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Progress: July

Post by Ludovic » Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:54 pm

Dungeon Boss Fights V1 (done)
Ancient Evil / Dungeon Integration (in progress)
Hidden Sites / Search Mechanics (done)
Improved Nomad Raider AI (done)
Improved City Leader Generation (done)
Province Control & Army Patrol Mechanics (in progress)

Customization and Game Setup
Wizard Customization (done)
Wizard Sigils (done)

User Interface
Map Scroll Restrictions (done)
Mini-Map Quick Jump (done)
Dungeon Boss Fight Dialog V1 (done)
Character Inventory Panel (done)
Context-Sensitive Actions Usability Improvements (done)
Game Setup: Quick Start Option (done)
Next Turn Button: Quick Prompt for Required Actions (done)

Warlord opponents now have a specialized AI (done)
Wizard/Warlord AI: Assign tasks to followers: dungeon exploration, province searches, various exploration (done)
Wizard/Warlord AI: Reserves resources for important future actions (done)
Wizard/Warlord AI: Can now send armies to siege/conquer cities, lift sieges and explore (done)
Wizard AI: Now sends armies to bind mana nodes (done)
Better evaluation of army strength (done)

World Generation
Female dwarven name generation (done)

Units and Military Mechanics
Explicit attack stats for all units (done)
Physical Resistance stat removed, replaced by resistance (and vulnerability) to Damage Type: Physical (done)

Race Info in Encyclopedia (done)
Delete Save Games (done)

Bug Fixes
Unit stats/details now shown when selecting target for spell instead of "TODO"
Various bugs preventing "Next Turn" from working (mostly bad state for multi-turn events causing these)
After loading a game, certain events would cause a crash
Loading a game where a city has a temple dedicated to a specific deity caused an error


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