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Progress: December

Post by Ludovic » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:19 pm


Item marked with an asterisk (*) are not yet released to the Early Access branch

Upgrade to Unity 5.5

Experimental MacOS, Linux and SteamOS Support

Insectoid language added
Serpentoid language added
All research choices now have description/mechanics text

Recent battles are shown with a small animated icon on the world map
Army movement trail looks nicer
Province borders look a bit nicer

Sigil suggestion during game creation is now randomized
Banner color picker now displays the selected color in the preview window while holding the mouse
Research notification made more usable and less spammy
Encyclopedia now groups related cultures (ie 'Sun Dwarves', 'Shadow Dwarves' and 'Iron Dwarves' will get a common 'Dwarves' header)
Diplomacy Window improvements
Scaling of UI is now user configurable (ie dialogs, menus, windows, buttons can be made larger or smaller)
Battle Report Window now shows full history of a battle, including losses and morale over time
Info panel (turn/income/etc) no longer hides on ESC (0.9.62)
Tool tips should no longer be obscured by almost everything (0.9.62)
Message/prompt window (at the center top of the UI) works again (0.9.62)
Research Window can now show completed research (0.9.62)
Equipment stats are now shown in the encylopedia (0.9.62)

Warlord AI will now construct and upgrade city buildings, preferring unit-enabling and martial choices
Wizard AI will now construct and upgrade city buildings, preferring research contributing choices

Details of all battles are now recorded and persisted for potential use by events, AI and encyclopedia
Humoristic/silly event and content can now toggled on/off during game creation
Cheat menu is now disabled/hidden per default, but can enabled from the settings menu (0.9.62)

Imps: Range on fireball attack increased from 25 to 40
Greater Imps: Range on fireball attack increased from 25 to 40
Maladonisai (new): Skilled and charismatic mercenaries with a sinister secret

Wider range of equipment for randomly generated military units
Shields now give additional protection against most missile weapons
War Staff (new): Iron-shod and/spiked version of the quarterstaff. Heavier and more expensive, but deals better damage, especially against armored foes.

Other Bugfixes:
Fixed river mesh code bug causing game to freeze in certain cases where a river was partially in fog of war
Enrage Wildlife spell now has an icon (0.9.62)
Lots of spells which were missing icons now have icons (0.9.63)
Resource extraction sites are no longer often invisible on the map (0.9.63)
Character assignments now properly handled for construction projects and site leadership (0.9.63)
Invisible fonts fixed for file dialog and some other affected text fields (0.9.63)
Drop down lists no longer obscured by everything else (0.9.63)

Known Bugs/Issues
Large battles involving ranged troops have really odd results
When commencing construction of a resource site player should be able to mark workers for auto-assignment to the completed site
File dialog has some issues
Release notes not opening

In Progress

Army icon graphics

Battle engine rework


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