare commanders were assignable).
  • Regiments now replenish losses at a rate of 5 per turn. (except a few units which cannot replenish losses)
  • Some unit types had no upkeep costs and/or free recruitment. Correct costs have been added.
  • Multi-selection is now possible in the Army Reorganization dialog to reduce the number of clicks necessary to split or join large armies.
  • Followers can be sent to explore freely if you don’t care if they explore in a particular province. Free Exploration assignments will eventually come to an end, as the expedition tires and/or runs out of supplies. Grants experience and
    creates a couple of turns of fatigue for the character. Traits and class affect the expected length of the expedition.
  • Followers now gain levels as they gain experience, potentially learning new skills.
  • Followers can learn new skills and acquire new traits through events and assignments. Ie sending someone as an emissary to a neutral city
    will eventually make them better at diplomacy – or make them depressed or paranoid from the stress of being a terrible diplomat for year.
  • Followers now have a patron deity.
  • Artist and Musician classes added.
  • On the follower assignment dialog, the benefits from assigning a specific follower to govern a city are now shown. The exact effects depend on the skills and traits of the follower – a bloodthirsty governor will boost martial progress in the city, a hedonist will cause decadence, a master of intrigue will increase your influence gain, etc.
  • Researching Worship adds a religious-type follower.
  • Researching Mana Nodes will now alert you to any nodes discovered in already explored territory.
  • There is now a variable construction time per building type. Cultural traits and leader traits affect construction time. Assigning
    workers increases construction progress.
  • Unrest will now lower the production of a city
  • The expected production/income of a city is now shown on the city management dialog
  • Archery Range is a new building, unlocking ranged units.
Ancient Evils:
  • Ancient Evils now interact with the world, marking and influencing characters, sending strange dreams, spawning monsters, creating climate/terrain change, spreading blight or other terrain modifiers (primal, enchanted, etc.), unleashing rains of blood, corrupting heroes or local wildlife, and much more.
  • Constructed shrines will be dedicated to the patron deity of the religious leader during construction (if any).
  • Market prices of exotic resources adjusted.
  • Resource collection sites (Farms, Mines, Quarries, Vineyards, Hunters' Lodges, Archaeological Excavations) can now be unlocked via research in addition to follower and worker skills, making them more available.
Rivals and Neutrals:
  • Rival wizards are now seeded and controlled by a basic AI. Set an AI to Very Easy difficulty to make it inactive.
  • The nomad camps of nomadic cultures will now spawn raiders that attack settlements.
  • Conquering neutral towns will cause other neutral towns to fear the player and recruit additional defenders. This alertness fades over time.
  • Conquering a settlement will now give the player a forced choice on how to deal with the previous ruler
  • Followers can be sent as emissaries to neutral cities, giving relation gain and enabling a number of events.
  • Neutral cities will warn non-friendly factions which move armies close to their territory. Relations will deteriorate if warning not heeded.
  • Neutral cities will request diplomatic connections from newly encountered factions.
  • Dark Tome added to loot table. If looted starts an event chain.
  • Enchanted Armor added to loot tables. Gives the character a chance to avoid death and/or injury.
  • Bag of Holding added to loot tables. Gives a 10% bonus to the amount resources hauled out of a dungeon run.
  • Dungeon exploration can be automated on a per-follower basis.
World Generation:
  • Ancient pyramids are being seeded as part of world generation again.
  • Increased variety of regiment type names and character names.
  • Dynamic regiment naming engine improvements including recognizing elemental marks.
Tactical Combat:
  • Spells added: Shadow Encumbrance, Blur, Flames of the Phoenix, Mass Resurrection and Baleful Strength.
And a whole lot of bug fixes...