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Progress: April

Posted: Tue May 03, 2016 8:10 am
by Ludovic
The vast majority of work went into porting to Unity from "vanilla" .NET Windows forms. The UI graphics also got a big overhaul, with a big heap of new icons and a proper GUI theme.

Game ported to Unity engine.
20+ crash fixes and numerous minor bugs fixed.
Improved multithreading performance.

Exceptional taxes: Gain additional income from cities through (the threat) of force.
General Tyranny mechanics framework.

Party formation UI and mechanics.
Resend toggle at party-level for improved automation.

Rebalance of initial wizard tower production.
Worker upkeep costs.
Worker resource production when assigned to wizard tower.

World Map
Task shortcut icons.

More mission types.

Dynamic Encyclopedia
Information on the randomly generated world: cultures, deities, planes, ancient civilizations, and more.