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Progress: September

Post by Ludovic » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:55 pm

New spell: Flash of Insight. Gives XP to low-level followers (has a cooldown to avoid micromanagement busy work/spam).

The location of the Relic sought by a Relic cult is now generated. Currently displayed in the Encyclopedia for debugging purposes, but the information is initially unknown to the AI.
Added toponym generation for Celtic inspired cultures.
Monster-related code that was spread between dungeons, battles and the character system has been unified. E.g. so the same base stats are used as the basis for a Ghoul character, a unit of Ghouls in an army and combat with Ghouls in a dungeon.

Outposts and Fortresses:
Outposts now have 5 levels of progression, indicating the size, garrison and infrastructure of the site.
At level 3 outposts can be upgraded into Forts.
The fortress logic has been cleaned up a bit, with clearly defined fortress types: Fort, Tower, Keep, Castle and Citadel.

In Progress:
New Battle Engine.
Specialized Cult and Knight Order AI.


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