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Progress: March

Post by Ludovic » Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:57 pm

  • Marauding armies not controlled by a faction will now roam around looking for trouble or seek out civilizations to attack, depending on type. Previously they just stood around and fiercely defended their hex. Depending on their type they might not conquer cities they defeat. No more rampaging beasts taking control of cities.
  • Nomad raiders now return to the camp and recruit new raiders to replace losses.
  • More random character names.
  • Units of races with natural armor no longer gain the full effect of equipped armor. E.g. Dragonmen in full plate are no longer effectively invulnerable.
  • Cultures will have a greater variety and number of unit types generated.
  • City buildings now display exactly which units are unlocked by building them, rather than just the general type. If no units are unlocked, the type will be displayed, since it will combine with other buildings. E.g. a Smithy unlocks Medium Armor and a Training Ground Professional-type units – to unlock a Professional Medium Armor unit, both need to be built.
  • Templar class added for followers.
  • Followers now need to be in or near an Army to be able to join it or become general.
  • Some random events which were occuring too often have been made less likely to occur.
  • Cities now accumulate wealth.
  • City progression mechanics improved to flow a bit more smoothly and give fewer followers towards the mid-game. The display of city attribute progress should also be more intuitive.
  • At game start, fortresses now tend to be controlled by nearby minor cities, if no rival warlord controls them, instead of being strangely unaligned fortresses.
  • Orcs and Human Barbarians have a greater chance of having nomad camps.
  • Similar messages are collected in the notification bar to reduce spam during periods of high world activity.
  • Generals give buffs to army units depending on skills (ie cavalry leader, inspire courage, etc.)
  • Followers can be marked as favored. This allows choosing from a list of (semi-random) skills when the follower gains a level. The maximum number of favored followers is one, plus one for each of the following: Researching Leadership, having the Trusted Retainers trait and/or having the Master of Puppets trait.
  • Characters can now have relations to each other. This can be a family relation (eg. parent, sibling, distant relative), it can be a rivalry, based on history and emotion (e.g. distrust, hatred, respect, fear, love), and it can be a social relation (marriage, master, servant, mentor, student, etc.). Relationships affect events and tasks.
  • The "Trusted Retainers" wizard trait makes the starting bunch of followers start out as allies.
  • Rivalries can appear among your followers, or between a follower and a character not in your service. Ambitious and paranoid characters are especially susceptible.
  • Cities now have notable characters (can be inspected from the City UI). These can be involved in various events and plots.
  • Events can be caused by high city squalor or at random: disease, riots, wealth lost due to repairs/sanitation, and even a fire sweeping the streets and buildings.
  • Characters now have classes based on their culture. A demon-worshipping savage tribe will generate different character types than a merchant republic famous for its alchemists or an isolationistic dwarven kingdom. This means fewer arsonists, ninjas and samurai, sadly. Probably have to do something about that.
  • Characters age is generated and tracked based on racial characteristics.
  • Improved sabotage mechanics
  • Improved counter-espionage mechanics
  • New espionage missions: steal research, sabotage research, assassinate, resource theft
  • 3 new spells that create enchanted items for followers
  • Sending followers to a dungeon harboring an ancient evil will weaken it if they are successful in their venture
  • Lots of work on the Unity port


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