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Progress: November

Post by Ludovic » Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:35 pm

In Progress
  • River graphics improvement (70%)
  • Army icon graphics (30%)
  • Battle engine rework (85%)
  • Map sprite movement animation (fluid movement)
  • Performance optimization of randomization/content generation engine
  • Character personality trait chances are now able to by modified according to race/culture/type
  • Minor realm AI now takes relative military power into consideration for fear/intimidation calculations
  • Mountain range identification improved to avoid erroneously merging different ranges connected by hills. They now have different names and are considered distinct by the engine
  • Wizard Tower upgrade mechanics rework - design part - implementation postponed until after beta release
  • Forests are now named by the world generator and no longer have placeholder names
  • All wizard research items have icons - many are placeholders, but a better representation than the question mark icon
  • Nomadic hosts now re-settle if they have no camps and are not raiding/invading, choosing a destination based on terrain preferences, avoiding provinces controlled by a strong military power, avoiding dangerous dungeons, preferring proximity to decadent/weak/rich realms.
  • Greenlight video
  • Units can be split into smaller units, or have detachments split off
  • Armies now have units assigned to vanguard, scouting, main force or reserves
  • Basic Relic generation and story mechanics
  • Unit upkeep now normalized according to numerical strength (ie casualties/splitting/reinforcements will alter upkeep)
Interesting Bugfixes
  • Wizard AI no longer becomes passive if attacked by a faction it already hates
  • Nomad raiders no longer trigger duplicate pleas for help if a multi-army host is en route to a city


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